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Re: The Marijuana Subject

first off..... looking at a green ballon and seeing red, when your high, thats considered color blind?? really?? i didnt say everytime you look at a green balloon you see red, then you would have a point. the going on the whole topic of the current subject, how did you come up with that. if every day of your life you look at a green balloon and see green, then one day your high and you look at the green balloon and see red, your suddenly color blind?? thats what you just said. that was a hypothetical situation by the way.

marijuana is classified as a hallucinagenic drug. i have never experienced, nor have EVER heard of anyone experiencing a hallucination. what kind of hallucinations have you guys had. i am very curious. im very doubtful you guys are actually smoking marijuana. or this marijuana was chemically enhanced in a lab of some kind.

i couldnt help but notice you highlighted the chlorine in your eyes part. that is a chemical reaction to your body that effects your neural receptors for vision. via, the chlorine in your eyes causes you to see colors. anything seen with your eyes is interpreted through your brain.
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