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Re: 466 Prediction/Spoiler Discussion

Basically, all around chaos!
Another Specialist Prediction

Sasuke vs. Kage(s)

“Sasuke, they won’t let us escape,” said Karin. “Wanna bet,” said Sasuke. “Chojuro,” yelled Mizukage. (As Sasuke attempts to turn around, a small mist cloud blocks Sasuke’s path, he and Karin backs up. As the mist clears, Chojuro is seen blocking the exit, wielding his weapon.)

“That’s one of Chojuro’s special abilities. He can break his body up into water particles, then with the heat, he evaporates into steam and can control where he reforms. It’s not hot in the Land of Iron, he must have used the heat from my Yoton, kid’s pretty fluid,” thought Mizukage.

“Mist Shinobi it seems,” said Sasuke. “I’m Chojuro of the seven mist swordsmen; I heard you’re group had defeated former member, Zabuza of the devil. Never did like that guy, but you must be strong. Meet my Hiramekarei. Strong, you must be really strong,” said Chojuro

“He’s trembling,” thought Sasuke. “Don’t underestimate him because he’s a kid, he is probably skilled like Kisame,” yelled Karin.

(Immediately, Chojuro’s blade is swung horizontally up high near Sasuke’s neck. Sasuke sweats a little. Soon, Sasuke is tossed across the room and lands in the center. He is knocked off his heat and lands on his behind. Sasuke has his chidori charged blade out, he then uses it to regain footing by using it as a cane to return to his feet.)

“What a battle,” said the laughing Tuschikage.

“He’s strong to wield that blade so effortlessly. Kisame, Zabuza, and even Suigetsu; they must have trained for years,” thought Sasuke.

“Sasuke,” yelled Karin. “He pulled out his blade in the nick of time,” said Chojuro. “Uchiha Sasuke, to think he’s fast enough to avoid Chojuro’s Silent Homicide Technique. And Chojuro’s version surpasses even Zabuza’s. He defended against Chojugo’s wide blade with that small katana and lightning fast reflexes; he’s skilled for sure,” said Mizukage.

(Immediately, Mifune drops in from above to strike Sasuke.)

“Dance of the Crescent Moon Technique,” said Mifune. (Several copies of Mifune attacks Sasuke from all angles. Then, the real one attacks from Sasuke’s blind side however, Sasuke parries the attack, and sends Mifune backwards.)

“His sharingan read my attack, so he saw through the illusions,” said Mifune.

“Should I,” asked Akatuschi. “Shit, seeing these young people heat it up got me a little excited. Let me,” said the laughing Tuschikage. (Tuschikage touches a wall.) “Earth Element: Stone Lodging Destruction; trust in my jutsu, I won’t hurt ya,” said Tuschikage. (Large debris from the ceiling come tumbling down on Sasuke’s location.) “Sorry Sasuke, I’ll have to sneak out, it is too dangerous,” thought Karin. (Sasuke activates Chidori Chakra Sword and the Chidori blade to protect himself from the falling debris. With quick slashes, Sasuke is destroying the boulders that are falling from the ceiling.)

“We can’t get any closer while the jutsu is still active,” said Mizukage. “The old man sure knows how to put on a show,” said Akatuschi. (The ceiling has now been cleaned off, Sasuke still is unharmed however, he sweats heavily; the lightning chakra dissipates and he relaxes a little.)

“Hmm,” mumbled Tuschikage. (Immediately sand surrounds Sasuke and constricts him, as everyone is shocked; Gaara lands near everyone.)

“Sand Coffin,” said Gaara. “From above; damn, I can’t make my handseals,” said Sasuke. (From behind Raikage has his fist balled up, he prepares to use a hammer attack to pound on Sasuke’s head. Sasuke slightly turns his head around to see Raikage in the act.)

“Lights Out BITCH,” yelled Raikage. “AHHHHHHHHH,” Sasuke yells. (All of a sudden Susanoo breaks out, the entire area is ruined. As the smoke clears ALL the Kage and their aide are surrounding Susanoo. Sasuke swings its blade, which causes Raikage to back up near everyone else. Everyone is blown out of their minds.)

“What the hell is that,” yelled Tuschikage. “No matter; we all got to work together and take it down,” yelled Mifune. (Everyone begins making handseals and preparing for powerful jutsu.) “NO ESCAPE SASUKE,” yelled Raikage. “Yoton: Ocean,” said Mizukage. “Earth Element: Earth Quake,” said Tuschikage. (A shield forms around Susanoo’s right arm.) “We have to use a different approach; he can block all incoming techniques. Quick Sand,” said Gaara.

(Samurai surrounds Susanoo from all angles.) “Let’s do it,” said Mifune. (Sand Team are preparing their techniques, Chojuro is preparing his technique, Shii and Darui are preparing their techniques, Earth village aides prepare their techniques. Scene switches to Madara, as he notices Susanoo in the sky.)

"Sasuke's hatred is shaking the foundations of the shinobi world," said Madara. "What should we do," ask Dark Zetsu. "This way, Sasuke will be hunted down for as long as he lives. The grudge he shares with Konoha will extended to all nations. Uzumaki Naruto, can you see the hatred that has festered in side him," said Madara.

"Do you think he can really hate Sasuke," asked Zetsu. "Hatred forces men to gain power in order to gain revenge. If Naruto lacks the hatred to do that, Sasuke is as good as mine," said Madara.

Next Time: All out Collision; Susanoo vs. The United powers.
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