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Re: 466 Prediction/Spoiler Discussion

Sasuke is honestly getting on my nerves, hopefully the raikages messes up the fight between mizukage and sasuke, allowing him to escape, and the fact we saw a sword and no shield with susano'o one can assume naruto may have been given that.

The direction danzo is heading my pass naruto's current location, we then might see yamato, kakashi and naruto. Quite possibly they will fight but alot of dialogue will exchanged kunkoro and temari show up. This will pro longue the escape of danzou and sasuke may see naruto.

Things then look like their turning ugly as ever, but then Tobi/Madara comes at the peak, the boiling point of the matter to whisp sasuke away. I wouldn't be surprised if karin, sui and juugo are left behind.

This leaves naruto to ponder and come to a conclusion on how to come about dealing with sasuke. I'm assuming danzou may escape or possibly the summit will be continued.
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