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Re: Bleach 375

As far as things stand now neither Stark or Harribel can be counted as finished. Like Grimmjow we didn't see them disappate which is the obvious proof that they're dead. In Harribel's case she's clearly not dead and anyone who thinks she's done for because it was Aizen who slashed her all I got say is who hasn't survived get getting sliced by Aizen? Renji, Ichigo, Tōshirō and hell even Momo all have had a taste of Kyōka Suigetsu and survived. When we see that they've disappated like hollows do when they die then I'll believe they're dead. Otherwise I continue to think that both Stark and Harribel survive this battle as neither really wanted to fight SS in the first place and did so only out of loyalty to Aizen, which clearly can be thrown out the door now.

On a secondary note. Aizen is the definition of a Villan! Guy doesn't care about anybody and the second they lose their value to him...SLICE! Gin watch your back and Tōsen, feel free to die ASAP you tool.
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