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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


(The Scene starts off in a dark, dank basement of the Rain Village; a facility not even the current village leader is aware of.)

“Jigen Reika,” said Mizukage. “Ahh, the name sure brings me back. The legendary Reika, once known as Queen of the Seas, what a fine specimen you’d make,” said the grinning Dream. “Spare me; those days as a cold blooded mercenary for hire are long since gone. Besides, I abandoned that title when I became Mizukage,” said Reika.

(Dream smirks as Orca bows and greets Mizukage.)

“Reika Sama, it is such pleasure to be met by your overwhelming presence once more,” said Orca. “Why thank you,” said the smiling Reika. “Aww, big bro just trying to win himself some brownie points with the boss,” said the laughing Dolphin. “Looks like your old secret division, still thinks highly of you despite all that has gone on,” said Dream.

“Well, except one maybe,” said Reika. “ARRRHHG,” yelled Shark. (Reika guards herself.) “Orca, he’s at it again,” yelled Dolphin. (Shark rushes at Reika, it seems his temper and strong instinct to kill surpasses Tank’s. Orca begins making handseals.)

“Water Element: Water Prison,” yelled Orca. (Shark is engulfed in a sphere of water; Shark grins.) “This won’t hold me brother,” thought Shark. (He tries to escape however, Orca has a plan.) “Water Element: Deep Marine Pressure,” yelled Orca. (All of a sudden Shark’s movements have slowed inside the sphere of water; he slowly makes a handseal.)

“Water Mutation: Gills,” said Shark. (Shark uses a ninjutsu to make gills appear on each side of his face so he could breathe in the water. Shark tries to make another handseal however, Orca strengthens the water pressure.)

“That’s enough; I’ll hold you here since you can’t behave. Even with your jutsu, it does you no use if you can’t move your body,” said Orca. “Orca, you bastard; let me go, I want to test out my ability against Reika,” said Shark. “That’s not an answer we’ll accept, how could you still be thinking of such trivial matters after not seeing her for so long,” asked Orca.

“Well, accept it as revenge,” said Shark. “Oh, let it go,” said Dolphin. (Reika walks over to Shark’s position.) “Reika,” said Dream. “So, you guys are still pissed at me for not letting each of you into the Sevenmist Swordsmen to replace three of the members. Don’t worry, the group is useless to me now and only was suitable as a bargaining chip for gaining the SNA’s trust, pawns such as them are not worth being in the same light as you three. You three, are much more important, that was why I had you three ordered away from Mizugakure before the start for the 4th shinobi war,” Reika.

“GRRRR, Reika,” groaned Shark. “Behave,” said Orca. (He releases the technique restraining Shark. Orca and Dolphin jump in front of them.) “Now what Reika,” asked Dream. “I have to remain underground but, in order to have some standpoint in this war; I need to become the new leader of this village. I understand that Amegakure’s leader is on good terms with Konoha’s Hokage. I can’t afford to make my presence known,” said Reika.

“Aww, it has been a long time since we’ve seen you in action though. The last we’ve heard was when you attempted to take over the Whirlpool Country, and you were locked in an intense battle with Uzumaki Zane,” said the joyful Dolphin. “Uzumaki Zane…. That man’s name certainly rings a bell. I clashed with him, and lost unfortunately. Though, after my power spread more as I gained many small nations’ trust, he decided to abandon his village. So, I defeated him in the end,” said Reika.

“Ha, ha, I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” said Dream. “What do you mean? My oppressive might destroyed that man’s resolve and sent him running,” said Reika. “Oh, ho, ho… I remember a test subject by that name. Ha, in fact, he was the premise of the SNA research and escaped his containment capsule,” laughed Dream. “Impossible, then why didn’t he reclaim his village, as the Whirlpool Country required The Hokage to restructure it after the war,” said Reika. “We wiped his memory so he couldn’t move on his own, but he escaped and I lost all track of him,” said Dream.

“Hmm, I wonder if he’s apart of them now... Best not to worry about such matters; Dream, complete your 100 Kakashi clone project, and guys, will you serve your old commander once more? You see, I can’t afford to step out in the open; I need to maintain my ties to the city while I’m in hiding. I need all of you to help me over take Amegkarue so I can at least maintain some form of power and protection during the siege. It is going to be a longe and grueling struggle,” said Reika.
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