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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“Absolutely, it’ll be like old times,” said Orca. “YEAH, we get to work with Reika! So cool,” said Dolphin. “What makes her the boss,” groaned Shark. “I’ll definitely aid you. Because of what you’ve done for me, I was able to survive the inspections of both the Allied Forces and the rouge SNA. That allowed me to continue my experiments by masquerading as a POW in need of saving by Amegakure. I appreciate the funds that helped me establish this underground facility. The only problem here is you know who,” said Dream.

“Yes, Amegakure’s village leader… One of the Hokage’s allies; we’ll have to figure a way to deal with him,” said Reika. (The Scene switches to the Rock Village. In side Tuschikage’s office, both teams of Konoha try to convince Tuschikage of their village’s innocence. Blake is there as well as a co-signer for Konoha.)

“Tuschikage, you have to believe us, it was a trap set up by the SNA,” yelled Sarutobi. “Please my lord, I’ve fought back to back with Konoha troops during our skirmish with the SNA. The Hokage even briefed us of the meteor. Just hear them out and look at that scroll,” said Blake.

“Wow, thanks man,” said Zig. “So beautiful; at least one of them trusts us,” cried Laya. “Please Tuschikage, my father is not one to backstab anyone,” said Nila.

“You really seem to trust in Konoha’s words Blake. I’ll give it a look,” said Tuschikage. (Blake bows down.) “Thank you my lord,” said Blake. (Everyone else silently cheers while Tuschikage opens the seal over the scroll. The Scene switches back to Mizugakure, the seven higher ups are standing over the corpse of the supposed Mizukage.)

“That was far too easy,” said Tank. (As Blank looks at the corpses of the supposed Mizukage, his head starts to hurt. He places his hand on his head.) “Blank, is everything alright,” asked Tetsuo. “ARGGHHH,” yelled Blank. “Hey, man,” said Ino Shika Cho. (He walks over and touches Blank’s back; though Blank quickly smacks his hand back.)

“Don’t touch me,” yelled Blank. (Everyone is shocked at Blank’s behavior.) “Boss? What’s up with Blank,” asked Sakuya. (Blank has flashbacks to when he use to be Uzumaki Zane, he then remembers his dealings with The Hokage. His last flash backs are to when he fought Mizukage and to finally when he decided to undergo SNA experimentation. Blank then lets out a horrifying scream as his knees hit the ground. All of the SNA higher ups surround him.)

“Who am I, really,” asked Blank. “You told me before, seven years ago, that you would give this life of yours meaning,” said Tetsuo. (Blank has a flash back to when he first met Tetsuo seven years ago.) “Only serving under you, will I gain meaning in life, that is what I choose,” said Blank.

“Good,” said Tetsuo. “For a second, those images appeared in my mind like a distant past; remnants of maybe a past life which seems so far away, so foreign that I couldn’t bring myself to accept that to be me. A dream of reality, yet so abstained from actuality. All I can say for certain, is why were all those people cheering me? Why was The Hokage shaking my hand, and why do I recall facing off against Mizukage? Hmm, I’ll put the pieces to gather later. All I know is that there is no way the real Mizukage would fall to us so easily in this office,” thought Blank.

“You alright,” asked Ino Shika Cho. “Thought we had to kill ya for a second,” said Tank. “Tank! It is good to have you back,” said Sakuya. “I wonder what caused the behavior,” said Oita. “Hmm, maybe PTSD,” said Michi. “You look like you have a question about this matter,” said Tetsuo. “This Mizukage, it couldn’t have been her,” said Blank. (Everyone is shocked as the scene switches to inside The Uchiha warehouse. Sasuke hands a middle aged lady who is surrounded by cats, some cash.)

“Alright, we’ll be on our way,” said Sasuke. “Please come by any time you need a rest, or to shock up,” said Middle Aged Lady. (Two cats circle around Sasuke’s leg. One of the cats then rubs up against Shisio’s leg as he sleeps slouched up against a wall. Shisio draws out his blade from the sheath which is laying near his leg once he wakes up from the cat’s embrace.)

“Don’t come any closer you, I hate you self licking mongrels,” said Shisio. “Hiss,” hissed the cat. (The cat lady rushes over to her cat.) “My babies; please don’t,” yelled Cat Lady. “Shisio,” said Sasuke. (Shiso withdraws his blade. Ryu and Yuki are playing around with the cats just a short distance away.)

“Everyone get your gear together, it is time we set out for the Bird Country,” said Sasuke.

(A little time goes by as Sasuke’s group is standing outside the Uchiha foundation. They are all wearing black cloaks with white stripes going down the middle vertically and horizontally across the top section. They are wearing similar cloaks that Team Falcon wore, when they set out to look for Itachi. The scene soon switches to a forested area; Dosa, Mai, Kou, and Tabito are racing across the grassy plains. The Scene then switches to Konoha; a meeting in The Hokage’s office is going down.)

“They were capable of Chidori you say,” asked The Hokage. “Yes, they resembled Kakashi Sensei,” said Sakura. “Hmm, strange indeed,” said The Hokage. (Tomoyo and Hope rush into the office.)

“Hope, Tomoyo? Has the bodies made it over to the code breakers,” asked The Hokage. “Yes, father, and I also delivered the object to them as well for further analyzing; the technology is ancient in origin, I fear the SNA are using technology that was long lost from this world,” said Hope. “Puzzling indeed, we’ll wait for more detailed results on that when the information arrives,” said The Hokage.

“Both Tomoyo and myself are awaiting your next orders,” said Hope. “Wait until Team Sarutobi and Zig to return. After they’ve returned home for their mission, we will piece together the motive for the SNA and prepare the operation Kai and I gone over,” said The Hokage.

“Naruto, he has changed so much since his days as a boy. So determined and headstrong; only if Kakashi Sensei was around to see him today,” thought the smiling Sakura. (The Scene switches to a town in Konoha. Hiro is walking alongside Kai.)

“I guess this mean you’re a part of us,” said Hiro. “For the meantime anyway; my people, I hate to just abandon them at a time like this, but my moth-Mizukage as well as the SNA needs to be stopped immediately,” said Kai. “I see, well at the moment, you’re family,” said Hiro. (He sticks out his hand. Kai then take out his and shakes Hiro’s hand.) “Sure thing, Konoha’s Aerial Hatchet,” said the smiling Kai. (Hiro smiles back, the scene switches to a temple inside the Hyuuga’s main shrine. Hinata approaches Inabi.)

“Inabi, you’ve summoned me,” said Hinata. (Inabi turns around to greet her older sister.) “Nice of you to stop by my dearest sister; I have a family matter I would like to bring up in regards to Nila’s role in this household,” said Inabi. “Sis, you know how I feel about the main and branch family squabbles; I don’t want my little girl caught up in any of it,” said Hinata. “Nila is of noble blood regardless, she has to at least honor the customs of the Hyuuga,” said Inabi.

“NO! She is not getting caught up in anyone of our clan’s dealings. Besides, she isn’t even full Hyuuga, she has no direct ties to the clan anymore that I do for breaking away,” yelled Hinata. “Even if her blood is diluted, she holds the clan’s specialty bloodline limit. The only reason she isn’t proficient in it, is because you don’t want her being immersed in our culture, thus she wasn’t trained in the arts properly. Deep down, I know you believe she is the true heir to the throne, as you were meant to succeed our father, yet you turned it down to avoid conflict with me, and I respect you for that,” said Inabi.

“I still don’t want her caught up in our clan’s dark history,” said Hinata. “Dear sister, we have changed since those days, your husband, The Hokage, sought to it that we changed our dark and malicious intent in controlling the branch family to our needs. Just think it over; Nila is a proud and upstanding kunochi, she’ll do our clan as well as the village in political affairs a good deal, considering the Hyuuga is the number one clan that has a hand in the village’s collaborations with other nations,” said Inabi.

“She’s still a little girl, she needs more time,” said Hinata. (Hinata walks out of the shrine.) “You’ll see someday my sister; you can’t deny the destiny that is paved out in front of her, even if she is your beloved daughter,” said Inabi.

Next Chapter: Settling Matters in the Rock Village.
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