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Re: 2012

First let me get this out of the way I don't think it really matters if the world ends in 2012 or the year 4012. We all live for the time we were destined to live because things like time don't mean much to God. What God wants is all of us to live each day as the day b4 we face him. Think about it, if you knew you would have to face God tomorrow would you live today the same as you if you knew you wouldn't have to face God for another 50 years? Of course you wouldn't. But to God time doesn't matter he sees your whole life at once. In other words everything you have done is as fresh in God's memory as if you done it only a minute ago. So the only way you can prepare is to accept the fact that things like the length of your life and when the world ends are meaningless b4 God because the entire span of the universe's history all happens instantly for God. There is no yesterday or tomorrow with God there is only now. I know the concept of no time can be hard for some people to grasp but I hope I explained it well enough.

Even the most skeptical person has to admit 2012 has a lot of interesting things happening that year. Take the supercollider in France/Switzerland that is coming online in 2012 it is the largest supercollider ever built and the scientist say that it can accelerate partials to 99.9% the speed of light and can create micro-black holes. The same scientist say that the black holes are so small that they will vanish almost instantly and cause no collateral damage but other scientist are saying if things don't go as they predicted a 1/4 of the planet can be destroyed instantly. I don't mean a 1/4 of humanity i mean a 1/4 of the whole planet kinda like cutting 1/4 slice of a pie and removing the slice. Thats not even the worst case scenario the worst case would be creating a black hole that keeps expanding until it consumes the entire solar system. Other things like our solar system entering the galactic plain on 2012 and causing the earth's magnetic field to weaken and solar activity to increase are also very interesting things that are all going to happen in 2012.

People like blaming God/Jesus for the end of the world and by proxy christians but thats just not true because according to the bible the end of the world comes because of humanity. Everything God say's is a sin is a sin for reason. Every single commandment of the 10 commandments has negative consequences for not following them. This is not opinion its fact. Most of them are pretty obvious like commandment 6 "You shall not murder." but breaking 1. " You shall have no other gods before me." and 2. "You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything" are what really dooms humanity and most people don't understand why. Lets take commandment 1, breaking this commandment might not seem that bad cuz it appears God is just being selfish but breaking this commandment means you open yourself up to being tricked. Let me explain if everyone followed the 1st commandment it would be impossible for the anti-christ/beast to take over the planet because people would never accept the government having more power than God. It also means by proxy you will try to the best of your ability to adhere to the other 9 commandments because they are the rules of life given to you by the one and only God of existence and not even a fool wont stop and listen when the creator of everything says something is dangerous. Now for 2. It's pretty much worshiping the creation instead of worshiping the creator and this leaves you open to being influenced by satan because its his mission in life to tempt us away from God through earthly means such as lust greed envy etc.. Which in turn means you begin caring less and less about the other commandments and reach a point where they don't mean a thing to you anymore.

Anyway I know for a fact 2012 isn't the end because the bible says the world will have 7 years left after the anti-christ takes over so that means even if the anti-christ starts the world government and makes single world currency in 2012 the world will still have 7 years left. As for the mayan putting alot of weight on 2012 I think there might be some truth to it because Jesus might have came to the americas during the time he was gone after his resurrection to warn the peoples that would be wiped out before christianity reached them because Jesus loves everyone and wanted to give them a chance to be saved. Maybe the only way those peoples could understand what Jesus was telling was thru stellar events because each culture has its own way of doing things and Jesus would know that he would have to phrase his message differently depending on the people if everyone was to understand it. No one can be certain because Jesus himself said no one knows the time of the end except God. All we can really do is live our lives according to the example Jesus set for us and hope Jesus returns soon to save us from ourselves.

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