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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“So let’s blow up the Rain Village.” Said Shark. Orca shakes his head. “Reika wants to be the Rain leader, means she needs the village all the available body she can throw at the enemy.” Say Orca. “So?” ask Shark. “So, we need to draw the leader out from Rain village, right big bro?” ask Dolphin. Orca nods. “The question is how.” ask Reika.

“Easy. Hit him where it hurt the most. Konan’s ashes. We smuggle it out, he will freak out. We lure him somewhere, and then we can end him.” Explain Orca.

“Fancy. So where he keeping it?” ask Shark.

“In the tallest tower in Rain Village. The Rain Tower. More specifically, his room.” Explain Orca.

“You should know the leader of Amagakure, Kyo of the Tortoise is not only a powerful ninja, but also a sage, just like you Jigen Reika of the Crocodile. Wonder is there any different in the DNA of a sage and a normal ninja.” Says Dream who seems very interested in Reika’s sage ability. Reika looks at him with a devilish smile.

“There were six sages during the last war. Now there are only four. Jigen Reika the Crocodile Sage, Kyo the Tortoise Sage, Naruto the Toad Sage and Daisuke the Lion Sage.” Says Reika.

“Daisuke? No one ever saw him after the last war. He’s probably dead.” Says Dolphin.

“No one found his body yet. Between the remaining sages only he, me and Naruto that can tap fully in our sage power.” Explain Reika.
“So you are after Kyo because his sage mode isn’t perfect?” ask Shark.

“No. Kyo have always worn a full heavy plated armor. No one has seen his true face. I can fake his identity even more easier.” Says Reika.

“So what’s the plan?” ask Shark.

“Get the ashes, lure him to the Bird Country, and then kill we will kill him.” Says Reika.

At Rock Village, the Earth kage call one of his aide.

“Lower the alert level to yellow.” The aide bows and leaves the building. Then the Earth Kage looks at Blake. “How about you take these guys for a tour around the village.” Said the Earth Kage. Blake nods. “How about you?” ask Blake. “I’m going to see a friend.” Says the Earth Kage and he left Blake and the rest of the team. “Well, you know what our village special food is?” ask Blake. Sarutobi nods. “Ramen.” “No!! That’s Konoha.” Says Laya. “Our special food here is BBQ steak.” Says Blake proudly. “That’s nothing special.” Whisper Zig. Nila who heard him step on his toe. “OWWWW!!!!! What was that for?” shout Zig.

At Konoha, Naruto, Hope and Hinata is enjoying ramen together.

“That really hit the spot. Put it on Hope’s bill.” Says Naruto.

“What? C’mon Not again.” Yelled Hope. Naruto just giggle and Hinata sighs. Naruto look at her and tap her shoulder. “C’mon no one sigh after eating ramen.” Giggle Naruto. “I meet Inabi…..” whsiper Hinata. “Really? What she wants her VCR back? Then again I never saw it for some time. You saw it Hope?” ask Naruto. Hope just sighs. “You lend it to Kiba. Remember?” ask Hope. Naruto scratch his head as he tries to remember that incident. “I thought that was our VCR?” ask Naruto. Hope sighs heavily. Hinata stand up left the ramen shop with Naruto just looking at her. “Maybe Inabi really wants her VCR back.” Says Naruto.

At the edge of the Earth Country.

The Earth Kage is walking inside a forest until he was stop by a gigantic white lion.

“Why are you here, human?” ask the white lion. “I’m looking for Daisuke.” Says the Earth Kage. Then a voice boom from far away. “Let him through, Simba.” The lion nods and signal the Earth Kage to enter the deeper part of the forest. He walks into the jungle until he stand in front of a small hut guarded by a gigantic black lion. Then he heard a voice from inside the hut.

“The border was attack?”

“Yes. By SNA.” Answer the Earth Kage.

“I told the world once, the SNA program is dangerous and suspicious. That’s why I opposed it from the start.”

“Yes. We have info that the Mizukage is also in cahoot with them.” Says the Earth Kage.

“Like I’m surprise. Even if she in cahoots with the devil, wont surprise me, Kenjiro.” Says the voice from the hut.

“Daisuke, the world may go into another war again. We need you strength.” Says Kenjiro.

“You are the kage now. Not me. I retreat here so I may no longer be involve in mindless fighting.” Says Daisuke. Kenjiro shook his head.

“The Rock Village may fall. And thousand dies. And you will sit here do nothing!!!!!!! C’mon that’s not you. You are Daisuke of the Lion. The sage from the Rock Village. Your roar can deafen an entire enemy platoon, deflect projectiles. You are a hero.” Shout Kenjiro.

“And yet I found no answer to peace.” Says Daisuke.

“When I become the Earth Kage I learn one thing. I have found that answers come in their own time, not ours.” Says Kenjiro. Daisuke kept silent, like he has no answer. Then Kenjiro stand up. “When you make the right decision, meet me at my office.” Says Kenjiro and he walk away. The black lion looks to the hut.

“What will you do?” ask the black lion. Then the door creaks open and a blonde man wearing a simple ninja gi stands at the door. He looks back into the hut, where a sleeveless jacket hanging on the wall with lion emblem sews on it back.

Daisuke: The former kage of Rock Village and the lion sage. It said he only lost once, in a fight with Uzumaki Naruto where Naruto tap into both the Kyuubi and Sage power to defeat him. After the war. He quit as a kage and lives a life like a hermit at the northern edge of Earth Nation where only the new Earth Kage knew it’s location.

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