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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-The Goal

(The scene starts out at the outskirts of Konoha. The Hokage and Hope are training on a wide open field. Hope has his right hand trusted out, as smoke is emitted from it. The Hokage is already in Sage Mode. They are like 15 ft apart from each other.)

“Now that’s pretty good! You were able to absorb Rasen Shuriken,” smiled The Hokage. “Whew! That stung,” said Hope. (The Hokage smiles at Hope’s composure.) “How about I turn up the heat,” smiled The Hokage. “Wait I’m not ready yet,” screamed the nervous Hope. (The Hokage forms two Rasen Shurikens, one in each hand. The area begins shaking from the chakra emitting from The Hokage. Winds then spiral around the area.)

“Father… Umm, maybe we should take a break. How would mom respond to my death,” said the worried Hope. “You mean our death, if you don’t absorb these, the resulting destruction will kill us both,” smiled The Hokage. “AHHHH, why isn’t he using his head,” yelled Hope. “It’s fine, you’re champ. NOW GET ON YOUR GUARD,” yelled The Hokage. “Dammit, I hardly the time to rest from the first one,” said Hope. (Hope braces himself for massive collision with The Hokage’s jutsu.)

“Senpou: Rasen Shuriken Rengan,” yelled The Hokage. (He tosses both Rasen Shurikens at Hope. Hope extends one hand.) “Here they come. If I use Shinra Tensei, I should be able to destroy one. If I activate the chakra absorption, I should be able to absorb the second. It’ll take a lot out of me though,” said Hope.

(Both the Rasen Shurikens reaches Hope, as they clash The Hokage makes two shadow clones.) “What the hell,” questioned Hope. “Just like I thought,” said The Hokage. (Hope gets rid of both of the Rasen Shuriken, all of a sudden two shadow clones, one on Hope’s east, the other on his west prepares to attack. Both carry regular Rasengans in both of their hands for a total of four Rasengans.)

“Senpou: Rasen Maruchipuru,” yelled The Shadow Clones. (Hope jumps high, straight up into the air to avoid the multiple Rasengan attack. This causes the shadow clones to smash into each other, which creates a huge orb of exploding chakra. Naruto sweats as his Sage Mode wears off.)

“Heh, heh. Not bad Hope,” The Hokage said panting. (Hope lands several feet away from The Hokage.)

“It’s time I use a technique I’ve been practicing on,” said Hope. “Oh,” questioned The Hokage. (The Hokage tosses a weirdly shaped Kunai at Hope, though he avoids it.) “What was that about? Banshou Tennin,” said Hope. (Hope thrusts out his hand while The Hokage smiles.) “Don’t think so,” said The Hokage. “What,” said the confused Hope. (All of a sudden a shadow clone appears behind Hope and then Judo slams Hope into the ground.) “So that Kunai was a transformed Shadow clone,” said Hope before passing out. (The shadow clone picks up Hope and brings him to The Hokage and then it disperses. Naruto then throws Hope on his shoulder.)

“He got quite a bit ways to go before he’s on Hiro’s level. Though, one thing is sure. Fighting him made me remember my battles with Nagato. Heh, the way he absorbed Rasen Shuriken yet without out a wasted effort, Hope used Shinra Tensei without a dely. Hmm, perhaps soon he’ll be even more gifted with the Rinnegan than Nagato was,” thought The Hokage.

(2 days go by, accelerating the progress of the story. Sasuke’s team is in a village in the Bird Country. The village is called The Air village. It is a high in the mountains.)
“Finally to the top,” sighed Ryu. “He better be here Sasuke,” said Shisio. “Let’s move,” said Sasuke. (They walk in the village however; they are immediately surrounded by sentries.)

“WHAT brings you to the villge of the Sa-mosutatto clan,” yelled Sentry 1. “WE have a policy unlike any other shinobi village. Intruders must die,” yelled Sentry 2. “You will not survive,” said Sentry 3. “Welcome to hell on earth,” yelled Sentry 4. “Hey, why isn’t anyone doing anything, I’m not gonna take that,” said Ryu. (He draws out his blade. Shisio places his hand in front of Ryu.) “Of all people; have you lost your nerve too,” asked Ryu.

“You idiot, these are the Sa-mosutatto. If it was one, or even two maybe, but against more than three of them; Kid you must be off your rocker if our small unit poises a threat,” said Shisio. (Yuki chuckles from Ryu’s apparent ignorance of those who can control temperatures around them.) “Then what do we do,” asked Ryu. “They must know about us,” said Sentry 1. “Let Sasuke use his illusion,” said Yuki. (Sasuke activates the Mangekyou Sharingan.) “MY BODY? WHAT DID YOU DO,” yelled sentry 2. “AHHHH,” yelled Sentry 1. (The guards all pass out. ALL of a sudden Sasuke’s team is suddenly surrounded by clan members.)

“Not good for us, unforunately,” said Shisio. (Then a lone man looking like Lu Kane comes crashing in; landing in the middle of the commotion, in order to meet the would be intruders.) “Mikoto Sama,” said troop 1. “Let us, don’t go out in the open, we’ll handle it,” said another one. (They all go in uproar.)

“Silence, all of you, let me handle this. You with the sharingan… Why have you come to my village Uchiha Sasuke,” asked Mikoto. “He knows Sasuke,” questioned Ryu. “Ah duh, he’s a missin nin and is known as a globally wanted criminal,” said Yuki. “I come to you because there are matters that need your attention,” said Sasuke. “You have three seconds before I turn each and every one of your cronies into bacon,” said Mikoto. “I want you to help me take revenge on Konoha. The people who ran your clan into hermits,” said Sasuke.

“Konoha hmm,” mumbled Mikoto. (The scene switches to Outskirts of Konoha. The Two Konoha Teams from the Rock village are arriving home.)
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