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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

is nothing but pathetically giving up and just obliviously denying the inevitable if we lack the courage to stand up to the evil and destruction. To think I needed him of all people to remind me of such common knowledge to us Sages,” said Daisuke. “Where are you going,” asked Black Lion. “To contact the remaining Sages, it is time we bring peace,” said Daisuke.

(The Scene switches to the Forgotten Peak, where the meteor expands to at least 10X the size of the previous one. It sits in mid-air above the clouds, high above the eye sight of humans. It pulses with green, blue, red, and yellow flashes.)

“FINALLY IT IS DONE! FINALLY; THE METEOR IS COMPLETE! Now I’ll seal this beautiful thing up and report to Tetsuo,” said Asura. (The scene then switches to a wide open plain. Reika, Orca, Shark, and Dolphin are rushing for some apparent reason not yet revealed. Reika has a small urn held tightly in her pocket’s grasp.)

“Why are we running? Why don’t I turn around and bite him,” yelled Shark. (Orca shakes his head.) “You fool, go, but you can’t handle him alone. Just wait until we reach the Bird Country, as it is a land that has no politcial ties to any shinobi nation,” yelled Reika. (Some distances behind, a huge tidal wave is drowning everything in its wake; a man in plate mail is surfing on an empty tortoise shell. He is apparently chasing after Reika’s team.)


(As Reika rushes ahead, everyone is shocked as a Huge Axe nearly cuts off Reika’s head as she evades it cleanly however, strands of hair fly off into the air. The Axe man backs off and blocks the path.) “OHH, that was close,” said Reika. “Who is that man,” yelled Dolphin. “HE’s huge, gigantic,” said Orca. “Powerful, he looks powerful,” smiled Shark.

“MIZUKAGE………………..COME……………..WITH………………US ,” said Tabito. “We’re in trouble, The Sage in back will get us,” said Orca. “Don’t worry, end this giant’s life quickly, I’ll go on ahead,” said Reika. (All of a sudden three shinobi appear besides Tabito.) “Konoha Trackers that explains why we didn’t see, or sense them until later,” thought Reika.

“Nice work Tabito,” said Kou. “So, this is Mizukage and her Marine Squad,” said Mai. “That man with the scythe,” said Orca. “He fits some description doesn’t he,” asked Dolphin. “I don’t care, as long as he’s strong,” said Shark. (Dosa pulls out his Scythe swings it around his neck and then expertly catches it in his hand. He then cuts the air with a strong swing.)

“That was amazing,” said Kou. (Mai is laughing.) “……..,” Tabito says nothing. “Now I know. You’re Dosa, one of Konoha’s legendary prodigy upstarts from the last war. Konoha’s Reaper; hmm I guess my Shisio didn’t kill you,” said Reika.

(Shark makes an angry face.) “Let it go Shark,” said Orca. “Heh, you mean that lame swordsman? I’ll admit he’s pretty strong, but up against me, nahh,” smiled Dosa. (His nose slightly grows. All of a sudden huge tides of water rushes in.)

“He caught us,” said Reika.

“WTF,” yelled Dosa. “We’re gonna get swept away by some mysterious wave,” yelled Kou. “Shit,” said Mai. “BRACE……..FOR……….IMPACT,” said Tabito. “Bring it,” yelled Shark. “Prepare for the worst,” said Orca. “Our luck has run out,” said Dolphin. (As Huge tidal waves of water crashes in, everyone is shocked when they hear a loud, big voice.)

“FOUND YOU,” yelled Kyo. (The waves crashes and hits everyone. The entire area is now a kind of Lake. Everyone jumps out and on top of the water. Team Konoha on one side, Team Reika on the other; soon a man appear from the middle of the two groups and interrupts their intended battle.)

“That’s,” said Dosa. “Konoha shinobi. Leave Mizukage to me, you guys can go give The Hokage my regards,” said Kyo. “Oh my! Another of the legendary Sages; I never thought I’d see two of them at once,” said Kou.

“He’s quite respectful, that’s for sure,” said Mai. “……………..,” Tabito is silent. “I don’t care if you are the legendary Tortoise Sage. We need that woman, back off, or we’ll take it to ya,” said Dosa. “Umm, these are two Sages,” yelled Kou. “Despite Kou’s unneeded enthusiasm, he’s right, we can’t take on 2 Sages and her aides,” said Mai.

“Don’t give a fuck,” said Dosa. “…….Insolent……..Fool,” said Tabito.

(Dosa runs with his Scythe and rushes right passed Kyo.) “Poking his head into my matters, how dare he,” said Kyo. (Dosa automatically appears in front of Reika.) “He’s fast,” said Orca. (As he attempts to take her down, Shark grabs Dosa’s Scythe barehanded.)

“He’s strong. I can’t even budge him,” smiled Dosa. “AAAHHH,” yelled Shark. (He swings Dosa away, as Dosa lands near Team Konoha and slides across the water.) “Back I see,” said Mai. “Looks like I’ll get serious,” said Dosa. (Kyo turns around and faces Reika.)

“Summoning Jutsu,” yelled Kyo. (A Large Sea Turtle emerges from the Water. Kyo stands on top of it. Everyone is amazed.)

“There’s only one way. Summoning jutsu,” yelled Reika. (A large Crock emerges from the water, Reika and her Marine Squad stand on top of it.)

“Shit,” said Mai. “We should get out of here,” said Kou. (Dosa digs in his bag and pulls out a mini container holding blood in it.) “What the hell are you doing, these are two sages. Together, we might be able to take out one but now since they’ve summoned, it might be no good,” said Kou. “A container of blood,” questioned Mai. “It’s Uzumaki Sensei’s,” said Dosa. (He rubs his finger in it as he spreads it on his palm.) “…………..Summoning,” questioned Tabito. (As Kyo and Reika’s summons prepare to clash, they stop as a huge smoke blows across the area. As the smoke clears, Team Konoha is standing on top of Gamabunta. Dosa sweats heavily.)

“That’s Naruto’s summon,” said Kyo. “The Hokage’s Toad,” questioned Reika.

“Who the hell summoned me? Neither of you are Naruto. And why are two Sages and their summoning here? I won’t fight unless Naruto commands me to do so, otherwise it could be problematic fighting on behalves of weaklings,” said Gamabunta. “Oh, he pulled it off,” said Kou. “This must be the power of one of The Hokage’s students,” said Mai. “…………Impressive,” said Tabito.

“I SAID WHO SUMMONED ME? IF I DON’T GET AN ANSWER I WILL SQUASH YOU LIKE BUGS,” yelled Gamabunta. “Calm ya ass down! I’m Dosa Konoha’s Reaper. I use to be a student under Uzumaki Naruto. Please lend us a hand Boss, I didn’t waste all this chakra for nothin,” said Dosa. (Gamabunta draws out his dagger.) “Why didn’t you say so earlier? Though, you are not one linked to my species by fate, you are the student of my Master; therefore there is a bond locking us together. So I’ll fight on your behalf just this once,” said Gamabunta.

Next Time: Frenzy; The three way struggle between three parties! Which side will break first?
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