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Re: The Marijuana Subject

Ok maybe I missed this but aren't cigarettes worse for you then marijuana is? I mean sure they both involve smoke which is obviously bad for your lungs, but dude I can inhale smoke from a fucking campfire for gods sake. It's the chemicals that are bad for you and I know damn sure that I'm more likely to get killed by cigarettes with their 3,000 deadly chemicals than marijuana joints with their 66 chemicals. I've tried both and I was WAYYYY more addicted to nicotine then I was to marijuana. After a week I was still thinking about cigarettes and marijuana was completely out of my mind. I was happier and much more relaxed with marijuana too, with cigarettes sure it calms me down a bit but I then get to spend the whole next day thinking I need a cigarette every time I get a little anxious. I'll take the side effects of marijuana over cigarettes anyday.
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