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Re: 467 Prediction/Spoiler Discussion

Ok, I hope I strike something with this.

Another Specialist Prediction

-Madara speaks out to the Kages

(Everyone is blown out of their minds.) “Why is everyone looking at me like that? I’m not a ghost; I’m live and in the flesh,” said the Joking Madara. “The only sharingan inhabitating Mizugakure… So, it was you controlling the 4th Mizukage, Yugura,” said the groaning Mizukage. (Everyone takes notice to Raikage’s veins on his forehead. Zetsu reforms and appear next to Madara.)

“When you see all of the Kage like this, it kinda makes you shake a little,” though Karin.

“Are you sure about this,” asked Zetsu. “Don’t worry, its fine,” said Madara.

“Heh, looks like the ruffian is about to start mothing off to this big wig,” said the grinning Tsuchikage. (He nudges Akatushki as in a sign to bring in humor. Raikage points his finger at Danzou.)

“Akatuski garbage I can’t understand a word you’re talkin about. Though judgement on you will arrive at a later date but, if you don’t leave Sasuke here and tell me the location of Killer Bee, don’t think you’ll just walk away,” said Raikage. “This is The Uchiha Madara, it would be wise Raikage not to urge him,” said Tsuchikage. “Mind your damn business,” yelled Raikage.

“Idiot, no respect for elders don’t know how whipper snappers like you become Kage anyway,” mumbled Tsuchikage. “I can’t leave Sasuke here unfortunately,” said Madara.

“THE FUCK YOU CAN,” yelled Raikage. “I can however, tell you about your brother’s situation, but on one condition,” said Madara. “Depending on your answer I might accept,” said Raikage. “You listen to what I have to say, we have a deal,” asked Madara. (Raikage closes his eyes and pictures Killer Bee.)
“Hmm,” grunted Raikage. “The Boss seems to have calmed down,” said Darui. “This guy’s chakra, It’s dark, like Sasuke’s no, his is even more sinister,” thought Shii.

“Uchiha Madara, so he really exists,” thought Mifune. “Now that I have your undivided attention, I’d like to proceed with explaining the Eye of the Moon Project,” said Madara. (The Scene switches to an area somewhere in the land of Iron. Aoi has caught up to Danzou’s group. )

“That’s as far as you go Hokage,” said Aoi. “We’re away from the Summit, you’re under no obligation to restrain me,” said Danzou. “Nice try, but your crimes at the Summit will not go unpunished,” said Aoi. “Is that so? Fu, Torune,” yelled Danzou. “Sir,” said Fu. “We’ll kill him,” said Torune. (Aoi makes a handseal and activates Byakugan.) “I’m no pushover, as I’ve fought a powerful Uchiha like Shisui, I can handle a cheap imitation,” said Aoi.

“How does your body react to the Byakugan,” asked Danzou. “So that’s your game,” smirked Aoi. “Fu, Torune, make sure you don’t destroy his corpse, we’ll need to run some tests,” said Danzou.

(The Scene Switches to a hut out some where in the land of Iron, it appears as though the hut as been reconstructed by Yamato’s wood release. Naruto lays around on mat, while Yamato and Kakashi walk into the room to greet Naruto.)

“Naruto, you’ve been like that for an hour; is everything alright with you,” asked Kakashi. “I’m fine, it’s, I’ve just been thinking about what Madara said and about Sasuke,” said Naruto. “Naruto, there is something you have to,” said Yamato before getting cut off. “I’m never giving up! The moment I give up on Sasuke, is the moment I give up on being a shinobi. If I can’t save one person, just one person.. One of the people closest to me; I can never speak of peace among people,” said Naruto.

(Yamato sighs.) “Naruto, have you considered that he has filled his heart with so much hate that he has no more room for anything else,” said Yamato. “Yamato,” mumbled Kakashi. “I don’t care who it is, no life is born hating! Something inspired that hate, and I will make it my goal to defend against that hatred,” said Naruto.

“It’s hopeless,” sighed Yamato. “He’s na├»ve though, that one tracked mind saved our village; maybe in due time he really could,” said Kakashi. (Naruto stands up.) “So, you’re ready to leave for home,” asked
Kakashi. “No, I’m heading for the Kage Summit,” said Naruto. “But Naruto, it’ll be more of the same, you could end up putting our village in a hot spot with your pressing concerns. These are the kage, they don’t have the time to listen to you, besides, we are already in breach of national and global law, not only will Danzou be displeased, but the other nations will consider it an embarrassment on Konoha’s part,” said Yamato.

“I’m going to ask them to forgive Sasuke,” said Naruto. “Are you listening to a damn word I say! Kakashi, he’s your student, straighten him out,” said Yamato. “Naruto, this is much bigger than your feeligns here, you have to weigh the village’s saftey over Sasuke’s at this point,” said Kakashi. “I can’t, because I made a promise to Itachi that I’d save both Sasuke and the village, and I don’t break my promisses,” said Naruto.

(Both Kakashi and Yamato Sighs.) “I’ll tell them about Nagato and how Madara used Akatuski to control him, and if that doesn’t work I’ll beg and scream until my voice runs out,” smiled Naruto.

“This isn’t the behavior of a typical shinobi,” smiled Yamato. “Maybe so, but Naruto is not a typical shinobi,” said the smilling Kakashi.

(The Scene Switches back to the Summit, the Kages are again in shock after hearing Madara’s plans.)

“WHY? What do you have against us,” yelled Tsuchikage. “You 5 great nations are nothing but saps who has forgotten their ways. How is the world going to flurish? Without wars and squabbles between nations, the people will starve. How can a land who has only been known to flurish for generations survive on anything else? The purpose of ninjutsu is to exact one’s skills on the opposing side. Gain pieces to establish one’s wealth. It is survival of the fittest, that is how the world is run and that is how funds are gained. Raikage, you should know this better than anyone one else,” said Madara.

“DON’T LUMP ME TOGETHET WITH YOU CONSPRICAL GOONS,” yelled Raikage. “The times have changed, even Raikage has to adapt to the rules or, be globally charged eventually; disarmament is slow, but soon, a new age of peace will arrive,” said Tsuchikage. “No! Ninjutsu was brought into this world to establish peace, without it, we’d be powerless humans unable to change the world as we see it,” said Madara. “Who instilled such power in you to make those choices,” asked Gaara. “God has guided his hand down through us and gave us the chakras to fight and protect what we hold dear with higher powers. That is what it means to have ninjutsu create peace, that is the purpose for ninjutsu. Now, with
the Eye of the Moon, I will show this world why the Uchiha should command true and ultimate peace,” said Madara.

“So that’s why you are using the kid,” said Mizukage. “Raikage, your brother is as powerful as you think he is; Sasuke botched it, but that doesn’t mean we have given up on looking for him,” said Madara. “Fuck, he escaped and didn’t come back,” yelled Raikage.

“Farewell my little kiddies,” said Madara. “Wait don’t leave me, and what about Juugo and Suigetsu,” questioned Karin. (With his sharingan he opens up a swirl like portal, Karin runs in, and then he goes inside; Zetsu makes a zu, zu, zu sound as he melts into the earth and leaves as well.) “He’s gone,” said Darui. “Sir, we’re sorry,” said Shii. “Instead of worrying about it, we should piece together what we know about the project,” said Mizukage.

“He said something about using the Mangekyou’s Sharingan to open up a spiritual realm connected to the moon in order to control the Bijuu,” said Tsuchikage. “From our reports from Konoha, it was said that Itachi used a Mangekyou genjutsu called Tsukuyomi to control time and space inside the mind of an individual,” said Shii.

“Hmm! The Bijuu are masses of chakra in a beast like manifestation,” said Raikage. “And performing such a genjutsu on a being with no actual physical form can make them incorporal,” said Shii.

“Why is that,” asked Kankuro. “Genjutsu extends the shinobi’s chakra flow into the victim’s brain, therefore controlling the victim’s mental chakra, which is linked to the five senses. Since a Bijuu is nothing but chakra in physical form, the Mangekyou can control the Bijuu’s original form which is chakra and can seal it within an unreachable plain only known to the Mangekyou Sharingan user,” said Shii.

“Impossible, certainly there’s a cost for such power,” said Tsuchikage. “There has to be, no shinobi without the Mangekyou Sharingan can cast it, but it must exert some for penalty,” said Shii.

“Well at the meantime, we need to settle this meeting,” said Tsuchikage. “Where’s Hokage,” asked Raikage. “He escaped, one of my men took off looking for him,” said Mizukage. (Raikage grinds his teeth.

“Arggh, you have to be shitin me. Well let’s hurry it up, we need to find my brother, I have a feeling I might be needing him,” yelled Raikage.

Next Chapter: Ending Matters at the Summit
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