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Re: 467 Prediction/Spoiler Discussion

468, the bastard son of Bahamut Fury ( and the Moon Rabbit ( Yes, my Madara goes completely nuts about his gloating

468: The Shadow of Eternity

(Madara Scene)
Madara: Uchiha Madara, a name that has fallen in disgrace and passed into the realm of myth, almost forgotten by the cold mistress that is time. Since that cursed day on the now called Valley of the End, I kept myself preying on the living’s spiritual energy and hid myself in the shadows, waiting for the right time to get my revenge upon Konoha…
Kakashi: (thinking) Preying on the living’s… spiritual energy?
Madara: Many years ago, I thought “To destroy an Hidden Village, what’s better than another Hidden Village?” so that’s what I did. To avoid suspicions about me, I placed a genjutsu on the Yondaime Mizukage to do my biding.
Ao: So it was you! I should have known!
Madara: And it was you who discovered my dirty little secret, ten years ago. You should feel honored to perceive my technique… where was I, ah, with the graduation exam I installed, I was turning Kirigakure into a full-fledged army to overthrow Konoha. It was working at first, but unfortunately people started to rebel against my guinea pig, so I left Kirigakure before they found me. Also, there were rumors that, in a distant land, something was ravaging the villages.
Naruto: You don’t mean...
Madara: Yes, the Kyuubi. It was almost eighty years without it in my control, I couldn’t resist. I waited a couple of years to Kirigakure’s situation to cool off, and attacked Konoha with the Kyuubi…
Naruto: You bastard…
Madara: It’s not my fault that your father promptly sacrificed himself to seal the Kyuubi within you. Your father is the “bastard” in all this, not me!
Naruto: YOU!!! (starts to release Kyuubi’s chakra)
Mizukage: (thinking) He’s a Jinchuuriki?!
Madara: Oh, don’t make such a spectacle, Naruto! In the failure of my attack, I found some of my revenge being successful: the Uchiha clan, that turned their backs on me so many years ago, was being blamed for the attack. I knew that, sooner or later, they would rebel against the imposed authority, so I played the waiting game. And yes, it was me who aided Uchiha Itachi in the Uchiha clan’s genocide, by your commands, Danzou. (everone is shocked; Danzou is silent) But, while I was waiting, I discovered quite the happy bunch, a newly formed organization called “Akatsuki”.
Raikage: So, you’re not the founder of Akatsuki?
Madara: I’m afraid that honor is Nagato’s own merit. First I was spying on them, to see what they were all about. Then I discovered their goal: to build the ultimate weapon. But I only made my move to enter Akatsuki an year ago…
Tsuchikage: The ultimate weapon?
Madara: A weapon so powerful that it would erase a nation from the land in a blink of an eye!
Raikage: So you’re trying to destroy the world?!
Madara: Not so hasty, my musclehead friend! That weapon could only be formed from the gathering of an exorbitant mass of chakra, and the only way possible to gather so much chakra was to capture all the Bijuu and seal them into a chakra collector, the Gedou Mazou.
Gaara: So that’s why you captured me.
Raikage: And my brother!
Naruto: Grrrr…. (stares with anger at Madara)
Madara: Well, you’re brother has escaped us, but we’re still after your brother, Raikage. As we speak, Hoshigake Kisame is after him.
Raikage: You son of a b*tch!
Madara: Next will be the Hachibi, then you, Naruto… it will be glorious! Now, what nation I’ll destroy first? Konohagakure, for what they have done to me? Kirigakure, for abandoning my teachings? Iwakagure, for supporting the Akatsuki even knowing their methods? Kumogakure for not wanting peace, even if other nations do? Sunagakure for not standing in their own two feet, depending on everyone? Or the Land of Iron, for being so puny?
Mifune: …
Madara: Hmph… you wretched fools, you’re not worthy of my wrath! I will not point at you my weapon, but I’ll point it to a place almost four hundred thousand kilometers from here.
Tsuchikage: Four hundred thousand kilometers from here? But that’s impossible! No place is that far!
Madara: Perhaps is easier to show… (darkness surrounds everyone; the Gedou Mazou is shown in a field at night, with a full moon illuminating it)
Shii: It’s a genjutsu.
Madara: This is the Gedou Mazou, your future home, Uzumaki Naruto…
Naruto: SHUT UP!!!
Madara: How rude… when the Bijuu have been gathered, I’ll control it with the Tsukuyomi, and this will happen… (the Gedou Mazou lifts its face to the sky and opens its mouth wide)
Naruto: What the hell is it doing? (Something similar to a Bijuu’s Menacing Ball comes out of his mouth, shooting to the sky; the moon explodes, shocking everyone)
Madara: The moon, the moon was the right answer! (Lunar debris start to fall into the earth, looking like a rain of fire; strings come out of Gedou Mazou’s fingers, forming a net that is cast to the sky) You see, the moon was made by the Rikudou Sennin himself, but it wasn’t just for the looks. It conceals the product of his epiphany, Tsuki no Usagi* (Gedou Mazo, with its strings, puts on the floor a giant pot shaped like an hare) The key to the Rikudou Sennin’s body, its life force and its immortality! And to know the skies will cry fire and villages will be wiped off the map, it feels my heat with glee! Oh, eternal glory, eternal youth, eternal life, I’ll be the Eikyuukage**, immortal and invincible! Tremble, mortals!
Raikage: This guy is sick!
Kakashi: You’re a looney…
Naruto: You think we’ll let you do that?! (the genjutsu disappears)
Madara: The wheels of destiny are already in motion, there’s nothing you can do to stop it! (starts to disappear) Farewell, mortals, until the day of fate… tootles! (vanishes)

* Rabbit of the Moon: an ancient Buddhist story tells us that three animals (a fox, a monkey and a rabbit) found an old man begging for food. While the monkey gathered food from the trees and the fox pilfered a pot of milk, the rabbit couldn’t gather anything for the man to eat, so the rabbit offered itself and jumped to the bonfire the man had made. Because of the altruist gesture of the Rabbit, the old man (revealing himself to be Śakra, ruler of the heavens) drew a rabbit in the moon, preparing the Elixir of Immortality.
** Eternity’s Shadow

(Kirabi Scene)
(Walking in the forest)
Kirabi: Oh yeah, oh yo, Kirabi da master is goin’ to Konoha to master some Uchiha butt, oh yeah, oh yo!!!
Hachibi: (in Kirabi’s mind) You still suck at rapping.
Kirabi: Oh, chill up, Bully, don’t get so cranky!
Hachibi: Why do I even bother… so, you still think that Sharingan guy is in Konoha?
Kirabi: Oh yeah!
Hachibi: But he’s an Akatsuki, don’t you think he’s somewhere else than Konoha?
Kirabi: Geez, way to ruin the mood, Bull! Can’t I do some sightseeing? Besides, the dudes in Konoha must know about that Sharingan dude.
Hachibi: If you say so…

Next Chapter: Reception
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