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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“DOSAAAA,” yelled Yuki. (Kakuya tosses Dosa’s assumed corpse across the area, before it hits the water, Yuki catches it and cries.)

“Dosa,” mumbled Yuki. (Dosa slightly opens one eye.) “Arguark,” mumbled Dosa (More blood rushes out of his mouth). “Damn, my throat is clogged up with blood as I can hardly breath, she's quite the strangler… Looks like this is it… But, who is this vixen looking down at me with such worry? Looks like Yuki. Ha, hah… No way, she betrayed me; must be my mind playing tricks on me. God sure has a sense of humor,” thought Dosa.

“Who is she,” asked Kimiko. “Have no idea; she isn’t our target so,” said Kakuya. “Dosa, I’m here don’t,” said Yuki. “It seems the blood from my mouth and nose had recessed and drained into my sinuses; I can’t even hear a word she’s saying. Pretty strange life I've had. Constantly outshined by Hiro’s light and eclipsed by the others’ wills that have done all they could to keep the village standing. I was just a ruffian, scrappy and belligerent not giving a damn about how I came off. But, I wanted the same attention as Hiro and be trusted with something; something I can say I accomplished on someone’s behalf other than my own.

(Flash back shows Dosa knocked out by Hiro when they were like 12-13 years old. Another flash back shows The Hokage patting Hiro on the head while he scolds Dosa in another panel. Dosa then has a flash back of him blindly attacking a group of troops despite being told to wait by Rina and one of the Anbu ops seven years ago during the mission extermination episode.)

Looking back, I’ve always put my team and Uzumaki Sensei into a lot of trouble by getting gung ho and wanting to show off. Heh, heh. I hated Hiro, I pushed my body to the breaking point, and then during the war, I showed what I could do. But I was still treated as low down scum for my personality and reckless tenacity; no wonder why Uzumaki Sensei couldn’t trust me, I was hazardous… A few years later, I had grew aware of my wrongs and asked Uzumaki Sensei to allow me into the SNA training kernel, though deep down in my soul, I only did it to surpass Hiro, but when I saw him again after all those years, and seen him fire off against Shisio, it no longer mattered; our strengths were still separated by a gap.

(Flash back of when Hiro appeared and challenged Shisio as winds blow around the entire area.)

I felt like a fool for undergoing the program because I became almost inhuman yet ironically still humanly weaker than Hiro. Then later I felt like a larger fool for only taking the program serious enough for such a ridiculous dream such as surpassing Hiro, a fellow village companion. It tore me up inside to think my insignificant goals weighed more than the village’s in my mind. Maybe that was why I decided to help train Hiro’s kids, as a way to make it up to the unjustified hate I had towards him and the lack of motivation in regards to the village’s well being. Back then I never worked properly with Hiro on missions and didn’t accept the fact that Hiro was more talented, so I did not use his abilities to complement my own in battle, in order to increase our chances of success. That alone made me come to the conclusion that I was such a dick.

(Dosa has a flashback of Team Hiro as they slept from their training.)

Maybe the best thing I’ve ever done was help make the next generation stronger for the trials ahead. That is the only positive thing and most important aspect of my life in my opinion. That Zig kid, reminded me a lot of myself, but what I lacked was his teamwork and cooperation with his allies when I was his age. In time, not only will he be more skillful than myself, he’ll know what it really means to be a Konoha shinobi carrying the will of fire.

(Dosa then has a flashback of teaching Zig how to use the fire element.)

Still, I did some dark stuff that’s for sure. Being with the SNA even if it was just a ruse, I was forced to do some dealings that I’m not proud of. It seems Konoha will remember me for being the lowest of the low down wet work operator.

Oh well, at least I went out with a bang. Despite losing to a cocky bitch, this is how a dark and gloomy shinobi like me should die, like a cold blooded dog. Though, not so cold I guess; I feel the warmth of a cute little honey that resembles the perky and giddy kunoichi I once knew, before I fade into an endless pit of cold darkness. After all the things I’ve done; I ain’t going to heaven, but this warmth at least gives me some respite before I take my final plunge into the dark depths,” thought Dosa as he closes his eyes a final time.

(Automatically Sasuke team lands in to retrieve Yuki.)

“Yuki,” said Sasuke angrily. “Reinforcements,” questioned Kimiko. “I don’t think so; more like simple interferences; they would have attacked us on spot if they were after us,” said Kakuya.

(Dream spots Team Sasuke from afar.)

“OOO… Lookie here,” smiled the devious Dream.

(All of the Trackers take notice of Dosa’s death. The scene switches Tabito vs. Shark; Tabito’s axe crosses with Shark’s water blade, as Shark slowly over powers him and knocks him back, as Tabito does a flip and lands on the water’s surface.)

“……He’s………..Gone,” said Tabito. “Looks like your buddy bit the dust, now you will too! Water Element: Twin Shark Teethed blades,” said Shark. (He now has two blades however, the water sticks out from all angles on the blades and takes the shape of jagged shark teeth that sticks outwards.)

“Now you die,” yelled Shark. (He is rushing towards Tabito’s location. Tabito tosses his axe in the air and makes a handseal.)

“….Earth Element:………….Hardening,” said Tabito. (Tabito catches the axe with one hand, he then palms the handle with two hand; soon the axe is engulfed by a thick stone layer that covers the blade. As Shark prepares to strike with both blades, Tabito swings his axe horizontally, which shatters the blades as Shark is stunned and knocked back.)

“He used an earth element? Damn, my water blades are weak against earth,” thought Shark. (Tabito then positions his axe vertically and attempts to slice downward. Shark evades by backing up with a jump. As he lands, blood drip down from his forehead, as Tabito managed to get a small slice off on Shark’s forehead.)

“You never cease to amaze me… But games’ over… Water Mutation: Gills,” said Shark. (Shark forms gills on each side of his face.)

“…His……Chakra,” said Tabito. (Shark dives into the water. The scene then switches to Mai vs. Dolphin. Mai is engulfed with a crystallized armor. Think of Siegfried’s armor from Soul Caliber IV. )

“Given the circumstances I can't hold back anymore. This is my full bodied crystalline technique… To think you guys were strong enough to kill one of The Hokage’s students. I don’t know if I can win, but we won’t just let Dosa go out and die with us just sitting around,” yelled Mai.

“Hmm; Water Element: Recomposed Dolphin,” yelled Dolphin. (A huge water constructed Dolphin appears, as she jumps on top of it.) “AHHHHH,” yelled Mai as she rushes and prepares to clash with it. (The scene switches to Kou vs. Orca. They are standing quite distances from each other.)

“You’ve backed off; what happened to your aggression,” asked Orca. “Dosa and by the looks of it, more back up…,” mumbled Kou as he tilts his head down. “You must be frustrated from what happened with your squad member,” said Orca. “Don’t act like you care,” said Kou. “You’re right, I can’t care, but you’ll die by not focusing on the task at hand,” said Orca. “Heh, maybe he’s right,” thought Kou.
(Orca then melts into water and mixes with the water. Kou begins making handseals. His eyes then turn a deep crimson color. Large palms of water tries to clap Kou, however Kou evades it and then jumps onto the water’s surface. Orca resurfaces from his technique and compliments Kou.)

“So, you were able to tell where I would strike; how did you do it when my hydration hides my chakra within the water,” said Orca. “My thermal eye technique is an advanced tracking ability that allows me to see your heat source. The moment you prepared to attack, was the moment I saw your body heat appear. With this technique, hiding one’s chakra is meaningless, as one can’t hide their body’s natural heat source,” said Kou.

“What an interesting ability; it seems I’ll have to try a different approach,” said Orca.

(The Scene switches to Reika vs. Kyo. The Crock attempts to tail whip the sea turtle however, the sea turtle turns to its shell to block the attack. Both of the huge summons lands back on the water. The Sea turtle then jumps and clinches the neck of the Crock, dragging it into the water, Reika and Kyo both off of their summons and rushes to a safer location while the summons go at it, creating swirls and tides of water. Reika and Kyo both make hand seals and say the following.)

“Water Element: Explosion jutsu,” yelled Kyo and Reika. (Large tunneling tubes of water collides as water sprays all across mid-air. The Scene switches to The Hokage’s office, The Hokage stretches out however, he leans back too far in his chair and falls, the impact causes a picture of The Hokage when he was younger, that also contained images of his child students, to fall. The Hokage picks up the picture and notices it has a crack over Dosa’s image.)

“……,” The Hokage says nothing.

Next time: How will Konoha respond when it finally recieves word of Dosa's death?/Enter Team Sasuke.
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