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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-The plans that are in motion

(The Scene starts off at Mizugakure; inside the main office Tank and Sakuya approaches Tetsuo while he is meditating.)

"I wonder why boss has had the others leave for Konoha without him opening the portal. It takes 3 days to travel between Mizugakure and Konoha on foot as they have to cross the ocean; ahh I just hate waiting," said Tank. "Deal with it, the boss has to meditate in order to gather the appropriate chakra required for fusing the bijuu within the meteor. Not to mention the meteor has to actually be used in the upcoming battle; that alone takes a considerable amount of chakra," said Sakuya.

"SO WHAT! Like opening space-time transfer portals uses that much chakra," said Tank. "You fool, if they made it to Konoha too soon, our plans would be shot before execution. The boss isn't just meditating, he is also mentally opening up several viewing angles all over the world, in order to pin point what's going on. He can't see everything, but he is getting a general idea of what is going on," said Sakuya.

"Oh, I guess the boss has it a little difficult," said Tank. "Just a little," said the sighing Sakuya. "Tank, Sakuya," said Tetsuo. "Sir," yelled both Tank and Sakuya. "Help me with the chakra gathering, it seems I need to muster more at a sooner interval," said Tetsuo. (He sweats slightly.) "Ehh, I'm not sure about that chakra gathering, sounds kinda fluffy if you ask me. I'm good with my fists, I don't mold chakra for too long," said Tank.

"TANK! We'll gladly help you sir," said Sakuya. "Asura will arrive here in two days time with the meteor's scroll, so help me gather as much chakra before he gets here. I plan on using the spare day to be completely immersed in the act channeling the required amount for challenging the allied forces," said Tetsuo. (Tank and Sakuya sits next to him and helps him gather the chakra.)

"What about Ino Shika Cho," asked Tank. "He's on his way, I estimate that he's at the wave country, it should take him at least a day to arrive," said Tetsu. (Tank opens one eye after hearing that.) "How long do you suppose we sit here meditating," asked Tank. "Probably a day," said the sighing Sakuya. "WHAT! WITH NO GODDANM FOOD," yelled Tank.

(The Scene switches to the outside of the Great Naruto Bridge; Ino Shika Cho is carrying a teenage girl with back length red hair. Her face isn't shown however, she is wearing a two piece skimpy bikini that is red.)

"I'm shocked I was able to sneak by without too many complaints! Ahh, so sad bad that a nice looker like herself has to be ensnared by my shadow possession; Didn't even give her the chance to go into her bijuu. Dang it, Tetsuo didn't open the portal and I'm starting to get a little drowsy though, looks like he needs the chakra probably," thought Ino Shika Cho. (Ino Shika Cho notices The Hokage's name across the bridge's label.)

"The Great Naruto Bridge hmm? Something about that just seems ominous for me, I don't know signs just might be in my nature," thought Ino Shika Cho. (He begins racing across the bridge with the Ichibi's host over his shoulder. The Scene then switches to Asura’s position; he is rapidly hopping and rushing across mountainous terrains; soon the scene switches to the barracks in Mizugakure. Raitie walks in front of the gung ho troops and opens up with a speech.)

“We of the new organization under The UHE will be willing to lay down our lives for a greater purpose in this world,” yelled Ratie. “YEAH,” yelled random UHE member. “LONG LIVE LORD TETSUO,” yelled another. (They all cheer as the blood for battle rushes strongly through their veins. The sun set begins over a different locale over looking Yuki, as she rushes with Dosa, who is given a piggy back ride due to his apparent injuries.)

“Hey babe, not so rough, the impact hurts, hah, hah,” said the smirking Dosa. “I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to deal at the moment, you see the guys I was with are tracking me, and they’re a dangerous group. We still have until day break before we reach the outskirts of the sand, we can’t afford to slow down now,” said Yuki.

“Hah, more poor saps whom you enticed and left behind,” said the smirking Dosa. (Yuki starts to giggle.) “Hah, hah, hah… In a matter of speaking I guess you might say that,” said the grinning Yuki. “You haven’t changed at all you conniving brad,” said the joking Dosa. (Dosa winks as Yuki looks back.) “And you haven’t changed either, reckless in battle and fighting like a mad man whom lost sight of rational combat behavior,” said Yuki. “Not funny,” said Dosa. “Though, that was the man I admired and looked up too when I needed the motivation to combat any adversary, regardless of size, or shape,” said Yuki. “Is that so,” asked Dosa. (The sun sets completely as the Yuki is rushing while still carrying Dosa. Yuki notices that he’s asleep however, he soon opens his eyes.)

“Tell me somethin Yuki,” whispered Dosa. “Dosa, you should really think about resting at a time like this, but go ahead,” said Yuki. “The tracker squad I was with; what happened to them,” asked the sorrowful Dosa. “….,” Yuki is silent as she is unable to say a positive statement in regards to their assumed conditions. “Just hold on until the morning, just hours away, we are almost there; don’t worry about any other things besides living, or you’ll jinx your life,” said Yuki. “I see, so that’s how it is,” said the seemingly disappointed Dosa. (The Scene switches Konoha; night falls over Konoha skies as well. Nila is in her pink heart covered pajamas with frog slippers lying near the foot of her bed. She lies asleep in her bed; soon she wakes up as she hears a knock on her window.)

“Hmm? Hah, probably Zig just being an idiot again,” said the sighing Nila. (She sits up and opens her blinds and notices no one.)

“You fool,” said the sighing Nila. (She opens the window and says the following.)

“Zig if you don’t come out of here I’ll tell my father that you’re bothering me again when he gets home,” said Nila. (Automatically, quick dashes of wind rush into her room from the open window.) “Quiet down madam, or you’ll wake your mother,” said Inabi. “Aunt Inabi? What are you doing here at this time of day? It is too late for those secret training lessons my mother doesn’t approve of,” said the smirking Nila.

“I’ve been watching you train with Shimizu Hiro and to say the least I am very impressed,” said Inabi. “I know right,” said Nila. (Inabi sighs.) “It seems modesty isn’t in her nature,” thought Inabi. “I’ve also heard good things about you from the villagers. Your bravery, impressive willed motivation, courage, leadership qualities, and strong trusting relationships with your teammates in missions, are that of a highly specialized jounin. Perhaps you do indeed deserve to be a jounin just like Zig; you’d certainly get my vote. With that being said, you are one of our blood, so just maybe,” said Inabi before being cut off by Nila.
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