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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“That’s great and everything, and I would love to sit hear all night with you complimenting me, but it is not like you to approach me without a reason,” said Nila. “She’s sharp,” thought Inabi. “Well,” said Nila. “Considering that I’ll be stepping down from my head position as Hyuuga count,” said Inabi. “I heard, my father and the other clan leaders were talking about you wanting to take a break from the heavy Business, and primarily specialize as an aide for the new Head Leader because you want to spend more time with your child; fair I guess,” said Nila.

“However, I need a replacement for myself and my boy’s too young,” said Inabi. “What about Neji,” asked Nila. “I’m not sure the clan would accept him as he has broken away and also holds the seal on his forehead. Though, tensions between the head and branch families have lessened, Neji’s seal is a remnant of dark history that might be taken into consideration during elections,” said Inabi.

“It shouldn’t have to come to that, my father isn’t an average man either, he is a host; the perfect example of dark history at its best. Yet he still is treated with the utmost respect; I think the clan needs a clearer view of tolerance,” said Nila. “Spoken just like I’d expect, of course my father, who is your grandfather, Elder Hiashi, wouldn’t mind Neji being the Head Leader however, Neji is off doing his own thing as the commander of the police corp.,” said Inabi. “What are you telling me all this for then,” asked Nila.

“Because I want you to serve as the Head Leader of the Hyuuga clan,” said Inabi. (Nila is shocked from hearing that.) “But… I don’t know anything about political dealings or, how to run a clan… Besides, I’m much too young, and all the information on the Hyuuga only came from vague meetings with you,” said Nila.

“You’ll do fine, with the qualities and benefits you hold as an individual, perhaps the Hyuuga clan can take a larger leap in the right direction; the direction your father intended,” said the smiling Inabi. “I can’t, I don’t know anything; and my mother already don’t approve of you seeing me,” said Nila. “Your mother is another issue we’ll have to work around but even if you don’t know much about running a culture, or dealing with politics, I’ll serve as your aide and help you in your leadership. All I need from you is your iron will and equally fair and just judgmental actions on your part. Think of how proud your father would be and how the village as a whole would regard you,” said Inabi.

“I don’t know, being a head member means I won’t be able to go out on many missions with Zig and Laya, and or spend time with them and other friends; also it seems like a very dedicated position, I’d probably get distracted with other things that kunoichi and shinobi do,” said Nila. “There are more important things than playing shinobi in this world. You have to grow up and face what’s more important, like your clan’s history and how it is viewed by Konoha and the other nations. Meet with metomorrow in the secret temple at noon, the Hyuuga council will discuss the current scenario; don’t let me, or your fellow clansmen down,” said Inabi. (She quickly dashes out of the window. Nila sighs as she closes the window.)

“Is she for real,” said Nila. (The scene switches to a bar somewhere in Konoha. Hiro, The Hokage, Shikamaru, Kai and Kiba are all enjoying nice company at a familiar table to them. Alcoholic bottles, glasses and glasses of shots and cups sit around the table as well as poker chips and cash just littering the area. Apparently, The Hokage had the most drinks. The barkeep hides behind the counter. He is a little old man who is scared of the group of friends’ crazy behavior.)

“They scared away all the customers! Shoot, I better get out of here before things get really crazy,” yelled Barkeep. (He secretly sneaks out.)
“Woah there.lhfao You sure know how throw down a ho down,” yelled Kiba as he takes a sip from his insanely huge jug of sake. “WOOOO,” yelled The Hokage. (He fits three shots of vodka into his mouth and looks wasted.)

“Never knew Konoha’s Hokage was such a party animal,” said the shocked Kai. (Kiba wraps his arm around the new comer. Kiba is apparently wasted; Kai sighs as he gets a whiff of Kiba’s rancid alcoholic breath.)

“HEY! Don’t worry, be HAPPY! RIGHT NAUTO,” yelled Kiba. “WOOOO,” yelled The Hokage. (He takes a huge spill on the floor as he leaned back in his seat too far.) “Sensei,” mumbled Hiro. “FUCK the sensei calls me Naruto,” yelled The Hokage. “HEY KID. Why you drinking red wine? Drink some strong stuff and get messed up,” said Kiba. “Well I,” mumbled Kai. “You must not like to party hardy! You all shy en shit! Kinda like a little goodie two shoes. You ever been with a woman,” whispered Kiba.

“HEY,” yelled Kai. “YOUSE WANNA START SOMETHIN,” yelled Kiba. (Hiro sits Kai down.) “THAT’s better,” yelled Kiba. “Don’t mind him, he like Uzumaki Sensei gets a little wacky when they drink,” said the sighing Hiro. (Shikamaru whispers as he talks to Kai.) “This guy called Lee, serious fiend. Honestly when that guy drinks I have to use shadow possession because he wants to go all drunkin fist on our asses; because of that he doesn’t hang out with us when we decide to have a little get together. And Choji just drinks everything up, so yeah; that was a no go. What a big mess of friends we have huh,” whispered Shikamaru. “HEY SHARE THE GOSSIP, AND JUST LET LOOSE. RIGHT BIG BOSS,” yelled Kiba. “CALL ME NARUTO! OOOOO! Oh, and ah Shikamaru buddy, can you pour some sake down my throat? My head hurts too much to get up and do it myself,” said The Hokage. (Shikamaru gently sips a small cup of Sake.) “Ahhh, what a drag… I’ll just get a hangover in the morning and hear it from that nut of a wife of mine… Why couldn’t conservatives like Sai, Sarutobi, and Neji join us this time. At least with them the conversations wouldn’t be so you had to be drunk to understand them,” said Shikamaru.

“Forget those lames! Right Naruto pal,” yelled Kiba. “OOOOOOO! Oh and the sake, in my mouth right now! The bottle please,” smiled The Hokage. (Shikamaru sighs and pours some of the sake in his mouth and then drops the bottle on top of The Hokage’s head.)

“AHHHH,” said the relieved Hokage. “That’s more like it! By the way, what happened to that hard time partier, you know the kid with scythe; one of Naruto’s boys; though I much rather kick it with that Rina,” said Kiba. “Dude you’re freakin married watch what you are saying. Your daughter Laya and her is only 10 years apart; I swear to God that I hope that’s the booze doing this to you,” said sighing Shikamaru. “WHAT,” yelled Kiba. “Anyway, he’s on a mission,” said Hiro as he takes a small sip from a small cup. “DOSA! DOSA,” yelled The Hokage. (Everyone is shocked, the Hokage gets up out of his pocket he takes out a picture of his team with a crack over Dosa’s face and places it on the table.)

“Sensei, what are you saying,” asked Hiro. “Crack on Dosa’s image. I don’t believe in coincidences,” said The Hokage.

“Naruto, you’re not one for superstition,” said Shikamaru. “What time,” said The Hokage. (Hiro pulls out a pocket watch.) “It’s 12:00 A.M.,” said Hiro. “Thought so, No respond… No communication scrolls for way over two days, almost three when this night passes over. I’m out, I need to get some rest,” said The Hokage. (The Hokage walks out of the bar.) “That might explain why he’s more wasted than usual, trying to wash his troubles,” said Shikamaru. “Though, could something really have happened to Dosa,” asked Hiro. “I’ll go and check on the Hokage,” said Kiba. (He seemed to have sobered up.) “No, just leave him, it is not wise to confront a drunk and angered Naruto,” said Shikamaru. “No, something’s wrong. My mother is a fierce combater being a Sage, but the best tracking squad from Konoha’s root along with Konoha’s reaper should have been suffice for capturing her… Something’s up and I don’t like it,” thought Kai.

Next Time: Pressing Concerns.
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