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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Countdown to showdown! 1 day down, 2 to go until Tetsuo's plan kicks into gear.

(The scene starts off at UHE's headquarters; Ino Shika Cho walks into the room while he is carrying the beautifully assumed shank, he then tosses her on the floor. Her face is still not seen as her hair falls in front of her face as her body hits the ground. She moans as she lay there sprawled across the floor. Tank, Sakuya, and Tetsuo are still meditating even after he barged into the room.)

"Uhhh," moaned the Ichibi Host. "I brought the final host here Boss," said Ino Shika Cho. (He kicks her in her stomach to shut her up.) "Uhh," moaned the Host. "Shush it, you don't want to disturb them. To think I went easier on her; maybe I should have beaten her within an inch of her. She's cute, maybe that's why I got distracted," said Ino Shika Cho.

(Tank opens both of his eyes.)

"SHUT THE HELL UP! WE ARE CONCENTRATING; WE DON'T NEED TO HEAR YOU TALKING LOVE TO A HOST! PATHETIC," yelled Tank. (Tetsuo and Sakuya opens both of their eyes upon Tank's outburst, as Tank was the actual cause of them falling out of sync instead of Ino Shika Cho.)

"I didn't think they could hear me in that state of theirs," thought Ino Shika Cho. "Ino Shika Cho don't mind him, you weren't distracting us at all. It was his big loud ass that broke the concentration. Damn it! For once have some freaking tolerance," said Sakuya.

"Hmm," groaned Tank. "I guess I should have knocked first," said Ino Shika Cho. "It's fine; we'll just get started again. If we start right away, the feeling from the meditation will come back, so we didn't completely lose the knack from gathering the chakra; thus, the chakra is still in our bodies somewhere. Let's get back to work immediately," said Tetsuo.

"Should I help too," asked Ino Shika Cho. "No, since Michi isn't here right now, we can't apply the 5 element seal to disrupt the Bijuu's chakra, therefore if we put her in the containment with the other hosts, she might cause an upstart and free the hosts. So, you must use your shadow possession and keep her restrained," said Tetsuo.

"Alright boss, when do we strike," asked Ino Shika Cho. (Tank and Sakuya closes their eyes again and forms handseals.) "In two day's time; once Blank, Michi, and Oita reaches Konoha and captures Nila, by then I'll have the portals opened in order to bail them out of there. Tomorrow Asura will make it here with the meteor. We will connect to the Meteor via our chakra channel.

Once we do that, I will order the Hosts to be thrown into the meteor; a small portion of the chakra will be split among us all, giving us the chakra to fend off the allied nations and any other threats. Another porption of the meteor will be used on the Kages to defeat them. The final and last portion of the meteor will be used on the average civilians in order to strengthen them, leading to further our plot once we get hold of the remaining Bijuu; Mizugakure will be our nation to house our military for a grueling war for understanding," said Tetsuo.

(Tetsuo then closes his eyes and makes a handseal, as he continues the meditation with Sakuya and Tank. Ino Shika Cho makes a handseal and forms the shadow possession; this connects to the host’s body on the floor. The Scene switches to outside the gates of Suna.)

“It’s fine, I can walk like a man now,” said Dosa. “Are you sure? Don’t be acting hard in front of kids now,” said Yuki. (She let’s Dosa down however, as he slightly falls, she grabs him and he throws his arm around Yuki’s neck.) “I told you,” said Yuki. “Whatever, at least my feet and legs can build up strength,” said Dosa. (Take looks at Yuki and Dosa all embraced like.) “Sensei,” said Mar.

(He pulls Take’s pants leg to draw his attention.) “What is it,” asked Take. “Look at them. The picture reminds me of an image in one of your books,” whispered Mar. “AHH, so content and in love they are. The war hero loses his allies in battle, yet is saved from an awful end as his love comes in to scoop him from certain death. Man I love dat shit! I need to get fuckin laid now,” said Take.

“Laid? That must be what grownups do,” said Falcon. “What’s laid sensei? Sounds cool, I want to try that,” said Nyx. “No you don’t! Stop buttin into my dialogue you snot nosed brats,” yelled Take. “Guys, we can hear everything you say. Please, at least try to be discrete with your silly shit,” said Dosa. (Yuki starts to giggle.) “See you brats, shut yer yaps,” yelled Take. (They all cower and fear and hide behind Dosa and Yuki’s legs.) “Brats! Anyway, I’m going to escort you two to the recover station, follow me,” said Take. (He moves in front of the group.)

“Hey, I need to talk with the Kazekage,” said Dosa. “Dosa, you really need to rest and think about everything else later,” said Yuki. “No, this is important, Kazekage needs to know what happened with Mizukage, at the very least, Uzumaki Sensei needs to know, and Kazekage isn’t just some ally, he’s a child friend of Uzumaki Sensei,” said Dosa. “I guess you’ve really thought this through. There’s something The Kazekage as well as the Hokage needs to know too about my pursuers as well,” said Yuki. “Hmm,” mumbled Take.

(The Scene switches outside the Kazekage’s office.) “Kids, go play with Teru at the meantime, it is time for grown up business,” said Take. “BUT,” yelled all three kids. “Fine, I’ll teach you all a sweet ninjutsu skill if you play with Teru for the meantime,” said Take. “K,” yelled the students.

(They rush off. Dosa and Yuki nods, as Take pushes the door open. Kazekage is in the middle, while Kankuro, Temari, and other advisors sit surrounding him in a circular desk.)

“Take,” said Kankuro. “Sensei,” said Take. “Why are ninja from a foreign land here,” asked old man with a long beard and bald head. “Gaara, isn’t that man with the limp,” said Temari before being cut off. “Yes, it seems he’s one of the Hokage’s students who participated in the war. And if I’m not mistaken, the lady holding him up is also one of high recognized title. The Hokage has told us not to mess with her; she must still be connected somehow,” said Kazekage.

“Take, why did you bring them here, especially the injured one,” said skinny man with a long head and thin mustache. “These folk wish to speak with the Kazekage,” said Take. “We won’t allow it without prior consent from Hokage if they are indeed Konoha ninja,” said a man who is covered head to toe in a robe and scarf. (Dosa lets go off Yuki and walks forward on a limp.)

“You have to listen! Mizukage had,” said Dosa before being cut off by the Kazekage. “No need to explain, I’ll hear you out unlike what the other council members state. The Hokage is my friend, I don’t need persuasion, or traditional law if an old time friend needs help with whatever it is,” said Kazekage.
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