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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Night time at the Sand Village.

Dosa is lying on the hospital bed and Yuki is sleeping on the chair next to him. He looks at the window and notice snow is falling. He then wakes up Yuki.

“Hei Yuki, is there snow at Suna?”

“Are you joking? Is a freaking desert. There is no snow here.” Mumbles Yuki.

“Then what’s that?” ask Dosa. Yuki looks at the window and saw the snow start to falls heavily.

“Mikoto.” Says Yuki.

At the Kazekage Office.

“What do you take of this snow Dak?” ask Gaara. The fully masked ninja looks at Gaara. “It’s cold?” says Dak. Gaara gives a small laugh. “These snows have Sa-mosutatto sign written all over it.” Says Gaara. Gaara looks at the window. “Do you think Sasuke and his friends allied with SNA?” ask Gaara. “If he is, then we got a serious problem.” Says Dak. Gaara looks at him. “Cause he is harder to kill than a cockroach on steroids.” Says Dak. “Gather the jounin. We will engage them before they enters.” Says Gaara. Dak winks and jumps to the door. Gaara makes a hand seal.

Outside Sand Village.

“How is it, Mikoto?” ask Sasuke. “Good. In an hour Sand Village will be Snow Village.” Says Mikoto. “I’m bored.” Says Shark. “Just wait a little longer.” Says Orca. On top of them an eye is looking down at their activities. Back to the Kazekage office. Gaara opens his eye and he went straight to the jounin building. Inside the jounins are waiting for their and Gaara enters the room. “Dak, all jounin are here?” ask Gaara. “All 65 jounin are here including that snot nose brat Teru.” Says Dak. “HEIII!!!” yelled Teru.

“Alright calm down. Sasuke from Konoha, Shisio, Orca, Shark and Dolphin from Mist, and Mikoto from Sa-mosutatto are trying to cripple us.” Says Gaara. “So? We kill them. Problem solves.” Says an old scarred face ninja. “I’m not a violent man, but Sasuke isn’t a reasonable man. Scar is right we have to kill him and his associates.” Says a dark skinned ninja with afro hair. “Mikoto and Sasuke are the biggest threat, but the others, especially Shisio is considered S-level too.” Says Teru.

The jounins looks at a huge man wearing a snow cap, a white jacket and have a small goatee that is standing at a far corner of the room. “What?” ask the big man. “You’re a former SNA. Maybe you can take care of Shisio.” Ask Teru. The big man took out a cigarette and lit it with the fire on his fingertips. “Among the elementals of SNA, only Hiro manage to go toe to toe with Shisio. I may need someone to back me up.”

“And you got me.”

Sazx looks at the door and saw Yuki. He then looks at Gaara. Gaara nods. Gaara looks at Kankuro. “Me, Take and Teru can take care of the Marines Squad.” Says Kankuro. Gaara looks at the jounins. “Ok. Scar, Kuja and Dax will take care of Mikoto.” Says Gaara and the scarred face ninja and the dark skin afro ninja nods. “Kankuro, Take and Teru will attack the marine squad. Sazx and Yuki will take care of Shisio. Sasuke is mine. The rest will split in three team. One team will make sure the enemies don’t infiltrate the Sand. The second team will create a perimeter to make sure there is no more uninvited guest. The third team will support the attack team in battle.” Says Gaara. Kankuro looks at Gaara. “Maybe its good Temari went to Konoha this morning.” Says Kankuro. “Yeah, but when she hears of this, she going to be one piss off ninja.” Says Gaara.

Teru looks at Scar. “Sensei will you be alright?” ask Teru. I maybe one cranky old man. But I’m a cranky old man with skills!!!” yelled Scar and his false tooth comes out from his mouth. Teru looks at his sensei false teeth on the ground and Scar quickly grab it and put it back in his mouth.

At the lab under Rain.

“Reika was mad because you forgot about the corpse.” Says Kakuya. Dream grins and look at her.

“Do you think I left it there because I forgot?”

“You mean your doing that on purpose?” ask Kakuya.
“Yes.” Says Dream. “Why?” ask Kimiko. “The Hokage have declared war against her. Just as I planned.” Says Dream. Dream Kakuya and Kimiko walks along hundreds of tubes fill with Kakashi and they reached a door and Dream uses his key to open it. Inside there are rows and rows of giant tubes fill with humanoid creature and in the far corner a giant tube with a large head floating in it. “What is that?” ask Kakuya. “Jyubi’s head. And what ever pieces of it I manage to collect.” Says Dream. “What is your plan?” ask Kimiko. “Immortality. And then reshape the world to my liking. But first I must get rid peoples that can stop me.” Explain Dream. “That’s why you put SNA, Reika, Sasuke and the villages in a collision course.” Says Kimiko. Dream grins.

Outside Sand.

“We’ve got movement.” Says Orca and a dozen of ninja appear and surround them. “Gaara.” Says Sasuke as he looks at Gaara who stands before him. Shisio looks at Sazx who’s body is covered in flame armor and Yuki stands next to him. “Sazx. The fire elemental taijutsu user and Yuki, long time no see.” Says Shisio. “You hated Sasuke too right. Why join him?” ask Yuki. “True. I never liked him. And I don’t give a crap what you want to do with him. But I need him so I can get Hiro and cut him into pieces, like what he did to Amy.” Says Shisio. The flame on Sazx feet intense and it shoot him at towards Shisio like a jet propulsion. “Flame Fist!!!!” yelled Sazx and tries to punch Shisio but was block by Shisio’s blade. “Flame armor is different from Raiton Armor. It doesn’t have speed like Raiton but its flame can create a jet propulsion to give instance speed, but only in straight line. But it offensive power is stronger than Raiton.” Thinks Shisio while parrying Sazx attack. Yuki appear behind Shisio with her kunai on Shisio’s neck. “Do you think Hiro will do that?” ask Yuki. “War change people. You should know that better then anyone.” Says Shisio and an aura emerge from him and push both Yuki and Sazx from him. “Now do both of you back down, or should I throw both of your corpses to the nearest oasis?” ask Shisio.

In front of Mikoto, Scar, Kuja and Dax are standing before him.

“Mikoto old pal. I haven’t seen you since…. We never met before right? Ypu should get out more.” giggles Dax. “You dare challenge me?” ask Mikoto. “Dare? No we don’t dare challenge you, we guarantee to kill you!!!” yelled Scar and Kuja puts on two porous metal device located on each of his arm. “Ninja Technique: Sound Vibration!!!!” yelled Kuja and sound wave comes out from his metal device and knocks Mikoto backwards. “Sound?” ask Mikoto and then he realizes Dax is behind him. Body alteration technique: Arms blades!!!” says Dax and both of his arms turn to into blade and tries to slash him but Mikoto avoided his attack. “Wind Element: Wind Prison.” Says Scar and a sphere surround Mikoto. “Now, I will decreased it size and the wind will cut you to shreds.” Says Scar. Mikoto sneers.

Shark, Orca and Dolphin are surrounded by Kankuro, Teru and Take. “What’s the plan?” ask Dolphin. “Just like Reika’s order. We will assist Mr. Sasuke.” Says Orca.

Scar: The cranky old coot from Sand. Back in his glory days, Scar was a skilled Sand ninja. He was one of the best of the best. He eventually became old and went to the academy, where he would teach and watch over the next generation and study their progression for many, many, many, many, many, many, many years and the last student he teaches seriously is Teru. He is very old and does not move very well but he knows most jutsu from Sand Village.

Kuja: The dark skinned afro ninja who is skills in sound manipulation. He used his porous metal device just like Dosu from Sound Village but he studies it more and expands the sound technique to a point he can create a vibration that can shatter rocks and use sound to create genjutsu. He creates a sound division in Sand Village.

Dax: Have the kekkei genkai to transform his body into various offensive and defensive weapons. Dax is usually laid back and energetic and doesn't appear to be serious most of the time, making it difficult for some to believe he is one of the aggressive Sand ninja. Despite his laid back attitude, he is a skill taijutsu user with impressive speed, agility, and dexterity suit with his kekkei genkai.

Sazx: The Flame of Fury. He is a taijutsu brute who enhances his ability with his flame armor. One of the SNA elementals along with Hiro and Raitei. He is the master of fire elements and uses it to enhance his taijutsu to scorch and burned his opponent and his surrounding.

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