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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“It's about time we start sighning roles ehh Sensei,” said Take. (Shark rushes in and uses a jutsu against all three of them.) “Water Element: Wall,” yelled Shark. (Shark expels Water from his gullet as a tall wall of water crashes in to attack the sand trio however, Teru steps up and uses a jutsu of his own.)

“Earth Element: Wall,” said Teru. (A wall of Earth matching the water protects his allies from the attack. On the Marine side they formulate their plans.) “There’s definitely a high level Earth elemental user against us,” said Shark. “That’s bad for us, Shark you handle him. I’ll take Take and Dolphin will take the other puppet master,” said Orca. (They all agree as Orca tosses exploding tags at the Earth wall exploding it. The Marine Squad rushes forward.)

“Here they come, remember what we’ve discussed,” said Kankuro. (Shark rushes forward trying to take out Teru however, Teru touches the ground with his palm, causing a huge spike to come up from under Shark however, notices, jumps over it before the spike rose far enough to take him down. As he gets within range he tries to punch Teru however, Teru forms an earth protective dome around himself. A small opening in the prisim shows Teru’s face. Thin sharp spike like needles then circles around the front part of the prism. Then all of a sudden, they shoot out like projectiles from the front. Shark evades them as a battle between Dolphin and Kankuro erupts. Kankuro pulls out his Sasori puppet. It opens its head by leaning back.)

“Red Secret Technique • Machine Triangles,” said Kankuro. (Triangular like projectiles with small explosives tied to the end up them attempts to strike down at Dolphin’s position however, she makes several handseals before the projectiles strikes her.)

“Water Element: Rapid Liquid Bullets,” yelled Dolphin. (A large amount of small, thin bullets of water continuously rushes out of her mouth as she moves her head around and around to stop Kankuro’s rapid attack. The Scene switches to Orca vs. Take. Take summons his 10 puppets. They are short, 3ft tall skeleton like creatures with black cloaks on. They each hold steel bats with barbwire circling all around the hitting spots. Take then positions his hands outwards, as he gains control of the little devils.)

“Bash da shit out of em my little puppets from the underworld,” smiled Take. “How frightening,” said Orca. “Yeah I know. They pounds da shit out of everything mercilessly. You ain’t got no chance in hell you crazed motha,” said Take. (Orca makes a handseal and expels 9 large balls of water that hits the ground. They soon reforms into water clones of Orca.) “Water Clones,” thought Take. “Yes, not many can produce this many without water nearby, but I’m different,” said Orca.

“My lil devils gone have so much fun cavin yo shit in,” said Take. (The 10 puppets begin to move.) “As long as I stand within range of my clones, they shouldn’t disperse; so I should be able to maintain control over them throughout this clash,” thought Orca. (Night covers over Konoha as well, as the scene switches over to the barracks. All of the Jounin, Special Jounin, and Chunnin commanders are putting on body armor that resembles the armor The Sannin wore during the 2nd Shinobi war. The scene then switches over to a particular group Jounin. The group contains Hiro, Sarutobi, Lee, Choji, Kiba, Zig, Shino, and one other unidentified shinobi. Hiro is stuffing his hip bag with shuriken, smoke bombs, and other shinobi tools.)

[Shino just leans against a wall all cool like not even budging.]

“Hiro sensei,” said Zig. (He places his arm on his shoulder.) “They’ll pay,” said Hiro. “You alright man,” asked Lee. “DO I FUCKIN LOOK OK,” yelled Hiro. (Everyone is shocked.) “Hey, just leave him alone right now, he just lost his teammate,” said Kiba. “He was more than just a teammate,” said Hiro. (He walks off somewhere.) “Dosa, he was a pretty amazing guy, especially so if Hiro sensei is so down like this, and if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be nearly as strong,” said Zig. “This atmosphere, definitely, we’re going to war,” said Sarutobi. “Yeah, I don’t like this feeling,” said Choji. (Choji slides his chest plate over his neck.) “War, I can’t believe it… I’m so nervous,” said Kato. (Sarutobi places his hand on Kato’s head trying to get him to focus, Sarutobi then takes it off.)

[Notice Shino remains completely quiet and cool looking as he leans up against a wall throughout the scene.]

“Show your father, Sai, that you’re ready for this,” said Lee. “But I’m so young, I can’t possibly,” said Kato before being cut off by Zig. “You’re the hot stuff from last year. Don’t let me down, otherwise I’d lose my respect for you,” said Zig. “Alright that’s enough talk, continue to equip yourselves before The Hokage speaks with us regarding our target,” said Sarutobi. “Shino! What the Hell ARE YOU DOING? Move your ass,” yelled Kiba. (Neji walks into the room as The Scene switches to a hallway somewhere in the barracks. Hiro is sitting on a bench as tears fall from his face. He soon clears his face as Hope and Shun walk into the area via a door in front of him.)

“Shun, you’ve recovered,” said Hiro. “Don’t worry about me, I want to know how you’ve been feeling, have you talked with Rina,” asked Shun. “I’ll leave you two alone, I don’t want to impose on such a delicate matter; I’ll go equip myself and get prepared,” said Hope. “Thanks Hope,” thought Hiro. (Hope walks into the Barracks via another door down the hall.) “So, have you seen Rina,” asked Shun. “I can’t face her like this; I don’t even know what I’d say. And to think I’ve heard she’s taking it worse than all of us, even more so than the Hokage,” said Hiro.

“We’ll go together, we’ll see her together. I’ll lend you to strength to give her comfort in this miserable state,” said Shun. (Hiro starts to tear up.) “Are you crying man,” asked Shun. (Hiro quickly wipes his face.) “I’m not crying! And thanks, Senpai,” smiled Hiro. “Ahh, man, don’t call me that; it makes me sound old,” said the grinning Shun. (Hiro wraps his arm around Shun’s neck.) “Alright old pal,” said Hiro. “We’ll get those bastards together,” said Shun. (The Scene switches to the Hokage’s office.)

“Shikamaru, you’re going to be the general of the Konoha and hold the fort while we’re out,” said The Hokage. “What!? You’re going to be on the front lines without me buddy,” asked Shikamaru. “Yeah, I’m going to lead the main platoon with Kai as my lieutenant,” said The Hokage. “Yes, Hokage,” said Kai. “Daisuke, you will be in my squad as well,” said The Hokage. “Very well, if that’s what you wish,” said Daisuke. “Just be careful Naruto, you have a wife and kid to go back to,” said Shikamaru. “But of course,” said The Hokage. (Sai then walks into the room.) “Sai, have all of the clan Leaders been ordered to the barracks,” asked The Hokage. “Naruto, your daughter, Nila have also been given word,” said Sai.

“What are you saying? I only asked for the Chunnin commanders, not the regular Chunnin,” said The Hokage. “Haven’t you heard, Nila is now the Head of the Hyuuga,” said Sai. “You’re kidding me,” said The Hokage. “Hmm, strange,” said Shikamaru. “You’re daughter is very accomplished for her age,” said Daisuke. “How come I wasn’t told of such development? Could this be Inabi’s work,” asked The Hokage. “Beats me, so what are you going to do about it,” asked Shikamaru. “I’ll see to that matter once I report back to the barracks,” said The Hokage.

“So, how should my unit have a stake in this,” asked Sai. “You’ll be our recon and information gathering sector. Don’t worry, I’ll have all the squads organized for deployment before we set out in the morning. We’ll go over the circled hotspots on maps and any other areas of interest asap with the army. Now, the rest of you, follow me, It is time I discuss our plan of attack. I kind of left them hanging with all of the reeling thoughts. I’ll provide in detail how we should approach this. Everyone, follow me, it is time we arrange for Konoha’s first blow,” said The Hokage.

Next Time: Konoha Sets out for war in the morning, The 5th Shinobi War begins as Konoha’s Military Marches Forward.

-Background Information

Kato: He is the one and only son of Sai. He is 16 years old and is the spitting image of Sai from the current series of Naruto that is currently underway. He also dresses the same. Unlike his father was when he was younger, he is aware of his comrades emotions although, he gets nervous and apprehensive more so than usual. Though, he is extremely gifted for his age and just like Zig, he is the shine of his age group. Though, he is last years’ big shot, so he is a year above Zig’s class. He is also Jounin with a skill set similar to that of his father however, Kato is more specialized than his father was at his age, which makes him quite remarkable. Zig respects Kato for his strength though how Kato matches up with either Zig, or Hope in terms of skill level is yet to be determined.
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