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Re: The Case For ShinoHina

Suzumebachi Kamizuru summons Queen Bee and orders it to attack Hinata. She is thrown to the ground by the attack. Naruto runs in to help her, but Shino stops him. When Naruto is shocked that Shino stopped him, Shino says:

"Wait.. have faith in her." (English dub)
"Believe in her!" (English sub)

This is one of the ShinoHina "smoking guns" -- this shows just how much faith Shino has in Hinata and how much he wants her to shine. He wants Naruto to see what she can do, so that he can appreciate her as a well-trained, formidable kunoichi, rather than "the girl that the boy needs to save".

There is no reason why he would stop someone in his squad from aiding Hinata, simply to allow her to show everyone what she can do, if he cared about her solely as a teammate. The least this event indicates is that Hinata means a lot to him. Hinata, of course, then epically owns the bee.

The infamous NaruHina intruder does his thing and arrives first (before Kiba) when running to Hinata to make sure she's okay. This gives him a close view of what happens next -- Hinata blushes and nuzzles Naruto's arm. Poor Shino. Though, I think that while feelings of jealousy/sadness may disturb his hive while he watches this NaruHina moment, these negative feelings are being balanced out by feelings of great pride in Hinata.


Could Shino Aburame have a streak of dislike for Naruto because of Hinata's infatuation with him?

Throughout the Bikochu mission, Shino makes it very clear that he doesn't like working with Naruto Uzumaki. About three times, he says "Naruto -- I am the leader of this mission, and you will follow my orders" while getting in his face, and giving him a cold glare.

What's with his intense dislike for Naruto? Neither of them have interacted at all prior to this. Based on the other evidence of Shino's feelings, I feel that his dislike for Naruto stems from the fact that he is jealous over Hinata, and thus, he can't help but have his skin crawl when he is in Naruto's presence.

Naruto turns to Kiba, who is walking by, and says:

"Kiba.. how you put up with this weirdo is beyond me."

Kiba makes a comment that half agrees with Naruto:

"Yeah... you get used to it."

Hinata, however, says:

"I'm sure things will be great when you get to know him."

This is Hinata's way of stomping on this "Shino Bashing Party" and speaking in his defense, while simultaneously not upsetting her crush. She doesn't mumble or stutter at all when she says this, even though she's talking to Naruto. She wants the "Shino is okay, Naruto!" message to be heard.

Hinata and Shino: "I Like The Way You Think"

Shino and Hinata have many things in common. They are both quiet. They both appear to be quite kind. They are both considered 'weirdos' by others. Are they truly on the same wavelength? In battle, do their lines of thinking go along together or work well together?


In the Forest of Death, Kiba and Shino are having an argument over how to approach the situation:

"And now we're going to be the first ones to reach the tower!"

"Don't get overconfident. That's a dangerous mistake to make. No matter how small a bug is, it still has to guard itself at all times. We have to make sure that we don't encounter any enemies. That's the only way to be safe."

"Yeah, I know that, Shino, but as usual, you gotta say it in a weird, vague way. Bug nerd!"

(Shino growls and his eyes narrow -- you can tell because of the movement of the eyebrows)

"Yeah, but, Kiba.. What Shino said.. He does kind of have a point, you know."

"Yeah, I know, just come on!"

Hinata usually avoids taking sides in the arguments. She tries to be a pacifist who doesn't antagonize her friends. In the second stage of the Chuunin exams, Hinata wanted to cheer for Naruto, but didn't let herself cheer openly because she didn't want to hurt her friend Kiba by cheering for his enemy.

However, in an argument between Shino and Hinata, Hinata takes Shino's side.


A few seconds after the previous argument, Kiba detects enemies up ahead. Hinata confirms this and then Shino determines that there are six of them. Kiba wants to move in and steal other teams' scrolls in order to cut other teams out of the competition. Shino thinks this is a bad idea. Again, Hinata, though she isn't really able to get a word/sentence in, clearly takes Shino's side.

So, pacifist Hinata, who doesn't like to take sides in squad arguments, openly takes Shino's side twice in just a few minutes, even though she wouldn't even openly take sides when Kiba was fighting Naruto, who has been her crush since Day 1. Does this not indicate that Hinata's line of thinking works along with Shino's?

It's also interesting that after Kiba decides to move in, Shino says to Hinata:

"He's the kind of guy that even the hungriest insect would stay away from."

By complaining about Kiba to Hinata, he's clearly indicating that he feels she's someone he sees eye to eye with, and is thus 'on the same level' with him.

Other Hints

Hinata is perfecting Protective Eight-Trigrams, Sixty-Four Palms with her friends when the trio takes a lunch break. Kiba compliments her progress and then this exchange between Shino and Hinata takes place:

"I owe it all to you guys. It's so kind of you to help me train like this everyday."
"We're a team. When your comerade is in a fix, you offer a helping hand. It's only natural."
"Comrade, huh?"

"It's only natural" -- Do I sense defensiveness? "It's only natural! It doesn't mean anything, Hinata!"


After Hinata shows how worried she is about Naruto, and how much she wants to help him, Shino tells her and Kiba about the Bikochu beetle. Shino later admits that he wasn't crazy about the mission. If not, then why did he even bring it into the discussion?

He brought it into the discussion and signed onto it because of Hinata's feelings. Yet another indication that he cares about her.

Also: Look at how close Shino and Hinata are sitting together compared to where Kiba is. ^_^


"I wanted.. you to help me train"

When Hinata wanted to become stronger, she personally went to Shino, not Kiba or Kurenai, and asked him to help her. This proves that she has respect for his skills as a shinobi and feels quite close to him -- for, only those two things would result in her trusting him enough to personally go up to the stoic, somewhat intimidating bug-user and ask him to help her train.


After Hinata is kidnapped by the Kamizuru siblings, Naruto complains about having to give up the Bikochu, after all the trouble it took to get it. Shino then says:

"So, do you think we should desert Hinata?"

This causes a strong outburst from Naruto, who is backed up by Kiba. The viewer is doubtlessly saying "How could such a close friend of Hinata's talk of deserting her like that?" -- while Shino looks like he's being cold and thoughtless, a few seconds later, we find out that the opposite is true.

While it doubtlessly pains him to bring up the idea of putting the Bikochu first (Based on other events in the series), he is trying to do what she would have wanted. He tells them about how this mission was her idea, and he is unsure that she would want them to blow it for her.

Knowing that he cares for and believes in Hinata, it's also quite arguable that he's putting a lot of faith into Hinata with this thought. Perhaps he's thinking that she can handle herself. Regardless, by the end of the exchange, it's clear that he's not thoughtlessly putting the mission before her, but rather thinking about what she would want and trying to do it.


Explaining why this mission is important to him, Shino says:

"It's the first time Hinata has ever volunteered for a mission. For that reason as well, I want us to succeed here."

Shino again shows personal care for Hinata. He knows that if the first mission she ever volunteered for was a failure, it would hurt her confidence. Again, we see that she means a lot to him. No matter how you interpret this, it's clear that Shino is expressing care for Hinata.


Suzumebachi Kamizuru poses as Hinata. Both Kiba and Naruto fall for the trick. Shino realizes it though, noticing a difference in Hinata's personality:

"Shino, what are you talking about? That's Hinata, remember?"
"No, it's not. If it was, she would have gone red in the face and passed out after hugging you."

Shino seems annoyed while he says this. Either way, it's kind of an indication that Hinata and Shino are very close -- out of the three members of the squad, Shino was the only one who could tell a fake Hinata from the real McCoy.

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