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Re: The Case For ShinoHina

Arguments And Counter-Arguments

Argument: Shino only cares about Hinata as a friend -- that's it! He's an older brother to her!

Counter-Argument: Shino has shown many indications that he has feelings for her.

-Special faith in her which he, in many cases, tries to hide. If it was a sibling-style thing, why would he be embarrassed of specially caring about her success? Evidence of "Covert care" can be found in the aftermath of his fight with Zaku, where he addresses the message to both of them, but is clearly directing it at Hinata.

-Strong dislike/annoyance when it comes to Naruto Uzumaki, who Hinata has a crush on.

-Caving in when she really wants something, even if he feels it isn't the wisest move. If she was a simply a younger sister to him, he wouldn't always do this, especially if he felt that it wasn't tactically the best thing to do. He and Kiba felt that it would be better to take on missions that would help the village after the Sound/Sand invasion. When he saw how badly Hinata wanted to do something for Naruto, though, he caved in and brought up the Bikochu, and then got the word from Tsunade. Even though Shino seems like a bit of a by-the-book type, he makes it clear that one of the main reasons (if not the main reason) he's gone on this mission is Hinata.

-A surprising desire to get others to see that she's strong. Kiba behaves more like an older brother in the sense that he tries to get her to steer clear of situations where she might get hurt. Shino, on the other hand, wants everyone to see that she's strong enough to handle relatively sticky situations herself. When Naruto expressed concern for Hinata's safety, Shino told him that she's "stronger than you think". When the Queen Bee attacked Hinata and Naruto tried to intervene, Shino stopped him, because he wanted him to believe in Hinata. He wanted Hinata to have the opportunity to show how strong she had become.

-Many things that he has in common with her. Both are quiet, both are seen by people who don't know them as "dark weirdos", both are very kind, and both clearly have the same approach to many situations. Despite being a pacifist, Hinata took Shino's side twice in a few minutes during two arguments with Kiba. Shino showed signs that he felt like she and he were seeing eye to eye, and, in another arc, Shino encouraged her to voice her opinion and say what she wanted to say.

There is more I could post, but all of the above information (and by that, I mean everything in the thread) certainly does suggest that he has feelings for her.

Argument: Hinata's infatuation with Naruto is too extreme for her to be able to consider anyone else.

Counter-Argument: We don't know that, as we've never seen anyone else make any kind of move on Hinata. That is an assumption, and when it comes to Shino, it seems quite incorrect.

Hinata, knowing Shino's strength, was concerned for his safety when he went up against a guy who she thought had broken both of his arms. This wasn't out of lack of faith in Shino's abilities -- she knew how strong Shino was (and congratulated him after the match), so this must have been out of very deep care. You have to care about someone a lot to be worried about them when they're up against what you are presuming to be a guy who can't use his arms.

She defended Shino when Kiba called him "Bug nerd" during the beginning of the Chuunin exam and she defended him when Naruto said "How do you stand this guy, Kiba?" at the beginning of the Bikochu arc. When she felt that she needed to get stronger, she went up to Shino and asked him if he could personally help her train. It's clear that the two are very close and that she cares about him quite deeply.

It's also quite clear that Hinata's self-confidence is so low that one of her goals is to just be noticed and recognized by others. It's absolutely clear that, in addition to caring deeply for and feeling close to Shino, she also respects him as a very formidable shinobi. If she learned that someone like Shino Aburame had strong feelings for her, then it's safe to say that she would consider him. After all, the two are very close already, and she has shown signs that she cares about him.

Argument: They don't work well as a pair/couple at all.

Counter-Argument: Actually, they have plenty in common. Both are quiet, both are seen by others as 'shy, dark weirdos', both are kind and humane, and both respect one another very much.

Shino appears to have recognized Hinata's confidence problem. He has no known goals or dreams in the series. At this point, from what we've seen, his goal appears to be to bring Hinata to her full potential and make her an excellent kunoichi. He also wants others to recognize Hinata for her strength. Hinata's goal is to be recognized and become a stronger person. Hinata and Shino have the exact same goal, and it's a non-competitive one.

Hinata and Shino see eye to eye on the battlefield, as well. Hinata prefers Shino's "Stop And Think" approach over Kiba's reckless "Everybody Start Kung Fu Fighting" approach, as can be seen in Episode 37 and can be seen in her personality. This is interesting, because Kiba's approach is more-or-less the same approach Naruto takes when tackling most battle situations. This means that, if on the battlefield with him enough, Hinata might not always see eye to eye with her crush when it comes to tactics/strategy.

Argument: You just hate NaruHina because it's a popular pairing. You're one of those people who always tries to be different by going for the weird ones.

Counter-Argument: No I don't. I can support NaruHina -- I'd just rather see ShinoHina. I think it's a better pairing. If I was 'trying to be different', I'd have picked a crack pairing that has nothing behind it and no chance of ever becoming canon -- for example, ItachixHinata or LeexHinata. This argument is coming from someone who feels a strong attachment to both Shino and Hinata, and cares about those characters. I'm not saying that because I think it gives my opinion more validity, but because it shows that I only have the characters' best interests at heart! ^_^


When I wrote this, I was not aiming to attack those who like NaruHina or KibaHina. I understand that those, being the #1 and #2 Hinata pairings, took a few shots in this post (Especially KibaHina). I don't mean to be a pairing basher or anything -- I was just trying to make my point.

After reading this, I think anyone who didn't become a full-fledged or kind-of supporter of ShinoHina would at least conclude that ShinoHina is good and is not a 'crack pairing'.

ShinoXHinata FTW.

P.S: This is the fanfic that first got me thinking along the lines of "ShinoHina is awesome":

Read her sequel too, though she hasn't updated that in a long time.


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