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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
This is exactly why democracy sucks. If you were sick as fuck (Like near death, House patient sick.) you wouldn't ask the general population to vote on how to treat you (Come to think of it, I think one of the recent house episodes had someone do just that. And he almost died. Then house saved him via email or some shit in between eating icecream and watching tv, lololol). You'd go see some doctors. Specialists who know what the fuck they're doing. Not people who don't know shit. You'd do that for anything, even if it wasn't something serious like you dying. If my shitter was fucked up I'd ask someone who knows shit about toilets, not just a bunch of random people. Everyone would. Because polling a bunch of people who don't know shit is stupid, and everyone knows it. .
but what if the specialist/guy that knows shit... took advantage of your ignorance and make you buy the toilet you dont really need in order to make profit. or the doctor that might suggest surgery when you dont necessarily need it on order for him to make profit.
like a fatass at work (he's kinda tall but fat )he's like 300 pounds or so and his like 20 or something like that... the doctor suggested him gastric bypass (the same doctor wus gonna perform the surgery) now this guy doesnt exercise at all and i dont think he tries any diets... he is perfectly healty(meaning no high blood pressure/cholesterol/no diabetes) So instead of suggesting him to exercise idk maybe give him some prescription drugs, to enhance his metabolism or for him to lose appetite... he tells him to go for surgery. cuz he has good insurance abviously..

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