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Re: The Kennedy Assasination

I saw a documentary on The History Channel that explained that "magic bullet" pretty well. The two were certainly in the right postitions for the bullet to pierce them where it did. The bullet actually was damaged, dispite what people say.
The History Channel is part of the corporate media, and can thus be expected to try to whitewash the assassination. In fact, the History Channel is owned by A&E, which is owned by Hearst Corporation. The Hearst Corporation is ruled by members of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), a Vatican military order that has been called "the Pope's militia". A&E is also owned by Disney, which was founded by high-level Freemason Walt Disney and Vatican Knight Roy Disney -- since 1996, a Jesuit priest has been on it's board. A&E's minority owner is NBC Universal, which is owned by a defense contractor and which tried it's hardest to ruin Jim Garrison's investigation into the assassination.

The bullet was, indeed, damaged -- however, that damage was only some protrusion at the base, which is typical for a bullet that goes through anything. However, any bullet that goes through even one bone, let alone the amount that the "magic bullet" went through, should be very visibly deformed. Tests have been done by a number of experts to prove this:

Not to mention:
-The bullet had no blood on it.
-The bullet was found on a stretcher that had no connection to the shooting.

In comparison to the small bits of evidence that is somewhat shady, there's much more evidence to prove that Kennedy was shot by Oswald.
I disagree -- I believe that you'll find that the mass majority of the evidence indicates a conspiracy. For example, every doctor that examined Kennedy's head in Dallas says that there was a large exit hole in the back of his head, indicating a shot from the front. Furthermore, dozens of witnesses place the shots as coming from the Grassy Knoll area, where audio tests conducted by the HSCA would lead them to conclude that, "with a probability of 95%", there was a shot from the Grassy Knoll area.

"Crossfire: The Plot To Kill Kennedy" by Jim Marrs
"On The Trail Of The Assassins" by Jim Garrison

Even if you don't focus on the technical aspects of where the shots came from, the evidence still shows that the assassination was a conspiracy. Lee Oswald was a CIA operative (Now proven with declassified documents) and an FBI informant. He was seen by numerous witnesses in Clinton, Louisiana with David Ferrie (CIA Pilot, Former Catholic Priest, Jesuit-trained) and Clay Shaw (CIA/OSS Officer, Knight of Malta) -- Clay Shaw would later testify that he had known neither man, despite the fact that he had been seen handing Oswald a roll of money in a covert setting.

Many interesting clips on the assassination can be seen here:

Simulations have been done that prove that Oswald was in the right place to shoot the president the way he did.
Simulations don't prove anything. I could make a simulation showing that a man on the Grassy Knoll shooting Kennedy, or a Wookie shooting Kennedy from the sewer drain.

The bullet has traces that match traces from his rifle,
The rifle he ordered was shorter than the rifle that was actually found in the Depository, so there's already a problem there.

and Oswald was a pretty good shot.
Not according to Nelson Delgado, who was in the military with Oswald. He testified that Oswald was a bad shot, and when asked by Mark Lane, he said that he felt that the government didn't want him to talk about that during his testimony.

But based on the documentary I saw, the only thing that fuels this conspiracy theory are false statements (from a movie, in fact) and the assumption that the government could possibly be withholding information on the subject.
There is far more evidence than that.

I could look up that documentary I saw, and search its sources. I would say it most likely has valid sources, because if they didn't, they would be cut to ribbons by conspiracy theorists.
The History Channel documentary, the Peter Jennings documentary, and countless others have, indeed, been debunked.

Oops, found a nice site that debunks misconceptions on the Kennedy Assasination.
That site is run by John A. McAdams, a professor at the Jesuit university of Wisconsin. McAdams has ties to covert intelligence programs. He is known for insulting people who disagree with him and, in one case, sending one of his debating opponents a computer virus.

Also, he has been debunked many times. Here's L. Fletcher Prouty's debunking:

I saw this documentary as well. It explained as Ninja48 said the "magic bullet" and the other aspects that pretty much shot down the fact that the Kennedy Assasination was a conspiracy. While I can't change opinions, I believe there was no consipracy.
That documentary has been debunked, so please reconsider. Perhaps you should check this out:

And even if (big if) Oswald shot Kennedy, it doesn't mean that the military/intelligence agencies weren't involved. There is tons of evidence to indicate that Oswald maintained a close relationship with the CIA all throughout his life, and declassified documents reveal that he actually was CIA for a time.

Also, the technical issues have nothing to do with Israeli involvement, Clay Shaw, Jack Ruby, or other very interesting pieces of the puzzle.

There is no "magic bullet".
"Stretcher bullet", "Single bullet", "Second bullet" -- whatever you want to call it. The fact remains that the evidence shows that it didn't cause all of the non-fatal wounds in Kennedy and Connally.

^Nyyyyope, that really wasn't true. The bullet was still damaged. And still, lead samples from Oswalds rifle and the bullet matched.
The bullet wasn't damaged nearly enough. It had some protrusion at the base (Which is what the History Channel rails on about), but it didn't come close to what bullets that even go through one bone look like.

Further, that the "stretcher bullet" matched the rifle is a moot point. The evidence shows that the "stretcher bullet" was planted. It was found on a stretcher completely unrelated to the case, even though the government has always tried to convince us that it was found on Connally's stretcher.

lee harvey was a very skilled marksmen to hit kennedy twice on a moving target. but hes a bad guy.
However, Nelson Delgado was in the military with him and says that he was a terrible marksman. So we have to doubt the idea that Oswald shot Kennedy.

Lol. Well, I bet they have records of him buying the rifle he used.
Even if he bought the rifle that was used, it doesn't prove that he committed the crime. Further, the bullet that "traces back to the rifle" appears to have been planted. Further, the rifle he ordered was significantly longer than the rifle found in the Depository, throwing doubt on the idea that he bought the rifle that was found at all.

Witnesses saw him shoot from where he shot from.
Witnesses saw more than one person shooting from the Depository. One of them was described as overweight (Oswald was skinny) and the other was described as dark-skinned (Oswald was white).

We will never know, Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by a local bar owner when he was being taken into custody.
What's interesting is that the bar owner in question, Jack Ruby, has ties to the CIA, FBI, Mafia, Dallas Police, and to Israeli Intelligence. Quite a lot of connections for your everyday night club owner, wouldn't you say?

Also -- Ruby said that he had acted on the behalf of "high level people" who would "never let the true facts [of the assassination] come above boards to the world". He wrote a letter saying that he had been injected with cancer cells -- he later died in prison of a very unusual cancer.

he is now dead, and rotten in his grave, why would I care whoi killed him
Because if the US Military Command and Intelligence Community got away with it, then it has enormous implications for freedom/democracy in the country you're living in.

Kennedy was killed by some asshole who didn't like a good president.
Many assholes. Those would include:
Secret Service
US Military
Dallas Police Department
Dallas City Elite
Top-level elite circles/Illuminati

They didn't like him because:
-He tried to end their war in Vietnam
-He tried to weaken their CIA
-He tried to weaken their Federal Reserve Bank
-He made speeches revealing the existence of the Illuminati

It's Gon Rain!

Truth about 9/11
The attacks were an 'inside job':
The TV footage is fake:
The Military used hi-tech weapons to destroy the Towers:
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