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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

there were no planes? wow. so all media who covered the story is part of the conspiracy now eh? this is plain stupid...
No it isn't. Military-media cooperation has a long history in covert operations going back to the JFK Assassination in Dallas. At this point, an informed studenf of history cannot conclude that the mainstream newsmedia is anything more than a subsidiary of the military/intelligence propaganda machine.

suddenly, all eye witness accounts,
I said earlier:

-The majority of witnesses on the ground did not hear/see airplanes.

Only after everyone had been shown fake videos over and over again, did people start "remembering" that the "object" they saw hit the building was an airplane.

Of the small percentage of witnesses who reported an airplane before the videos were pumped into everyone's face, most of them have newsmedia/military connections. The "on-site interviews" in New York reeked of being staged for the camera (I can provide evidence/examples of this).

phone calls from the victims
The cell phone calls are fake. They could not have happened aboard the planes. Experiments have been done to prove conclusively that calls cannot be made from that kind of altitude using cell phones. A Canadian scientist named A.K. Dewdney tried it himself. See his amazing findings:

The altitude problem would be especially bad with a rural area like Pennsylvania, which is where Flight 93 supposedly crashed, and Flight 93 had the most supposed cell phone calls coming from it.

Furthermore, there are discrepancies with many of the calls.

-It's hard to believe that Todd "Let's Roll!" Beamer, the religious family man that he was, would spend the last moments of his life on the line with a Verizon operator, rather than with his pregnant wife. He also says that 27 passengers were sent to the back of the plane -- why would he use such an exact number? Did he count them?

-Mark Bingham called his mother and addressed himself as "Mark Bingham" (Full name with his mother??), then said that there were 3 hijackers aboard the plane -- officially, there were 4 on his plane!

-Tom Burnett told his wife that the hijackers were hitting targets all along the east coast, despite the fact that only the Towers had been hit. He also said that they were taking a vote on whether to take back the plane or not. Since the hijackers were keeping them prodded back, we're to believe that they took a vote without being heard by them?

-Sandy Bradshaw told her husband that her plane had been hijacked by three men with knives. None of the planes officially had three hijackers. She also said she was boiling pitchers of water. How the heck could she do that with the hijackers keeping everyone prodded back? They wouldn't notice her? And since when do airplanes have stove tops?

-Louis Nacke supposedly called from the plane and left a message on his wife's answering machine. Instead of saying anything, there was just a noise and a click. Are we to believe that Nacke simply dismissed this opportunity to say goodbye to his wife?

-CeeCee Lyles called her husband and said that there were three guys on her plane, though officially there were four. Lyles was a police officer, and thus, a trained observer. Her husband could here men in the background planning a counter-attack -- why couldn't the hijackers hear this if they were keeping them prodded back? Also, why does a voice say "You Did Great" in the background before Lyles shuts off her phone?

-Renee Ann May called her husband (Who works for Walter Reed Army Medical Center) and told him that there were six hijackers on her plane, yet officially, there were only 5.

-Betty Ong, a trained long-time flight attendant, first identified her plane (Flight 11) to Air Traffic Control as "Flight 12". She also remained calm, even though she said that they were spraying mace at them. You cannot speak in a calm voice if you are in an area where Mace is being sprayed. She gave the seat number of one of the hijackers, but it was a seat that none of them were sitting at. The man who was sitting in that seat, Daniel Lewin, was an elite Israeli military commando who spoke Arab.

-Barbara Olson allegedly called her husband with a cell phone, yet he says she called collect. Both of these explanations don't make any sense, since phone lines in that area were jammed (cellular and landlines).

-Madeline Sweeney, a longtime flight attendant, supposedly cried out "I see buildings! I see water! Oh my God!" when she saw New York City -- are we supposed to believe that an experienced flight attendant didn't recognize Manhattan?

and media coverage of a plane crashing into the buildings lose credibility
Of course they do. They were very fake. Please check out September Clues:

just to further this stupid conspiracy theory...
No, just to further where the evidence leads us. If the evidence leads us to no planes, then it's leading us there because that's the truth, not because the evidence itself has some kind of "conspiracy-promoting" agenda.

another stupidity is when US throws out billions of dollars to research and create HITECH weaponry which will destroy their center of economy for what?
Since the Twin Towers were hit early and the vast majority of the financial/trades folks were left unharmed, it was not that big a blow to the economy. In fact, the buildings were seen as white elephants -- poorly-designed money losers. They had wanted to demolish them, but the arguments were that it would have cost too much to remove the asbestos in a safe manner.

And I follow the evidence. That evidence has led me to believe advanced weaponry was used in New York that day.

to have more funds allocated into war.
Indeed, the defense industry got $$$ and the military budget soared.

HAHAHA jokers nowadays... US didn't gain anything from that attack for Christ's sake. That attack fueled war, which fueled the economic meltdown, which caused more hardships for the people...
Maybe the US people didn't, but the US Government certainly did. Let's do the rundown, shall we?

-There exists a neo-conservative think-tank called the Project for A New American Century (PNAC). Eighteen members of the PNAC organization urged Clinton to go to war with Iraq in 1998. When Bush came into power, 10 of those 18 became key members of his administration. This included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Zalmay Khalilzad, and Lewis Libby.

-When Bush came into office, he had plans to invade Iraq. This would have been politically impossible without 9/11, so his plans indicate that he knew that something would happen to justify the war. Similarly, in July 2001 (Two months before 9/11), the Bush Administration scheduled the date they would invade Afghanistan as "October 2001" (One month after 9/11) -- though, the war there would have been politically impossible without 9/11. How did they know, two months before 9/11, that something would happen before October that would make the Afghanistan War politically possible?

-Three days after 9/11, CFR member Gary Hart (Who had told Condi Rice of an impending attack six days before 9/11) said that the attacks give Bush a chance to carry out a "new world order".

-The USA PATRIOT Act had 11,000 pages of legislation and was introduced 11 days after 9/11. It is impossible to write 11,000 pages of legislation in 11 days, so it had to have been pre-written. A month and a half later, this horrifying piece of legislation was passed.

-The attacks cleared the way for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the removal of a number of civil liberties. The US now ranks 17th in Freedom Of The Press, largely due to 9/11.

-Bush's approval rating soared after 9/11.

-PNAC (The think-tank that urged Clinton to invade Iraq in 1998) released a report called "Rebuilding America's Defenses" in September 2000. This report expressed hope for a "New Pearl Harbor", as it felt that such an event would boost the military budget.

-Donald Rumsfeld announced that the DOD couldn't track $2.3 trillion on September 10th, 2001. Normally, this would have caused an uproar, but it was completely forgotten after 9/11. Furthermore, the section of the Pentagon that was hit contained key budget information and the offices of bookkeepers, civilians, and accountants who would have been tasked with following the money. The comptroller for the Pentagon (and thus, the man at the top of the "Missing Trillions" scandal) was Dov S. Zakheim, a member of PNAC who had signed the "Rebuilding America's Defenses" document (the one that expressed hope for a "New Pearl Harbor").

-Both the Iraq/Afghanistan wars were extremely beneficial to the energy lobby. Iraq, for oil reasons, and Afghanistan, for reasons relating to the pipeline.

-Dick Cheney (US Vice President on 9/11, Freemason, CFR member) was in control of the wargames on 9/11. He was also in a position to halt US fighter response (and US fighter response obviously was halted). Cheney was formerly the CEO of Halliburton, an oil/defense giant that made massive profits from 9/11. Halliburton was still paying Cheney well into the Bush-Cheney years.

Also, the simple fact is that the elite wanted a huge, massive, horrible event. They needed one to direct the flock in the direction they wanted them to move towards.

A list of quotes clearly shows that this is what they were hoping for:

generally, these theories are idiotic and is aimed only to breed distrust on the government.
That's a dangerously narrow-minded generalization.

It's Gon Rain!

Truth about 9/11
The attacks were an 'inside job':
The TV footage is fake:
The Military used hi-tech weapons to destroy the Towers:

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