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Re: 469 prediction/spoiler

Hah. Yeah Sakura's going suiton next chapter. Probably going to be something along the lines of: QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ NARUTO SASUKE QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ LEAVE HIM QQQQQQQQQQQ

Anyway. When watching that panel with Naruto pondering about making it's duration longer without Kage Bunshin(or at least from what we saw, the only way to keep SM longer would be to gather more NE... Meaning you need more chakra to balance it... I can only see one way for him to get more chakra... and it'd be to throw some Kyuubi chakra in the mix. At least that'd be my theory.

On the troll side, I really hope Kishi doesn't pull a DBZ and have Naruto stay SM forever so he gets used to it... so when he really goes SM he's stronger... I'll be really pissed off if he does that, even though a permanent SM would be some kind of Uchihax power-up for Naruto, lol.

But one thing's for sure, he won't be killing much with 5 minutes duration SM. It's way too short. Also, no manga next week is what I'm getting from the last page... how deceiptful. I just didn't like what it said: "Next issue, Naruto will be taking a break so that the author can collect data." What the hell? You mean read fan-fics and pick the best one? Is that what he means by collecting data?

Aside from that I hope Danzou gets disowned before he steps back in Konoha. I'd love to see him in jail. :>
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