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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

On top of Miburo's above TRUTH:

Originally Posted by Gansta_Ninja View Post
There's a conspiracy here and it's towering! I support the following dumb-ass theories:

1.) The Color of Flames

If you look closely, when the airplane hit the tower it created a fire ball of Red-Orange flames. The same type of flame can been seen burning till the towers collapsed. Under open and uncontrolled environment it would be impossible for any flames to reach the melting point of steel. It requires at least a propane blowtorch to cut the WTC steel frames.
Flawed2THEMAX, yo. The existence of one degree of flames does not mean no other flames existed, as will be explained in this counter example:
If I cannot see something, it does not exist.
I cannot see air.
Therefore, air does not exist.

Originally Posted by Gansta_Ninja View Post
2.) Use of Demolition charges

Once again, it makes me wonder. Why the whole building including the 14 inch thick steel core reduced into rubble. The Plane struck the higher floor of the building. Even if there was a structural failure above, the remaining layers would withstands the load. What force brought the tower down in a merely free fall of 10 seconds.
See below to understand why claiming the towers fell in 10 seconds is stupid.
The lower floors did put up some resistance, but each floor weighed ~4,090,909kg, without taking into account the contents of the buildings. Each additional floor that collapsed added another 4M kg. Merely half way down the tower there would be almost 220,000,000kg coming down. Each floor's maximum load was ~2,000,000kg (100lbs/sqft, 208ftx208ft), so even one floor collapsing would have been enough. However, the collapse started ~15 floors down, dropping ~ 60,000,000kg on the next floor. It shouldn't be surprising that a floor designed to support 2,000,000kg collapsed almost instantly under 60,000,000kg.

Originally Posted by Gansta_Ninja View Post
By the looks of it, all the supports beams and frames have given way at the same time. Any structural engineering will tell you that the lower floors would at least give some resistance, but in this case we don't see any resistance from the undamaged floors. Expert says if your are at top of the WTC and you throw a ball below. It will reach the grown at free fall time of 9-10 seconds. Strange isn't it?
What's strange is that people believe the towers collapsed in 10 seconds. Most counters are stopped just after the 10 second mark, which is when the outer columns hit the ground. These same outer columns and other large debris can earlier be seen (in free fall) falling much faster than the rest of the building. Another 40 stories of the building is still standing behind the debris cloud.

The building, in free fall, would collapse in:

t = (2d/a)^1/2
t = (834m/9.8m/s^2)^1/2
t = 9.23s
And it's speed at this point would be approximately:

v = at
v = (9.8m/s^2 x 9.23s) = 90.4m/s
Just one second later and the building would have fallen almost 1/4 of it's total height. The actual time of the collapse is closer to 13 seconds. Had the the towers been in free fall for this duration of time, they would have fallen 150% farther than they actually did.
They collapsed at significantly less than free fall speeds.

Originally Posted by Gansta_Ninja View Post
The videos itself hold the evidence we need. You will see the outer layers of the building blown to bits, also metal beams flew several meters from WTC. What force made all these? By the way, I suggest everyone to watch some videos of controlled demolition and compare it to WTC.
Funny you should bring up videos of controlled demolitions. When did you last see a video of a controlled demolition that blew apart the "outer layers" and sent metal beams flying several meters away?

“It [the J.L. Hudson building] took us 24 days with 12 people doing nothing but loading explosives…” James Santoro – Controlled Demolition Incorporated"
24 days. Each tower is ~3 times the size of the J.L. Hudson. If these buildings were to be filled with explosives, and we assume the crews were equally competent, it would have taken over 430 people to do in the 5 days claimed by Loose change. And that is even without the worry of secrecy, which would have greatly increased the time required.
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