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Talking Re: Which hidden village is the weakest?

Originally Posted by Silverblade View Post
Leaf Village is the weakest.

Say shinobi like Naruto, Sasuke, etc.. The only twelve genin who show chuunin skills+ they are only good. :\

They couldn't even handle Orochimaru, Kyuubi and Pain.

Let Orochimaru go to the Tsuchikage he would get obliterated
Let Orochimaru go to the Raikage he would be the slinky in the ninja world
Let Orochimaru go to the Mizukage he would be snake juice

The Kyuubi attacks. Of course someone is going to seal it. Big deal.

Now for Pain.

Pain vs The whole village

Tsuchikage and his rock goons wouldn't let this guy blow the village up. Simple.
Raikage+Darui+Shii+Team Samui+Killerbee would steamroll the guy.

But he would get pwned if it was alone.

Mizukage+One of the seven swordsmen+Ao and Chojiro could put up a fight.

Naruto is stronger than them all.

Only Naruto, Hashirama, Madara, Jiraiya, Shino, Minato and Sarutobi was Konoha strongest. F**k Sasuke, etc.

You know what would be awesome? If Gaara made the sand outside of the village come alive and steamroll trespassers.

Sand is not weak. - Something about these guys....

Rock is not weak. - Gave Konoha so much trouble during ninja wars.

Mist is not weak. - Seven swordsmen, etc. bad ass ninjas. (They would Make TenTen more maniler than Zabuza.)

Cloud is not weak. - Raikage uses his brain more than the other kages.
WHAT...... the hell you been smoking no kage of today could beat pain and you got to be a shino bug lover to ever put him wit that list come on neji b4 shino and please armaresu or what ever its call and no more bugs he has no speed and we have never seen no hand to hand combat from shino so get out of here with that dude.and what about kakashi come on he's better then his dad and his dad had sunin status.and his techer was the 4th. And are u talking bout old seven swordsman or new one from wat I got is most of the old one left or broke up after shark face and zabaza left.becuz then u have to put itachi and shisu in there who were the strongest uchiha of there time so please kohona not weak I would say sand.
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