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Exclamation Sexual Intercourse Contest

A New Contest

Originally, the idea for this competition came from SMBC, a seriously funny web comic.

A few rounds of it were played by some NCF members and it was a blast... So let's play for keeps: The winner of this contest gets to ban whomever they would like for one week. Really, anybody. You can even ban mods+ (although be warned that banning an admin will have no effect since they can still get on). Anyone caught creating a duplicate account after being banned for this game will get a REAL banning from the mod team (all normal duplicate account rules apply).

The setup:

There will be several rounds of this game but they all follow a few basic principles. There will be a list of 10 starting points on Wikipedia (compiled by yours truly). At each starting point, you have to click on one of the links on that page and somehow make your way to the Sexual Intercourse page. (Not the Sex page, the Sexual Intercourse page.)

You will create a link chain from each one looking something like this:

Casper the Friendly Ghost
> Hilary Duff > Virginity > Sexual intercourse.

To clarify, that would be 3 clicks.

The 5 people who submit correct, full chains with the least amount of clicks (total) will move on into the next round. Subsequent rounds will be held until there is only one winner. The winner will then tell me who they want banned and will also get some kind of banner or something to put in their signature.

Submission guidelines:

1) This thread is ONLY for questions / chat about the contest. In order to enter it you must send me a PM with an answer to all of the questions. Make the title of the thread "Sexual Intercourse Entry" or else you will be disqualified. (This is just to make sure you can frickin' read.)

2) You MUST cite your chain, you cannot simply just tell me what it is. (Ex: You can't just say Chewbacca -> Fur Suit -> Furries -> Sexual Intercourse. You have to link to each Wikipedia article and, if you believe I might have trouble finding where you clicked it, give a little footnote as well.)

3) You cannot share answers with anyone else. I understand that people might have similar paths (there can only BE so many) but this is a personal contest. There is no group entry, you have to figure this stuff out on your own.

4) Once the links are posted here (on October 25th) you will have 24 hours before the first round of the contest ends. This is just the preliminary round so you have a rather long time - but future ones will start getting exponentially shorter. Time is of the essence.

Now some of you might be worried about our typical pornography rules. After all, a lot of the stuff having to do with sexual intercourse is somewhat explicit material. HOWEVER - these are Wikipedia articles that we are linking to (educational pages) for a game's purpose. Additionally, this is why you are PMing the answers to me and not posting them in this thread (plus you don't want to help anyone). Any other questions / comments? Feel free to post them here.
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