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Re: Itachi's Gift

since we're talking about Itachi's gifts let me mention a completely random thought that came to my head the other day.

Itachi's gift to Kakashi !!!

By the time naruto started Itachi had all but Grown up, i mean once he started teaching Sasuke he should have reached his peak right?
but yet since then we've seen his chakra capacity grow, (he can do more chidori's for one) and plus his ms kamui that he got later.

well now that we know Itachi was a good guy let me take you back to that lovely day that he was introduced to us...when he first fought kakashi and trapped him tsukoyomi.
kakashi himself said that Itachi could have finished him off in Tsukoyomi and was surprised that he hadn't.

so what i'm saying is that itachi gave kakashi either on purpose or by accident (on purpose i'd like to think) gave kakashi more chakra (or more stamina to be precise) or maybe helped him to use his sharingan more effectively so he didn't use as much chakra as he originally used to.
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