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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

Originally Posted by mewmew View Post
So where's the facts? you claim your refusal to believe in an official FEMA report to be fact, you must be joking.
Inconclusive pictures are not facts if not assessed by true experts in their field. Selective presentation of evidence is not fact, it is only a subjective angle in a story.

Let me tell you a joke:

Open fires melts steel is a joke! Free fall collapse of the a hundred storey building is a joke.

The presentation is the remaining evidence of what happened that day. All relates to the collapse of the WTC. Here’s another fact:

See how fast the WTC collapse, it was half its height and the debris hasn’t reach the ground.

The seismic activity during the collapse (supported by Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, New York) .. you can call their office if you doubt my data - +1 845-359-2900

Originally Posted by mewmew View Post
also NITC, with assistance from ASCE, SFPE, NFPA, AISC, CTBUH and SEAoNY along with other independent investigative firms, indidual experts in logistics/ explosives have thoroughly disproved the controlled explosives "theory" of the WTC buildings collapse. if you've read enough from your source, maybe you should try reading up on the studies of these institutions on the 9/11 collapse.
Have you read their report? Or you were just told? Can please present an official report of your so-called reliable sources.

Originally Posted by mewmew View Post
And please, stop treating your evidence as "legitimate" science which makes you look all the more stupid, as it clearly shows that your theory was presented at a reverse scientific method (hypothesis built around a conclusion).
Where’s my illegitimate science? I presented the properties of steel and types of flames. Just pure layman terms for the public to understand.

Originally Posted by mewmew View Post
EMRTC tested the thermite theory thoroughly by applying it on a smaller column than those found on the WTC. It didn't even melt the smaller column. Also, for the thermite to be efficient, the entire column, should be surrounded by thermite. that means parts of the columns exposed to the people should also be rigged with thermite, and parts that are outside the building of WTC 7 should be rigged too which means that if thermite was really in the WTC 7 and twin towers exterior, it would really look like a controlled fireworks display from a witnesses perspective, which as expected nobody saw such a thing.
Any links or photos for me view their experiment? Like I said, I was a combination of Explosives and Thermite. Nobody saw it of course, that’s why this is called 911 Conspiracy.

Did you know what happened to the WTC lobby? The planes crashed on higher floor, but the lobby was also devastated by an unknown explosion.

I can give you a list of survivors who were employees of the building. They were the ones who heard the explosion at the basement. They were the ones who revealed that Bomb Sniffing Dogs have been removed weeks prior to the attack.

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