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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

Originally Posted by mewmew View Post
according to Stuart Vyse, a professor of psychology, "How many hundreds of people would you need to acquire the explosives, plant them in the buildings, arrange for the airplanes to crash and, perhaps most implausibly of all, never breathe a single word of this conspiracy?" His clearly wants to point out in this statement which is an excerpt from a study of individuality, that the more people involved in a secret, the greater the probability it will be told. Which means a conspiracy plot involving hundreds of thousands of people, wherein none of those people will utter a word about the ploy, is impossible unless they possess hive mentality which is uninfluenced by the environment (or all these hundreds of thousands of people are being mind-controlled, which is rather a joke.)
Psychology professor who is well verse in explosives and building collapse. Come on!

Let me give you what a true expert tells:

The WTC Building 7

Building 7 suffered an impulsion collapse starting from the central column. Just like during controlled demolition.

WTC 7, a 40 storey building folded neatly in just a matter of six and half seconds, a text book decent right to its footprint.
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