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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

Psychology professor who is well verse in explosives and building collapse. Come on!
The guy was talking about the psychology of conspiracy, and he wasn't debunking the bombs but the "theory" that a hundred thousand people conspired without any of these people speaking about it. it seemed you have lost all common sense though. major LOL for you there. You haven't even answered any of my arguments, such as why you treat your non-belief in the FEMA report as a fact that should be treated as science.

Have you read their report? Or you were just told? Can please present an official report of your so-called reliable sources.
Dude, I've read the reports of NITC and EMRTC but you're too stupid to understand so i won't bother posting it here, since everybody else in here, aside from you and the "no plane" guy have read it and accepted it. You're already way into your dreamworld you won't believe what you see in front of your eyes.

Where’s my illegitimate science? I presented the properties of steel and types of flames. Just pure layman terms for the public to understand.

You call that legitimate science? LOLOLOLOL

This is called legitimate science:

HYPOTHESIS: What would happen if a plane crashes onto a building?
then theories are tested, then conclusions arrive last.

this is illegitimate science:

CONCLUSION: Powerful people blew-up the WTC buildings; it was all a conspiracy.
HYPOTHESIS: they used powerful state of the art bombs which can cut columns perfectly diagonal, the planes were a cover up lolololol. seismic activity BLAH BLAH thermite BLAH BLAH BLAH color of fire should be this colorBLAH BLAH BLAH

you already drew up on a conclusion with your funny evidence and you dared call that science? that's pseudoscience. Alex Jones, the radio tabloid guy?... lol. that's your explosives/engineering expert? very very big lol. dude, just beyond this, i don't have anything to say but you've been DUPED big time! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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