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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

The same visible explosion during controlled demolition:

The WTC was a multi storey office building, but you’ll never see even a single chair or desk among the rubble. And paper were scattered all over New York, a typical pancake collapse would trap its contents.

Final conclusion: The WTC collapse was an art of perfect controlled demolition

Originally Posted by mewmew View Post
Your illegitimate science is showing a photo of a beam cut during the clean up operation and claiming it was "melted" by thermite. Melted to a perfect angle.
FYI, there were no steel core left standing during the clean up operation. The photo was taken right after the collapse. Demolition shaped charge can also cut steel perfectly at this angle.

You guys claimed that you understand Logic better, and then what’s the logic or reason of taking the photo? Would it be too peculiar for the clean up crew to take pictures of the beams?

If there were Steel Core left standing, I would never even bother to get involve in this debate.

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