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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

I’ve given and presented the answers already, FEMA’s report of fire causing the collapse even negated by your colleagues Mal and Miburo. Both of the gentlemen agreed that it was the Plane Crashed that took the towers down. Suggesting that the intense impact rocked the entire steel structure down to its very core.

FEMA’s report is loaded with goat feces; they were saying that the open fires of WTC were somehow similar to the conditions experience at the blast furnace.
Dude, do you know how to read?? LOLOLOLOL. When did they agree with you? This shit is getting funnier all the time. your reading comprehension is total fail dude. Who said that the FEMA report, which was conducted by independent expert agencies, was shit again? You. So you've matched their testing equipment, manpower, decades of knowledge, objectiveness in ya? Nah, you're just a guy with a conclusion.

I hope this serves as a warning to all people who read this. Alex Jones is no expert in explosives or engineering or politics or shit LOL. The guy makes a living creating "conspiracy theories" for his radio show and for print media. He creates distrust against the US among his target market. Gullible people believes him, then buys his books, listens/watches his films. If he sees that he's gathered enough "followers" who mutually distrust all policies of the government, he grabs that opportunity. He even tried to run for congress "to guard the government from the inside". Too bad, he backed out of the polls cos there were too few idiots who believed in him in their district. How difficult is it to read somebody who's as opportunistic as this idiot? The guy even believes that all the US presidents were chosen by a NWO organization shit who owns the whole world. So that's the proponent of your theory? A guy who believed half of the world is conspiring against him? major LOL for that.

Stop reading Jones' fiction and start reading real stuff.
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