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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

Just a recap…..

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Like I said earlier, it doesn't matter since steel melting =/= structural failure. I think that perhaps the differences in building size and structure might have been a factor. And the fact that the Windsor Building wasn't hit by MASSIVE FUCKING PLANES could have played a role as well.
We have a gentleman here, who claims that is not claiming anything throughout this debate. As quoted above, he clearly claimed that the plane crash played a major role for the WTC collapse and not the fire as FEMA reported. Miburo pretends to be neutral, but his one sided arguments and his so-called logical explanations will immediately tells you that there was no 911 Conspiracy.

Solving conspiracies isn’t the domain of the Philosophers and Psychologist. This is the battle ground of structural engineers, architects, chemist and physicist. Where everything must be put into consideration; from WTC design to withstand hurricane winds and airplane crashes, fundamentals on building collapse, properties of flame and steel and even demolition aftermaths.

Everything must be taken into accounts before you can give a strong logical explanation of what happened at WTC Towers and WTC 7. As for Miburo, I believe he want to be considered as a mere logical spectator who happens to be skeptical and nothing more.

Mibs, if you want to play safe, you better spectate outside the ring. Also, I asked Miburo if he can travel through a close door as fast as with an open door; he logically answered:

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
If the person had the right amount of mass and force behind him, yes.
Please Mibs don’t use your head literally to open a door.

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
"Smoking" fires couldn't have reached those temperatures? Sure, why not? It doesn't really matter, though. You know why? Because you're dumb.

I'm not even going to prove your dumb until you have a chance to actually prove your claim that "Buildings filled with carpet, paper, cloth and countless other materials can burn and produce no smoke."

Think about it. It's pretty stupid.
Now we have a brilliant dude who doesn’t know what a “smoking” fire is. It is clear the Mal, hasn’t done his homework well. To help Mal understand let’s compare the WTC to a true towering raging infernos. *This also goes to Mew*

Now see what FEMA describe as the tremendous fires of the WTC.

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