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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


The final weeks of 4th ninja war. At a war torn town near border between the Fire and The Rain, ruins of once home, markets and shrines are left hanging and corpses lies everywhere. In the middle of the town plaza a full armored Kyo of the Tortoise is standing alone. “I know you’re here.” Says Kyo and a man comes out from a house. He grins widely like the joker and wear a crimson coat. Blood drips from his mouth and he licks them clean. “Always wonder why you wear a full armor like a samurai.” Says the man. “And I wonder, does making a contract with the bats, turn you into a blood sucker?” ask Kyo. The man gave a wide grins while his eyes looks at Kyo like he is his next meal. “We are sages. You the Tortoise sage wears an armor like a tortoise, not to mention stupid and slow like one. And me Blood. Sage of the bat. A blood sucking cannibal. You came here for revenge? Because I kill that paper girl Konan?” ask Blood and he unsheathes two blades that have dry bloods all over it. Kyo quickly charge towards Blood. “Shell Charge!!!” yelled Kyo and a shell made of chakra surrounds him as he charges towards Blood who raise his blade to meet Kyo’s attack. Kyo rams into Blood and knocks him back through several houses until he finally crashes into a shrine. Blood slow rise up like a zombie and look at Kyo. He grins sadistically. Kyo jumps up and plunge himself towards Blood like a missile. Blood takes a deep breath and exhale a green mist around him. Kyo seems undeterred by the mist crash into the shrine. He then stands up and looks around him but the mist block his vision. He then heard a maniacal laughter behind him and as he turn Blood is charging towards him and as he gets closer he points the blades towards Kyo but the blade didn’t manage to penetrate Kyo’s armor. Blood jumps behind Kyo with blades on Kyo’s neck. “Gotcha.” Says Blood. Suddenly Kyo puff into a log and Kyo appear next to Blood. The surprised Blood couldn’t react in time and Kyo punches with all his might at Blood’s head and he went flying into the houses. Kyo looks at the rubbles and Blood’s hand came out from it and slowly he pulls himself out. “Surprised? That punch should be the end of me or at least it should be.” Grins Blood. “What are you?” ask Kyo. “I’m Blood. Sage of the Bat. I knew fighting another sage is hard. So I came prepared. I suck dry a few living humans to make sure fresh blood are flowing inside of me. And when there fresh blood flowing in me, I can’t die.” Says Blood. “Why do you side with the Sa-mosutatto?” ask Kyo. “I never side with anyone. I just hate self proclaim righteous ninjas. And some free meal. No one will ask twice about acceptable losses. Just like your precious Konan.” Grins Blood. Kyo yelled in frustration and charge blindly towards Blood. Blood quickly makes a hand seals and exhales a blue mist and Kyo is caught in it. Kyo quickly jumps out from the mist. Suddenly he falls to his knees and cough uncontrollably while Blood laughs maniacally. “What all that armor and you cant take some poison?” ask Blood and he kicks Kyo in the gut. “Too bad your blood now is contaminated with my poison. Always wonder how sages blood taste.” Says Blood and he raise his blade. Then a tongue appears behind him and stops him for gutting Kyo. Blood looks behind him and saw Naruto with a toad that uses its tongue to bind Blood and Sakura. “I’ll take Mr. freaky. You heal Kyo. Sakura nods.

At a tent near the battlefield, Hiro, Shun, Aito, Izo and Sai is looking at the battlefield map. “We manage to push the Sa-mosutatto back from the temples, but I just received some disturbing news. Blood, the cannibal vampire is reported allies with them. And I also received info someone is providing them with supplies to fight us.” Says Sai. “As if the SNA isn’t enough.” Says Hiro. “The Cloud and the Mist are cornering them as we speak. Shikamaru with a number of our men is heading there to aid them. The Sand is fighting with the SNA within their borders.” Says Sai. “So it’s up to us to stop them. Sending Shikamaru to to stop the SNA. Who’s leading the team that’s guarding the village?” ask Shun. “Gai Sensei and Rock Lee.” Answer Sai. The room suddenly becomes quiet. “With those two leading, no one with brains will attack the village.” Says Hiro. The other seems to agree with Hiro. “Izo. We need to figured out who is supplying them with weapon, foods and medicine and I want to know why.” Says Sai. “Can I castrate the suppliers?” ask Izo. “No.” says Sai. “But Aito always robs SNA corpse.” Says Izo. “Hei I need to pay my rent and my bills.” Says Aito. “Hiro and Aito will lead our troops. You must make contact with our ally the Rain. Shun go find the Hokage. For God Sake where is he?” ask Sai.

At the Sa-mosutatto clan location.

A young Mikoto is looking at the clan leader,Kichi who is worn out from the battle and is talking with Reika. “You send this?” ask Kichi and he looks at the medicine and weapons Reika brought. “And now your part. During the siege of SNA lab we have info you took Dream with you. Where is he?” ask Reika. “And if we don’t answer?” ask Kichi. “The supplies stop and we will see how long you can last with Konoha and Rain assault.” Says Reika. “60 miles south. In a hut by a cherry tree.” Says Kichi. Reika smiles and she takes her leave. When she is quite far from the Sa-mosutatto location, the Marine squad appears. “I want all of you to find Dream at this location. Secure him and take him to safety. And then inform me and me only, no else’s.” The Marine Squad nods and disappears.

Blood: The blood sucking cannibal sage. No one knows from what village he is from but he can always be seen in battlefields. A crazy maniac that sucks his victim until they are dry. And after he sucks their blood, for a temporary moment he will be invincible. His Justus mainly is summoning bats, use poisons, acids. He rarely kills his victim on the spot. He will stab them, maimed them, torture them until they die. And he always knows which button to push to make his opponent angry.

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