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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

[Side Note: Funny how Ryu doesn’t have a side comment]

Next Time: Now that Ryu is on his way home to Kumogakure, the Raikage can help out the allied forces with faster response time.

-Background Information

Raikage: Her real name is Asao of the Yotsuki Clan. Her father was the previous Raikage that appeared during the current series of the Naruto manga. She is of average height for a female and has medium brown skin complexion. Her eye brows, eye shape and hair color resembles that of the previous Raikage’s however, her face is very fair and attractive. But don’t let that fool you, she is a very strong and oppressive leader. Those who annoy her enough might end up in a hospital needing intensive care (she has a really short temper).

She can most certainly come off as a bitch, but she is a stern leader who carries on the will of the true shinobi’s spirit, which is to collect and master as many jutsu as possible in order to maintain power and standing in the world. She has led her village to the most powerful during the course of the years by continuously collecting and amassing power during even the times of peace. She has curly long blond hair and wears a dark conservative kimono.

She basically works her two aides to the bone and slaps them silly if they complain. Even forcing them to do embarrassing labor such as washing her dishes, cleaning her under garments, and taking care of her own personal hygiene; basically, she is very demanding and requires the utmost highest form of maintenance, which is probably why she is single. Though she does not make it a habit to go look for men, as she often says Tsuneo and Matsu does their job just fine of course, she does not permit any kind of intimacy between the three of them. She often criticizes the other hidden villages for their lack of power and standing in comparison to her own village.

Matsu: He is one of the two aides that the Raikage made it a law for her to have. He has a big suck up attitude towards Raikage despite how he personally feels for her, which is that she is a bitch though, that does not stop him from trying to take a peek at her when she is undressed (which usually ends in her smashing his face in). He once whispered to Tsuneo that Raikage is always pmsing, which resulted in a Kunai being logged in his back with the quickness as she apparently heard (I bet he never did that shit again). He dresses in the typical Cloud uniform. He is of average height for a man, and has the typical guyish face. He has short black hair. All and all, he is mud to her in his eyes.

Tsuneo: The second aide to the Raikage. He use to have an apparent stuttering problem (or speech impediment) until the Raikage fixed it by threatening to shove her heel down his throat, which cured him for life. He is a very submissive man, and always does what he is told. He can be assumed as spineless in a sense. Unlike Matsu, Tsuneo enjoys taking care of Raikage, and considers her beautiful despite how she forces him to do such embarrassing tasks. He is a shorter man of a height of 5 ft 4. He dresses in the typical Cloud attire. His face is very soft like, think Ash from Pokemon. He has hair like Hei, but nothing about Tsuneo’s character is badass besides that. The Raikage prefers Tsuneo over Matsu and often cuts Tsuneo some slack when he does something smart, or compliments her however, since he is still like a nuisance to her overall, she pretty much just treats him like crap on a daily basis…

Tori: Nothing much is known about his character besides that he is an master tracker for the Kumogakure spy agency. He helped pin point the SNA’s true headquarters after months of searching God knows how many false leads. He currently communicates with the Raikage via communication lizards from the shadows.

Yoshiyuki: He is the strongest man in all of Kumogakure. Surprising that he is even above Raikage’s level however, he admits that he is indeed afraid of her might. He knows nearly every jutsu that Kumogakure posses as well have having the most chakra out of everyone in the entire village. His age range is in its 30s, just like the Raikage’s. He is perhaps the only man that the Raikage herself respects in every aspect. He has orange hair that is styled like grown up Gohan’s. His face is ripened with experience and has a kind of Kurama from Yuyu Hakusho feel.

He is slightly tall, being just over 5 ft 11. He wears the typical Cloud uniform with a black long sleeve shirt underneath. Despite his extreme ability, he is a very calm and gentle soul. He often worries that his life is being cut short for knowing so much. He is very valuable to the village, and a treasure that most not be exploited. If his knowledge and principles of jutsu were some how extracted from his brain's cerbral cortex, Kumogakure could be in a real bind. He is incrediablly strong, so such things shouldn't normally happen. He spends most of his day at Unraikyo training his chakra manipulation and perfecting any jutsu he isn't so good in.

Because he's so valuable, he hasn't been going on many missions throughout his life, so he lacks in mission experiences. It is assumable to say that Raikage and Youshiyuki use to be squad members when they were younger. They probably had the same Jounin teacher. The only jutsu he does not know are the Flying Thunder God and the jutsu employed by Uyeda. He was never forced to know those because it would encourage him to leave the village in the eyes of the village elders, that's why he was never instructed to know those techniques.

Uyeda: He is part of Kumogakure’s Swift Team, which is composed of three insanely fast shinobi. He is 18 years old and acts like the older brother of the unit. He travels using a space time transfer ability similar to Uchiha Madara’s, the only difference is that he can’t warp attacks that go through him, and it takes a minute or, so for him to gather the chakra required to make the necessary jumps. He, like Ryu and Shuji, are all very vulgar and womanizing. His behaviors passed off on young Ryu however, Uyeda often calls Ryu on his bluffs and BS. His height is 5 ft 9, and he is dressed in the typical cloud attire. He his medium length blond hair that is kind of spiky, think facial and hair feel to that of Tidus’ from Final Fantasy 10.

Shuji: He is the third member of Swift Team. Whereas Ryu uses the Flying Thunder God jutsu and Uyeda uses an advanced space-time transfer, Shuji relies on his actually foot speed backed by his body flicker. He is said to have the fastest body flicker in history. On foot, he is naturally faster than Ryu and Uyeda however, his absolute speed falls in comparison to the other two. He says the other two cheats with their speed feats. He is of average height, ranging somewhere near Uyeda’s. He is 17 years old and often jokes around with Ryu and makes fun of his inability to score with chicks. He has long brown hair, think style like Jecht from Final Fantasy 10 and facial feel to that of Zidane’s from Final Fantasy 9.
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