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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


“Toady. Long time no see. How’s fare Kakashi? Oh my, I forgot. I kill him.” Says Blood and he laughs maniacally. Naruto’s toad disappear and he charge towards Blood who swing his blade against Naruto’s kunai. Saukra kneels next to Kyo and began extracting the poison. “Stay still.” Says Sakura and the poison start to come out from Kyo’s body. Behind them Blood and Naruto is exchanging blows. Blood swings his blade like crazy and Naruto dodges until he saw an opening and stab at Blood’s stomach with his kunai. Blood quickly holds Naruto’s hand refusing him to pull out his kunai. Naruto looks at Blood face and he is grinning and quickly he bites Naruto’s neck. Naruto struggles but his strength is weakening. Kyo and Sakura notice it and Kyo looks at Sakura. “How much poison is left?” ask Kyo. “About 60%.” says Sakura. “Good enough.” Says Kyo and he jumps behind Blood and strike his neck with a karate chop, breaking his neck. Sakura holds Naruto and take him away from Blood who is standing with a head tilts leftward. He spins his head 360 degrees to Kyo surprise and kick him in the chest and Kyo falls backward. He mends his neck back and notice there’s an explosive tag at the kunai that Naruto stab him with. The kunai explode and Blood guts spills out and he falls down. “Is he dead?” ask Sakura. Then to their horror the guts slowly makes back into Bloods body and he is completely heals. He rise up like a zombie and look at the three of them and fled away. “Why is he running?” ask Naruto. “Probably to get more fresh blood. And get into sage mode. We must give a chase.” Says Kyo. “No. Both of you are in no condition to fight. Let me heal you guys first.” Says Sakura.

At the battle scene Hiro, Aito and the the Konoha army arrived at the scene. Countless ninja is battling each other and Hiro gave a signal for them to join the fight. Then a tall slender man stand before them. “Konoha allies? Hiro and who are you?” ask the man. “I’m Aito bitch!!!” yelled Aito. “Aito bitch? I pity you to have that kind of name.” says the man. “Why you…..” yelled Aito and Hiro rise his hand. “You must be Muto. Where is Kyo?” ask Hiro. Muto shrugs. “Shall we?” ask Muto. Hiro smiles and both of them jumps straightly into enemy line. “Iron element: Iron Bars!!!” yelled Muto and countless iron bars appear from the ground and strike the enemy, while Hiro use his wind to cut through them and then he notice Aito is taking maoney from the corpses. “Aito we don’t plunder the dead!!!” yelled Hiro. “C’mon Hiro, like they need them. By the way I was thinking of that new apartment. It has a great view. What do you think?” ask Aito. “I think you should concentrate on the living, not the dead or you will be joining them. And don’t buy apartment using dead ninja’s money!!!!” Shouts Hiro. “You no fun.” Mumbles Aito.

A few kilometers away from the battlefield near a river, Izo have just interrogate a Sa-mosutatto and discovered the location where the shipment is coming from. “better check it out for confirmation.” Says Izo and he jumps towards the location. Unknow to him there is a baby crocodile at the river bank and it have recorded everything. Slowly it sinks into the river. Then a few yards away the baby croc emerge and crawls towards Reika. Reika looks into its eyes and she smiles. “Oppurtunity is knocking.” Mumbles Reika and she walks towards to the Sa-mosutatto village and calls Kichi. “Kichi, I need you to come with me. Have three your men behind us about 100 yard.” Says Reika. “Why?” ask Kichi. “I have info that Konoha is heading towards the bridge. We must stop them.” Says Reika. Kichi nods and inform three of his agent to follow them 100 yard behind him and Reika. Then another croc appears with a scroll. Reika opens it and read that the Marine Squad have secure Dream. She smiles and kept the scroll inside her robe. “Let’s get moving.” Says Reika.

At the desolated town Kyo and Naruto have fully healed from Blood’s poisoning and now sits motionlessly to get into sage mode. Then Naruto open his eyes with toad eyes and he looks at Kyo. Both of them nods and moves towards Blood’s location with Sakura behind them. They move through the forest and into a desolated village and they spot Blood, sucking a new victim. He looks back at them with bright red eyes and a grin that would make the devil happy. Quickly he makes a summoning hand seal and summon a giant bat. Naruto and Kyo quickly summon their animals and Gamabunta and Mythriltoise shows up. “You summon me, Naruto and look its Mythriltoise, where’s my money?” ask Gamabunta. “Hey you said two years monthly payment!!!” says Mythriltoise. “Really, I forgot. And looky here, is that freaky bat.” Says Gamabunta. “Yeah, I hate bats.” Says Mythriltoise. “And they never pay up their loans!!!” yelled Gamabunta. “More meals.” Says Blood and he and his bat fly towards Gamabunta. “Ready Bunta?” ask Naruto. Bunta withdraw his sword and charge towards the bat. Blood jumps upwards and head straight to Naruto. “Mythril, aid Gamabunta.” Says Kyo and he jumps towards Blood, tackle him and throws him into the ground. “Sage Technique: Emeraldtoise Shell!!!” yelled Kyo and a green shell surrounds him. “Emerald Shell Ram!!!” yelled Kyo as he plung from the sky to ram into Blood. Quickly Blood ran and avoid a direct hit but he was knock away by the blast wave. He looks forward and saw Sakura runs towards and punch him with her super strength and knocks him behind. Before Blood can react Kyo emerge from the crater with a sapphire color shell surround him. “Sapphire Shell Ram!!!” yelled Kyo and he rams Blood from behind and sends him flying through the houses in the village. Slowly Blood rise and then he realize something coming from the sky. He looks up and saw two Naruto, both is wielding Rasen Shuriken. “Double RasenShuriken!!!” yelled Naruto as both of them throws their Rasen Shuriken. Blood quickly makes his stand, but then the ground shakes and Kyo emerge with a ruby colored shell and push him towards the Rasen Shuriken. When Blood realize he will be attack by Rasen Shuriken at the front and Ruby Shell Ram from behind, he starts to laughs like a maniac until the Rasen Shuriken hits him. He screams as the wind cut through him and finally fell down to the ground. “Is he dead?” ask Naruto. The Kyo sees Blood fingers twitching. “NOT YET!!!” yelled Kyo and pick Blood up and threw him at a stone wall. Then a spear appear from his hand and he stabs Blood’s heart with it. Kyo looks at Blood and saw his fingers are twitching again. Quickly he makes a hand seal. “Ninja Art: One Hundred Spears!!!” yelled Kyo and a portal appear behind him and hundred spears fly out from it and stabs Blood all over his body. Kyo looks at Blood, who laughs at his pain. Frustrated, Kyo summons another spear and stab into Blood’s mouth. Blood’s eyes looks at Kyo with such hatred anger and Kyo summon two spears and stab both Blood’s eye socket. Then he summons another spear and stab Blood’s forehead. Kyo looks at Blood for awhile and satisfied that his finger is not twitching anymore. Naruto walks and stand next to Kyo. “I think this time he is really dead.” Says Naruto and he tap Kyo’s shoulder.

Near the bridge where the supplies are coming. Reika and Kichi stands near the bridge and Kichi is looking around for the sign of the intruder. “Where’s the…” before Kichi can finish his sentence, Reika stab him with jagged blade that seems to be made from hundreds of crocodile tooth. “Do you remember what I said when we first met?” ask Reika. “I said for all jobs, there’s always a perfect tool. And now the job is done, the tool with lose its usefulness.” Says Reika and she pulls out her blade. Not far from their location Izo looks at Reika’s action. She took Kichi’s body and dump it on the bridge. Then two Mist ninja appear bringing in the supplies. “ Put his body near the supply. The ninja do as Reika instruct and they left the scene. Reika walks away from the bridge and makes one hand seal. Then the explosive tags around the bridge explode and cause a loud noise. Reika quickly looks at Izo’s location and threw some shuriken to him. Izo dodges and lands on the ground. Reika smiles and then she screams. “That Konoha ninja have destroy the supply and kill Kichi!!!!!!” The Sa-mosutatto ninja quickly comes towards Reika. Realizing what happen, Izo tries to escape but Reika throws more shuriken towards Izo, forcing him to be closer towards the bridge. Then the Sa-mosutatto clan ninja arrives and saw Izo. “He kills master Kichi!!!!” yelled Reika. The Sa-mosutattoclan ninja looks at Izo who starts to run from the area. “Get him!!!!” yelled the ninjas as they chase after Izo. Reika smiles devilishly and she puff into a smoke.

Two weeks later, without supplies, the Sa-mosutatto was defeated and was force into hiding. Izo statement didn’t hold against the Mizukage as she was seen in a battle between the SNA in the exact moment.

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