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Re: News of the Day: Obama wins nobel prize

Originally Posted by Freshgrease View Post
Because he would have called the Race Card like all the others do when your decisions don't favor them. Get in trouble at school? The teacher was racist. Get in a fight with a white kid? He's racist and only fought you because the color of your skin is different.

In all seriousness, I believe he got it because they wanted to cash in on the monumental landmark in US history in a "me too" kind of PR stunt. Of course, the Nobel Peace price has lost it's meaning since Jimmy Carter and Al Gore's prizes. It's all political bull shit now like everything else.
Agreed. You have Mother Teresa, Gorbachev, Elie Wiesel...then you have Obama. Disparity? I think so. Come on, Gandhi never even got one, so you know a lot of it is political hocus-pocus hype [insert word of related meaning here].

All in all though, the Nobel Peace Prize does not mean nearly as much as the other ones (at least to some) - it's the metaphorical pat on the back for their good efforts, whereas the others are the real deal. You can't really measure how much of an effect their efforts really go, since their work is not quite as tangible as the achievements in other categories.

The real prestige is in the other Nobel prizes - Watson and Crick, the Curies, Pavolv, Pauling?! To many people, these winner in their respective scientific fields have done much more to contribute to our understanding to the scientific community.

Yes, I'm disappointed that the world has come to this - giving awards for ideas - but there's not much that can be done about it.
"There is no better high than discovery."
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