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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

Originally Posted by ralatone View Post
First and foremost, welcome to this FC, you're more than welcomed to join it and be part of whatever discussion that may arise. Thanks for coming by awell, we have no problem openly discussing our opinions on whatever pairing is up on topic, and it's probably better to have mixed thoughts and opinions as it only adds to the discussion.
Thanks for the warm welcome, I'd love to join the fan club!

Well I'm pretty sure I was never a teenage girl O_o lol, but I pretty much agree with this parapraph that she may be still confused where everyone falls into place with her feelings.
haha, well you're missing out then, it's awesome!

Off topic: One of the best things about being a teenage girl is spiders, an huntsman just jumped out at me in the kitchen, (I went to get a drink, for those of you who don't know a huntsman is about the size of your palm), I of course screamed. If you're a teenage boy and you scream you're friends might tease you but if you're a girl then those same guys might come running to help you. It's great.

The way your putting it would seem that you're implying that she is forcing her self to fall for Naruto, and that she didn't have feelings for him prior to the Konoha, not at all for her own personal gain.
oops, I didn't mean that. Sakura deffinently has feelings for him, but I don't believe she's in love with him. I suppose Ino is meant to be her closest friend, but we don't see much of that and after her it's definently Naruto. The friendship they share is stronger than anything romantic though, and having a crush on your bestfriend is damn awkward if you're still trying to figure out how you feel towards Sasuke so she doesn't know what to do. All this talking about Sakura being confused is making me damn confused, please, PLEASE, let's find out how at least ONE person definently feels in the next few chapters. There's just too many different ways everything can be taken to mean.

It seemed that she intended to keep that information from him, because she knew it would have just caused him more pain. As far as lying about caring about Sasuke, that depends on how you view it. Technically she is willing to allow the rookies to try and kill him, hell she's taking matters in to her own hands right now. So in a way she really doesn't care enough for Sasuke to find an alternative to this, she shouldn't be blamed either cause since when has Sasuke cared for anyone one of the rookies or the village him self? I know Kakashi stopped Naruto from telling Sakura the real deal, but one could only imagen how things would have played out had she took that information in. Would that have ment that she doesn't love Naruto anymore since she knows the truth about Sasuke's situation, would she take her confession back ? As much as a believe that Sakura wouldn't have taken anything that she said back, it's impossible for us to know.

Honestly, I don't know how, if she even still loves Sasuke right now, would be considered unconditional. I mean when you're rejected the way that she was by Sasuke, only to see him commit more and more crimes, and to go on 4 years without him, knowing that he probably doesn't give a damn about you. While there is another guy right there next to you, growing and supporting you through thick and thin. I just dont know how one would think that she loves him unconditionally, especially since she just confessed to Naruto and is about you attack Sasuke. So really the pairing that seems at the moment that has a better shot at becoming cannon would be NS as opposed to SS since there has been no development for the longest time. As far as Karin and him go, I think that wont happen either, I honestly believe that Sasuke won't end up with anyone in the end, since he never really opened up to Sakura either.
Well I'll always be a bit biased towards Sakura loving Sasuke, but I'm a romantic teenager so what can I do? She might have agreed to let the others kill him for the sake of others, but Shikamaru said that if Raikage killed him that she and Ino would try get revenge. And even though she's taken matters into her own hands I doubt she'd be able to, or even really want, to kill him. I don't think she'd be able to see him die in front of her either, she'd try to save him. If she does have a confrontation with him she'll probably try persuade him to come back and then when that fails try bring him back by force. To me, it seems that she'll never fully accept that he's left unless he personally does something unpardonable while she's there. Because when he left his last words to her were 'Thankyou', but he almost killed Naruto, and then when they saw each other again he, once again, almost killed Naruto, and said heaps of not-too-nice things, but he only acknowledged her presence. If I was her I'd be thinking 'Why didn't he just say that he didn't care about me and that he's cutting his bonds with me?'

And with the openning up towards her, he's not an open guy generally. The only way you really find out what he's thinking is through memoeries really, or you have to guess. But said in a fight that Naruto and Sakura were dear to him (fighting gaara). Naruto was also a rival, while Sakura was the one he leant on when he was in pain, and to me it seemed that he didn't act so cool/strong/whatever (can't think of the word, because it's almost 4am, I can't sleep, and I'm very tired) around her because he didn't feel like he had too. i just counted that kind of stuff as being open. She was also the only one who knew him well enough to actually think that he might leave, I've wondered if he would of stayed and listened if it were anyone else. But that was along time ago and even then he wasn't thinking about girls, he was too focused on strength and revenge.

I hope Sasuke ends with someone, I love happy endings, but Karin would be a bit weird because it's like saying "If you stay obsessed and act like a stalker long enough, you can make them love you back!" She'd need to have personality change in the way she views him before anything happened. But even if she does I don't want anything to happen. I hope Sasuke doesn't end up going back to Konoha though, even if he does reconcile with everyone there.

hmm... another long post...
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