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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-The Truth behind The Raikage’s Personality

(The scene starts off in Kumogakure. Raikage is walking through town as everyone from kids, adults, to the elderly around her cowers in fear and runs into their homes and hides and what not.)

Raikage: Disrespectful ingrates especially those snot nosed brats.

(Soon, as she continues her daily stroll around the town, she soon spots Tsuneo and Matsu walking towards her direction from a distance much to their dismay. The Raikage has an angry face just from glancing at them from afar. Raikage soon goes into deep thought.)

Raikage: Those half-wits! I thought I told them to get things ready, yet nothing has been done yet. (End of Raikage’s thought. As Tsuneo and Matsu get closer they talk amongst themselves as they are now within 20 meters of approaching Raikage; instead of keeping a steady pace, they decide to walk really slowly, prolonging their inevitable encounter with the angry Raikage.)

Tsuneo: Um Matsu? May I ask you a question?

Matsu: If it’s about running, no, she’ll catch us and savagely pounce on our nuts.

(They both have a mental image or, even perhaps a recollection of the Raikage jumping up and down on their groin with her high heels strapped to her feet. Soon Tsuneo goes into thought.)

Tsuneo: Well at least I wasn’t thinking about running. (End of Tsuneo’s thought.) No, I meant why didn’t you go fetch Yoshiyuki? I can’t just ask the scroll factory to make something if we don’t know when Yoshiyuki will come out of Unraikyo.

Matsu: You see that’s the problem, Unraikyo. I’ve heard that missing-nin from various villages and nations hideout in there in order to evade persecution from this village, or any other. It’s like a rendezvous and or reconvening hot spot for a lot of under the table dealings.

Tsuneo: But if it’s that bad, how come Raikage doesn’t settle the problem herself?

Matsu: Well, this might sound contracting, but every time we hear words of a hitch going off, the problem is settled.

Tsuneo: Then why are you so worried about going down there if everything always get canned before the bad stuff happen?

Matsu: Well you see it’s dark in there, and rumor has it that Yoshiyuki kills those criminals in there to help him hone his skills.

Tsuneo: Then you have nothing to worry about! He’s what we’re after anyway…

Matsu: Unraikyo is huge, and is a maze. Not to mention there is no light and Yoshiyuki can be anywhere in there. Also corpses and bones can be found in there, and what if Yoshiyuki hasn’t killed them all. (Matsu starts to get seriously worried. Then Tsuneo gets goose bumps all over and begins freaking out.)

Tsuneo: IIiiii I sss See what you mean [I guess when he’s scared his stuttering problem comes] Yeah, Raikage sama will just have to ask someone else. (Matsu nods his head in agreement.)

[^Look at the poor scared little]

(Soon they keep walking forward gulping in fear however, immediately Raikage appears immediately much to Tsuneo and Matsu’s unawareness. They each walk into a separate boob of the Raikage. They blush and then quickly notice it’s her, so they drop to their knees and begs forgiveness.)

Tsuneo: I’ll wash your feet tonight!

Matsu: Please don’t hurt me! (The Raikage smiles gently, both of her aides are shocked by this sudden turnaround.) Umm, I’ve never seen this side of her before? Should we be worried?

Tsuneo: Be very cautious, I’ve come to expect certain outburst from Raikage. Maybe she’ll really kill us this time. [lmfao! All this because she smiled?! But yeah, they are in deep shit.]

Raikage: Tsuneo, Matsu (She said their names in a calm and attractive voice, while Tsuneo and Matsu blush and feel comfortable around her for once.)

Matsu: I like this new Raikage!

Tsuneo: She’s not angry?

Raikage: If you do this one thing, I promise to drop my accusations.

Matsu: Sure anything at all.

Tsuneo: Can I move up to washing your legs? (Raikage has a slight annoyed face on from hearing that response.)

Matsu: Too far man, too far.

Tsuneo: No worries I’ll pull it back I’ll just stick to washing her feet tonight. (Raikage straightens her face up.)

Raikage: Tsuneo, you will accompany Matsu to Unraikyo.

Matsu: Umm.

Tsuneo: But that was his job to do to alone.

Raikage: Are you questioning my authority?

Matsu: Drop it man.

Tsuneo: No GOd no! I’m just saying (he gets cut off by Raikage as she puts her slightly annoyed face back on).

Raikage: This brings me to the question once again, are you questioning my authority. Remember if you lie I’ll rip your damn liver out and feed it to you!

(Matsu covers his mouth from screaming however, that doesn’t stop Tsuneo from squealing like a bitch.)

Tsuneo: OOOOEEEYO! OH OH MY GOD PLEASE NO! I’ll admit, I’m questioning your authority! (Tsueno starts to cry like a bitch as tears pour from his face and snot runs from his nose into his mouth.) [lol, pathetic.]

(Raikage gets her angry as shit face on, while Matsu tries to cover his ears, the Raikage soon outbursts.)

Raikage: IF YOU TWO DON’T GET YOUR HORRENDOUSLY, RIDICULOUS, PUNK ASSES OUT OF MY FACE AND DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD! I’M GOING TO STICK MY FOOT SO FAR UP YOUR ASSES THAT YOU TWO WILL BE CHOCKING ON THE END OF MY HEEL! (They both get an imaginary image of that scenario happening to each of them. The funny portion is when they are actually choking on the heel and vomiting from the act in their minds. They snap back to reality and screams.)


Matsu: WAHHHHHHHHHHH! (The two of them rush off with blinding speeds screaming and wailing their arms back and forth.)

Raikage: Dipshits. (From seclusion, Team swift was watching the scene from afar from a high up house in the neighborhood. The Scene is now on them.)

Uyeda: Man, I heard dat shit from all the way up here.

Shuji: Unfortunately, they get treated way worse than us, kinda feel bad for em, but she still treats you pretty bad though Ryu.

Ryu: Right, Raikage nearly killed me with her tongue. She wasn’t trying to be intimate with me, her tongue was literally clogging up my air passage, not to mention she squeezed my nose to stop me from breathing. I think we should just report back to her office at 2:00 PM for an important mission, it’s already 1:50, if she catches us off this time, I think she really will kill us, or do something in which we beg her to kill us.

Uyeda: Good call, let’s move.

(They all nods, and instantly vanishes into the wind. Soon an old man appears from the shadows.)

Aguro: Heh, heh, heh. That cranky woman didn’t use to always be like that; no sirie. Out of the three of those youngsters I’ve trained many a day ago, she was the most jolly and giddy heh, heh. Such a nice girl she was when she was younger. My how times fly by; still beautiful like I thought she’d turn out, but that attitude and that demeanor towards the younger folks is on the sly side of abrasive hoh, hoh.

15 years have passed since Masashi passed away. Yoshiyuki moved on, I guess the reason why Asao takes her frustration out the younger people, is because she can never forgive how a once young and ignorant child led to the death of her teammate. There was no other man like that in her eyes. They weren’t lovers as Masashi chose someone else, but that was the closest thing to a man in her life, a prospect she’d put it; oh how she prayed for the death of that woman who dated Masashi. But ever since he ended of dying for the sake of a child who was insignificant in her eyes or, any others’, she hasn’t found a person like him, so she killed her interest in men. [So there is a method to her madness.]

(Soon two regular unimportant shinobi approaches him.)

Shinobi 1: There you are sir, your family has been worried sick.

Shinobi 2: We’ll escort you home old timer. By the way, were you talking to yourself again?

Aguro: what! I have no family! (The two Shinobi are annoyed.)

Shinobi 1: Don’t play dumb, you have four grandchildren!

Aguro: Me don’t know what you’re talking about! (Aguro with a silly grin on his face.)

Shinobi 2: Old Senile fart!

Aguro: Hoh, hoh, hee, hee! (He rushes off with rapid speeds much to their shock.)


Shinobi 2: Damn it, they don’t call that old fool Aguro The Great for nothing.

(The Scene switches to inside the dark dank cave of Unraikyo. Yoshiyuki is seen walking while he is carrying a torch in his right hand.)

Yoshiyuki: I think I pushed myself a little too far today. Training to balance ten Raiton Clones paired with Raiton amplified Fuuma Shuriken is not an easy feat at all. I’m killing myself here. At least the exit isn’t that far off. I’m just going to sleep for the remainder of the day or, maybe chill with the old man and knock back a few shots, or smoke the herbs the old man and I been hiding from Asao’s watchful eyes.

(The Scene switches to the outside of Unraikyo. Tsuneo and Matsu makes it to the cave’s entrance.)

Matsu: Well here we go. (Tsuneo gulps in fear.)

(The Scene starts off at Zig, the shadow clones', and Max’s location. They stand outside of a very tall tower with windows circling all around it. At the top is huge spinning Direct TV looking dish.)

Zig: Is that their hideout?

One of the seven Hokage’s Shadow clone: Careful Zig, let’s report this back, I’ll disperse. (Before it disperses Max interrupts.)

Next Time: Tetsuo’s Origins
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