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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-The Origin of Tetsuo’s powers/Nila's potetial

Max: Let's investigate first, from the chakra I’m picking up is also one of their communications towers. I’m picking up a strange feel, there’s no living person inside however, I think they use these towers to either transmit chakra signals amongst them, or perhaps open up inter-space travel using a kind of jutsu across many others.

Zig: Cool stuff, so, can we fine what we're looking for here?

(Max nods his head.)

Another Shadow Clone: From the looks of the terrain around it, these were excavated, not built!

Zig: What the hell? (Max sniffs the air.)

Max: This chakra doesn’t registers with current today chakras. (Everyone becomes shocked.)

Shadow Clone: Just like the contraption Tomoyo and Hope discovered, what hell is going on? So the SNA are getting these prehistoric technologies from the otherside after all.

Zig: This is freaky!

Max: Explain Hokage.

Shadow clone: The Global SNA were created by a joined corporation of allied forces within the past decade or so to combat Mizugakure's forces during the 4th shinobi wars. Their origins don’t extend back too far. But I know one of the specimens, Tetsuo, your older brother Zig, was infused with samples of Hope’s blood samples when he was sent off. Hope is the inheritor of the Rinnegan, so his chakra network would allow him to unearth the secret chakra network and ancient civilization the Six Realms’ Sage created underground on an alternate plane of existence by using the 10 tails’ centuries ago.

I don't know what the Six Realms Sage intended to do with that world before he passed over the tourch, but I seeing from the technology we've discovered, and how Tetsuo was influenced and trained in the SNA facilities years ago, he might have gained a greater grasp of his power and the understaning of what he's capable of. Hope is also powerful, as he has the Rinnegan in its purest form, he holds some importance in stoping Tetsuo.

Zig: Why, Hope’s that powerful?!

Another Shadow Clone: Not necessarily… One day he will be strong to unearth the secrets however, he only holds one key. I wonder if Tetsuo plans to use the tailed beasts for that as well.

Max: To think the Six Realm’s Sage created a parallel existence.

A Shadow Clone: What could Tetsuo be planning!? Why is he pulling material from that world into this one.

Zig: How do you know it’s my brother doing this and not another Rinnegan? Brother couldn’t be this strong to be able to use what little Rinnegan blood he has in him as not even Hope can achieve such power and he has the Rinnegan.

Another Shadow Clone: Your brother is a perfect example of atavism of the 1st Hokage’s genetics, and as we know, the Senju and the dojutsu have a common ancester, so blood transplats would fit perfectly with such a compatiable subject such as Tetsuo!

Zig: What the hell are you talking about sir? Dojutsu and common ancester? So, my mom didn't tell me about my great, great.... Ok you get the point. So tell me, what is this atavism. Top of my class in everything else, but I suck balls in Shinobi Science and Bloodline Dominance.

Max: I’ll explain, an atavism is a rare genetic phenomenon where some genetic, or physical characteristics of a prehistoric ancestor is passed down and inherited. It becomes apparent when a combination of genes and traits recombine to make placements being able to house the specific recessive characteristic(s). It is very rare thing indeed as generations and generations can go by before a proginy can inherit such traits. [Yes, got the idea from Yuyu Hakusho where Yusuke inheirted the blood of the Same concept at least.]

A Shadow Clone: That would explain why you don’t have the exact same characteristics, even if you are his brother. Your grandmother, Nami, is the sister of the legendary Tsunade. That in turn means you and your brother are some of the closest things to the 1st Hokage than anything. Tetsuo only obtained the 1st Hokage’s ability to control the Bijuu however, with that power, he can muster enormous power and master an abundance of jutsu, and plus with the blood of the Rinnegan coursing through his veins, that makes him a very deadly opponent.

Tetsuo was an inquesitive young man, trying to master as many things as he could. He was a clean slate just lusting for more knowledge to test his usefullness for our home. War changed him for the worse as his life has been ruled by miss-interpretations that has now taken over his perception. Now he is trying his best to learn anything he can in order to take out his revenge on us by using a warpped logic to justify it. (Zig sighes from hearing that.)

Zig: Please, inform me on the dojutsu rules Hokage sir.

Another shadow clone: In the past, the origin of the Dojutsu and Senju derived from a common ancester but, after years, the two bloods split off and their genetics adapted to the surrondings due to harsh combat conditions, and harsh environmental conditions. The two clans never interbred because of cultural differences. But, if those bloods were to cross breed again with the evolved genetics, as in what happened with Tetsuo's case with the addition to the Rinnegan blood into his system, an unfathomable degree of power and malice could possibly awaken. The power the Six Realm's Sage, the power of the common ancester, will awaken to a degree, or even may rival it if Tetsuo gains complete control of the Bijuu with the 1st Hokage's inheirtance...

I sent Tetsuo off to the SNA, because he was our biggest of geniuses, he was supposed to fight for our behalf however, Mizukage got her way and pitted the SNA against everyone in sacrifice to losing that war seven years ago. Now our biggest weapon is being used against us, and against the entire world! So now, we got to put a stop to it! (The shadow clones, Zig, and Max are all alerted.)

Max: Hokage, what are our chances of defeating such a threat?

Shadow Clone: We have Hope, the Rinnegan. Zig, younger brother to Tetsuo and of partial inheritance. Kai, the 8 tailed host with three Bijuu in his posession. My self, 9 tailed host and Sage; we have Daisuke as well. And Finally, We also have Nila, Byakugan with a lot hidden potential, perhaps she may awaken the Byakugan's new form from her intensive training under Hiro and Inabi.

Zig: What, a special form of Byakugan?

Max: News to me as well.

Shadow clone: The Rinnegan evolved into the Byakugan and eventually the sharingan after generations of being exposed to combat situations that required such feats such as copying jutsu in battle in order to survive through the wars.

Max: That much we know. After the Bijuu dispersed centuaries ago and the Rinnegan started to amass power which required them to need superior insight to be able to plan a head and take control over clans and nations. That caused the evolution into the Byakugan however, centuaries of years later, long ranged attacks sneaking spying tactics from greater distances phazed out as battles slowly became closer ranged, which led to the development of the sharingan, which enabled shinobi to take advantage over close ranged movements by mimicking fightning styles and jutsu.

Zig: Gosh, my head hurts from all this information on genetics. I should have payed more attention in the academy. I guess in away we're all kind of

The shadow clone: This new branch of Hyuuga, the clan that has been among Konoha for generations have evolved from the more prehistoric Hyuuga, the ones that evolved into the sharingan. The Konoha Hyuuga have developed their chakras to be able to extend physical blows from their bodies, something I guess the other exstinct Hyuuga were unable to do.

Max: So this makes the current Hyuuga of a slightly different Phenotype then the ones that evolved into the sharingan because the previous generations' Hyuuga weren't able to defend effectively from close range so further insight was sacrificed to be able to fend off close ranged battles, which fueled the mutation of the sharingan. But now, the existing Hyuuga have developed a way to handle close ranged battles as well as maintaining further insight above all dojutsu.

Shadow clone: Exactly, what the Byakugan will turn into next is anyone's guess. I know the Hyuuga are on the verge of evolving based on the chakra wavelengths that is measured to determine the power of bloodline limits by our Decoding unit however, such traits may not appear for some generations, but it's definitely on its way. But, I think Nila will develop it soon though.

Zig: Heh, you just saying that because she's your

Max: Explain your reasonings.

Another Shadow clone speaks: She's been training like Hiro has been pushing her body to the breaking point and she has not given in at the least; matter a fact, she asks to train and get stronger, stimulating that particular muation gene far beyond the other Hyuuga's at this point. Neji has been telling me that her chakras are continously going out of wack and are restructuring. No any other Hyuuga has been trained like in the past decades, so Nila's body will adapt faster to her body's new chakra network. Nila will be the first to awaken the new form of Byakugan even if she's half blood. Nila obtained the power of the bloodline rightful for holding the top Seat in the clan. She'll awaken it. That's one of the reasons why we need to save Nila! Not just because she's my daughter, but, because her power can be exploited.

Max: I see.

Zig: Now I got it. Heh, to think she's gotten so power.. I better watch out, or she'll pass me by. Don't worry Nila, we'll find you.
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