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Re: The 4th MS jutsu?

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Madara awakening Izananmi could explain how he cheated death. Also, madaras true objective could actually be to obtain Izanagi (creation) as well by having sasuke turn good then transfer itachis eyes awakening Izanagi then stealing them from sasuke. Then Madara could use the ability to recreate himself as he was when he fought harishima or something like that.
Before anything else, this thread is a refreshing change from "Kisame vs. Pain" or "stupid toad oil." You did your research, applied it to past Kishi-themes and found coorelations with manga evidence (dark/light susanoo).

While I still think Madara has more to his plan than a mere "put the world in a gengutsu" I don't know if I see seƱor Kishi using Izanagi/Izananmi mythology in that particular way that you proposed. However, it is a plausible theory and worth the read!
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