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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

Originally Posted by ralatone View Post
Yup, yup. It's a good thing too no one, besides my self is really active in this FC anymore...
That's a pity, pairings are awesome.

So does that mean I'm now a member? That easily? I knew there wasn't going to be a ring of fire I had to walk through or anything but there must be something I have to/should do.

Well it wouldn't be much of a happy ending if he doesn't come back since the whole reasoning behind what Naruto is doing now it towards bringing Sasuke back. So I don't think Naruto would be too happy if Sasuke doesn't come back. Besides that though, if Sasuke does end up with someone I believe that it'll most likely be with a random person that doesn't exist in the manga yet.
I just think he's been through to much to just 'return' to the village. His family died there, apparently under the orders of the elders who are meant to protect the villagers. He likes not being under anyone's comand and doing his own thing, it's like when Tsunade left the village after her boyfriend died, she was part of the village but not living in it. As for a random character, I hope not. I'm a good little consumer, I like the characters I'm meant to like and want them to end up happy. To me it'd be really happy if SasuSaku happened. Don't think it's all that likely, but more fanifiction than actual prediction, but it'd be totally sweet if it did.

But what about the other characters? Some of them have to get together soon, all the romance is being focused on the main characters and's leaving the other characters in the dust.
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