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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

Originally Posted by bumblebeedarling View Post
Sweet, I'm a member. I don't see how they could get argued to death, surely something new would come up in the manga to change things eventually? But maybe you can only say your opinion so many times.
Well that was the case, when this FC was at it's peak there was alot of discussion and all that, but at the same time nothing was happening. So what happend was little by little everyone left. Now that there is some development on part of NaruHina And NaruSaku, no one is here to comment, though some come on by once in a while to post a one shot opinion.

If only we had some new members lol.

Originally Posted by bumblebeedarling View Post
True... I hadn't quite thought that through. What would be the point of reviving the clan if they didn't even live in Konoha? No one else would really now about them, and children should go to the academy and make friends outside of their family.
Exactly, so at one point or another Sasuke would have to come back in order to make his life whole again.

Originally Posted by bumblebeedarling View Post
I don't want a romance manga, I would get so bored. It's just that most of the characters are teenagers, and no one seems to be really dating or even having much interest in anything like that. And since they're ninjas that could die on any mission you'd think that they would be asking each other out and whatever incase they die. I don't want much, just for some characters to be seen together alot, like what was done with Asuma and Kurenai. But I guess there are a couple of people who could be together already, Neji and Tenten are possibly an item, and Shikamaru and Temari might be. But I want confirmation, and not just speculation!!! To date, the only kiss in the manga was at the very begining and wasn't a proper kiss. It was funny though.
Maybe, but at this moment there is too much going on for them to really go into the whole relationship scene. That and the fact that almost every couple there has a crush on someone who has a crush on someone else, or just doesn't seem interested in dating.
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