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Re: 472 Predictions/Spoiler discussions

wow, our predictions next to each other in the first 2 posts, that's a record
I had to recover parts of Sakura and Naruto from my 471 prediction, since Kishimoto decided to not include them at all...
I'll give an e-cookie to whoever finds the Naruto Abridged Series reference

472: Anxiety

(Ao Scene)
(Fuu, while in Ao’s body, is falling)
Ao: (thinking) He’s really going for it! (he suddenly jumps back to the branch where the scythe is tied; still thinking) Uh? What gives?
Fuu: (while in Ao’s body) Sorry, I wasn’t prepared yet… (jumps again to an higher branch) I must release myself from my jutsu in perfection.
Ao: (thinking) Are you… mocking me?
Fuu: (while in Ao’s body; takes a deep breath) Now you’ll die!
(he jumps again; in short seconds, Ao’s neck is touching the blade, while he performs the Ram handseal; the Mizukage grabs Ao in the last second, while Choujuurou tries to untie the scythe)

(Danzou Scene)
(Fuu awakes)
Danzou: So…?
Fuu: I’m sorry, Danzou-sama, but the Mizukage and her other guard arrived before I could extract the Byakugan.
Danzou: Hmph. Now get on your feet and hurry before they catch on us. (Fuu leaves Torune’s back)

(Ao Scene)
(Ao is on the floor, rubbing his neck where the small wound is)
Ao: That was close… thanks, Mizukage-sama.
Mizukage: Why were you trying to kill yourself, have you gone mad?
Ao: It was a jutsu cast by one of Danzou’s goons. (pointing to the puppet that’s being poked by Choujuurou with his sword) He projected my mind into that puppet and took over my body, trying to steal my Byakugan by decapitating me.
Mizukage: Danzou is really pushing his luck. Now, more than ever, he must answer for his actions. Choujuurou, let’s go.
Choujuurou: Yes, Mizukage-sama.
Ao: Be aware of traps, nothing assures us that there aren’t more traps lying on the forest.
Mizukage: Don’t worry, I think my Youton will take care of that. Ao, lead the way. (they start to run)

(Sakura Scene)
(She and the rest of the group are jumping through the forest)
Kiba: I still can’t pick up his scent or the scent of that masked Akatsuki. Sakura, don’t you have any more clues about where Sasuke might be?!
Sakura: I’m afraid I don’t.
Lee: So what will we do, Sakura-chan?!
Sai: We can always trace back the Kumogakure nin.
Kiba: You mean those that were in Konoha’s Library? What they have to do with Sasuke?
Sakura: They were searching Sasuke because he… (closes her eyes for a moment) He captured the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki. (Lee and Kiba look tense) Sai is right, they’re the people with the latest whereabouts of Sasuke that we have knowledge.
Kiba: Alright, I’ll trace them. (sniffs the air) Got them! Everyone, to the right!
Akamaru: Woof! (everyone turns right)

(Raikage Scene)
(While they leap through the forest, they notice something strange in the distant horizon)
Raikage: What’s the hell is that thing over there?
Darui: It looks like a dome.
Raikage: A dome, in the middle of the forest?!
Darui: Now that I remember, isn’t that in Sabu-chan’s place? You know, the Enka ninja Kirabi idolized?
Raikage: Is that so? Shii, check that place!
Shii: Yes, Raikage-sama. (he concentrates for a while) I sense three people… and one of them is Kirabi.
Raikage: Really?! We got no time to loose, let’s go!
Shii: But he’s emitting large amounts of chakra, along with another person.
Raikage: Uh?
Shii: He might be fighting an Akatsuki as we speak.
Raikage: What are we waiting for?! Go, go, go!

(Kirabi Scene)
(Sabu tries to escape the water structure, far behind Kirabi; Kisame rushes towards Kirabi at an alarming speed)
Kirabi: Bring it on, oversized mutant ninja fish! (his cheeks inflate) Ninpou: Takosumi!*(he squirts from his mouth a large amount of ink, which forms a giant dark cloud)
Kisame: Even if I can’t see you, I smell your delicious octopus chakra… don’t you know sharks have a keen sense of smell?
Kirabi: (from the ink cloud) Don’t you know octopi can swim too? For not remembering such a basic thing, your head must be full of crap… fish crap!
Kisame: Tsh, I can’t wait to shut that annoying mouth of yours.
Kirabi: (to Hachibi) Lend me your chakra one more time! Now for version 3!
Hachibi: (in Kirabi’s mind) Are you nuts? He fused with his sword, he’ll probably eat the chakra away again! Also, you already used version with that Uchiha!
Kirabi: (to Hachibi) Don’t worry, I got a plan.
Hachibi: Better be worth it.
Kirabi: Time to bring the house DOWN!!!
Kisame: What th-
Kirabi: Raiton: Haipawarai Imari! (lightning come from the ink cloud, in the form of an energy cannon)

*Ninja Art: Octopus’ Ink.
** Lightning Release: High-Powered Lightning Menacing Ball

(Raikage Scene)
(They see the cannon blowing up the water dome)
Raikage: That power… he must already be using the Hachibi! Let’s hurry!
Darui & Shii: Right!

(Danzou Scene)
Fuu: They’re approaching us, Danzou-sama.
Danzou: Hmmm, it seems they won’t be giving up so soon. Stop.
Torune: But…
Danzou: It’s time for Kirigakure to witness the true power of Konoha.

(Naruto Scene)
(Sai’s clone comes out of hiding)
Naruto: Sai? Weren’t you with Sakura?!
Sai: And I am, this is an ink clone I made just for this case.
Naruto: What you mean, this case?!
Sai: Well, Sakura omitted a couple of things that need to be said.

Next Chapter: Humanity
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