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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

Originally Posted by bumblebeedarling View Post
How do you get new members? Just keep on posting and hope someone stumbles in and decides to comment and join? I'd get my friends to join, but they're only interested in Facebook and wouldn't have a clue what we're talking about. *To anyone reading this - Join the Fan Club! It's awesome!*

I tried.

The J-man always had women around him, or he was spying on them in the bath house, I want one of the younger characters to follow in his perverted footsteps. Fot instance, Ino is the typical teenage girl who cares about her hair and looks and'd been dieting since she was 12 (wtf? who diets when they're 12...) and yet I don't think she's even kissed a boy. Although over the timeskip I have no idea what happened, but still. I guess that's just what happens when a middle aged guy is writing about teenagers. He's a genius and I love his stuff but he doesn't understand teenage girls.

But then again, who does?
Heh, thanks for trying but I think the prime days of this FC are loooong gone, and that few if any will choose to come join, or come back.

Well, actually I don't think he wrote about teenage girls, I always thought in my mind that his books were like soap opera romances for adults. Also I think he actually understood woman pretty well, he was just in love with the one person who didn't have the same feelings for him for the majority of his life. Sorta sad since I feel that of all people he's the one who should have been given at least a hug or something for all the crap he went through and all the burdens he faced. In the end he'll probably go down as my favorite character to have existed in the manga. =]
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