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Re: 472 Predictions/Spoiler discussions

Naruto 472 prediction:

(The scene starts to close up on the giant water sphere where kisame and bee are talking)

Kisame: so hachibi, are you ready to be defeated?
Bee: Yo yo i'll never be defeated by the likes of you, taste my version 3 little sharky dude.
(Bee transforms into his final form)
8 tails: Bee finish this quickly im growing tired of this fight
Bee: gotcha 8-0 lets show him what we got!
kisame: TAKE THIS!!!
(kisame makes a move on be and bee slaps kisame in the face with his oversized tentacle)
Kisame: (dammit, hes so strong)
Kisame: GIGIGIGIGIGIGIGIG! Samehada is getting excited octopus, time to finish this.

(Scene switchs to ao and fu)

(Fu jumps from the tree and tranfers back to his body. Ao quickly maneuvers and lands on his feet)

Ao: (grinning) i knew he would release to early.

(Scene switchs to danzou torune and fu)

Danzou: So did you manage to retrieve the byakugan
Fuu: No sir, thier was a speacial barrier put on it so it couldnt be removed. but i have a feeling we wont have to worry about anybody possesing the byakugan other than konoha.
(Danzou looks confused)

(Scene switches to ao who is bandaging the flesh wound on his neck)

Ao: So they managed to slow me down a bit.
(Ao realizes that thiers a string tied to his foot)
Ao: What is this?

(Scene switches back to Danzou, Fuu, and torune looking at an explosion in the distance)
Fuu: that Explosive tag should have done the trick, would you like me to head back and check?
Danzou: No we must keep moving, fuu, torune, lets go
FUU and Torune: Right!

(Scene switches back to the kisame vs bee fight)

(Kisame lunges at bee and absorbs one of his tentacles)
Kisame: UGH!! (kisame grasps his chest)
Kisame: soo..much...power...
Kisame: (I cant absorb anymore of his chakras without harming myself in the process)
Bee: Its time i end this..

(Bee forms all of his tentacles to the shape of a cone and starts to rapidly spin, Raiton starts to surround bees tentacles as he spins.)


(The surrounding area is covered in steam/smoke)

(Scene switch to naruto)

Kakashi: Alright naruto, me and yamato are heading back to the hotel.
Naruto: Sai, you can come out now, i know your thier
Sai: !
(Sai approaches naruto)
Sai: Naruto, thier is something i must tell you...

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