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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

So I went to two 21st tonight, the first was a mate of mine, known him since birth, so he's a pretty lucky guy, so he hired out this function room at a pub, with booze on tab, pretty cool, so me an another mate of mine show up start drinking wish this bloke a happy birthday and shit and start to move round to suss out the crowd, now my mate has italian background so nowadays he doesn't hang out with me and my mate in favour for all his wog buddies.

So we look round and all there are at this party are croats and italians, feeling kinda bored we did the generous thing and hung round til the cake was done and shit then we said goodbye and bailed, we had a mate who wasn't drinkin pick us up and we bailed to this other party.

I had heard during the week bout this one but i wasn't invited and felt like being a nice guy and not showing up, but then being awesome i thought i should grace the party with my awesome presence so we make the trip there in the back of my mates stato (station wagon) the whole way i am calling him a nazi because he wasn't going to take us to a bottleo to get moar booze, eventually he gives in so i pick up a 4 pack of jacks and head to this partay.

So we show up and walking in everyone it happy to see me with one chick saying "im so glad you came" i mean who wouldn't? anywayz, i make my way through the crowd to the birthday girl and i was said to my mate "dude i'm pretty awesome but i wasn't invited so you say hi first and shit and then i'll follow up with a quick g'day and happy birthday" so before my mate can say hi and shit, she jumps all over the guy who drove us there, apparently they have some history or some shit...

So she hugs this guy and as soon as they break embrace she gives a quick turn of the head and gives me a fucking dirty look, my mate next to me goes "hah what the fuck?", and i just casually raise and eyebrow as to say "whats up your vadge bitch?" she moves past me and hugs my mate and thanks him for coming and then turns to me, now being nice and not wanting to wreck the night and having to beat the fuck out of every male who thinks he has a shot by sticking up for her.

When she moves in for a hug to thank me i open 1 arm and go to give her a hug, before i can give her the said hug she starts to pull away, so i just go fuck this, and walk off before she can thank me, her uncle comes up to me and is like "HOLYFUCKINGSHITMATEGOODTOSEEYOUYOU'REAW ESOME!!" and i'm just like "yeah I am" we have a laugh, i make fun of him because i'm 20+ years younger and have a manlier beard than him, later on in the night i wind up sitting on this outdoors setting out back just chilling and drinking, making people laugh and being awesome, the guy i just mentined daughter comes out and i start making fun of her calling her a crack whore, being the awesome guy i am she laughs and admits to it, we have a slight laugh because i'm much better than her then i tell her to fuck off and go do a line on the toilet seat or some shit later on the uncle guy i was talking bout comes out and is raging and goes "who called my daughter a crack whore" everyone shit themselves but me, who just casually goes "I call it like I see it Tony" we laugh and he's like "I know my daughter, she's not crack whore" and i say "yes she is" we laugh again and he fucks off defeated as you can't fight the truth being an ally of justice...

Party starts to get boring so i'm like yeah i'm over this stuck up bitches partay lets GTFO and i can go home and do awesome shit cause that's what I do, so as we bail and say our goodbyes to the people that deserve it people are all like "Oh your going man? yeah i might leave too then" so everyone fucked off with only a few hanging round to comfort the miserable stuck up bitch who's party it was.....and my mate who decided to go to the crack whores house convinced he can cheat on his girlfriend, and believe me, the only person you could downgrade to to cheat on his gf with is the i left came home got nekkid and posted this story on NL so all who visit know my story...

And Knowing is half the battle...

Surf's Up

TL;DR- Went to two 21sts mediocre night, first one full of antisocial fucks, 2nd one the birthday girl was a bitch, i made fun of her uncle and cousin and caused half the party to leave when i bailed.
Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

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