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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“So this tower is where we will find Nila’s location?” ask Zig. “85%” says Max. Zig looks at the tower and then to the two large statue at the main gate. “That’s good enough.” The shadow clone taps Zig shoulder. “It is strange that such place doesn’t have any guards….” Then a big blade swings towards them and cut the clone in two, and the clone disperses. Zig looks at the tower’s two humongous statues that seem to move as it were alive. The two statues is giant 40 ft humanoid statue with 8 arms and each is holding a black blade. Zig looks up the tower and sees the gargoyles statues around the tower’s top also began to move.

“What the hell? Living statues? Is this part of the ancient thingy too?” ask Zig. Max just shrugs.

Inside the tower, a man dress in a Tao priest robe is looking at the monitor, observing Zig and Max. He walks down the ramp and go into the next room where hundreds of wires and tubes are connected through the tower and went down to the earth. He claps his hand together and the tubes began to suck chakra from the earth. He grins sadistically and went back to the monitor. Max began to sniff around and looks at the tower top floor. “This tower is alive. I sense chakra circulation within it like a human body.” Says Max. “So this tower is alive and these statues are the guardians?” ask Zig. Max nods. The gargoyles jumps from the upper tower and glide straight towards Zig. Zig quickly makes a handseal. “Fire Element: Big Flame Bullet!!!” yelled Zig and he shoot a giant flame bullets towards the gargoyles and explode on contact. Zig smiles but then he looks surprised, when the gargoyles still glide towards him. Zig evades their attack and punch on of them in the face.

“Damn that hurts. It’s like punching a brick wall.” Shout Zig. Max bites on of the gargoyles, but he can’t sink his teeth inside them. Max backs down and side with Zig. “These things are made out of pure solid rock. I can’t bite them.” Says Max. “Yeah. My kunai can’t penetrate them and my katon didn’t work.” Says Zig. “How about genjutsu?” ask Max. “No. Genjutsu only works with being that has brains.” Says Zig. “In other words, we are in one hell of a trouble.” Says Max. Zig nods as the gargoyles are getting closer.

At Mist Village.

“So that’s what happen.” Says Misa. The ninja nods. Misa looks out through a window. “I can’t cure all of my villagers right now and I can’t fight those higher ups alone. I also can’t use my scroll to contact Kai, or Tetsuo will sense it. I must leave the village and search for aid.” Says Misa and she peek outside from inside the house. “Since they have the whole village under genjutsu, there aren’t many guards here. Maybe I can sneak out.” Says Misa. Misa slowly opens the door and she sneaks around several houses until she can see the main gate. She hides behind a pole and peek at the gate. The gate is guarded by four guards on the ground and four on the top.
“Eight guards. How am I supposed to distract eight guards?” Misa looks around and saw a mist ninja dress in white, carrying Zabuza’s blade the Kubikiri Hocho. The silver hair ninja wears a mask like Kakashi but its made of metal and wore a skin tight suit like Gai, expect its black and a long trench coat like Vincent Valentine, but its white and at back of the coat the Mist symbol is sewn. “Hei, its Jisho, the White Ghost.” Whisper Misa. Misa took out a syringe of the genjutsu antidote and wait until Jisho is close to her and as Jisho pass her, she quickly grabs Jisho and inject the syringe at Jisho’s neck. As Jisho began to wobble, Misa pull him to her side. “Hei Jisho are awake?” ask Misa. Jisho look at her with dreamy eyes. “Where? Who? Misa?” ask Jisho. “Never thought the seven swordsmen of the mist are left behind by the Mizukage just like that. Not to mention being manipulated by UHE easily.” Says Misa. Jisho look at her with confusion. Misa points to the main gate and Jisho take peek.


“Yes wow, Jisho.” Says Misa. Jisho grabs the hilt of his blade. “Let’s kill them all.” Misa pulls Jisho back.

“Are you stupid?”

“What? There just eight of them.”

“Just eight to take over a main village?” Jisho looks up and began to think. “Maybe you are right. What’s the plan?” ask Jisho. “First we must get out from here and go find some help to get rid of these scums.” Says Misa. Jisho nods and pull out his blade. “What are you doing? If they saw severed body or blood splatter…” says Misa before Jisho put his finger on her lips. “I’ll show you why they call me the White Ghost.” Says Jisho and he dashed straight at the guards with blinding speed, even the guards didn’t realize Jisho have cut through them. After went pass the final guard, Jisho dashed back to Misa’s location. “Done.” Says Jisho and all eight guards fall at the same time. Misa walks to the guards and saw no wounds, cuts, bruises or even a scratch at them. She touch one of the guards wrist to feel the pulse, but there are none. “How did you?” ask Misa. “My ability that makes me one of the seven swordsmen isn’t my insane speed. But my skill to kill my opponent without any scars or evidence. My version of the silent kill. But if you the post mortem, their internal organs is very messy.” Says Jisho. “The White Ghost.” Says Misa. “Let’s go. I know a place where we can lay low for a while.” Says Jisho as they leave their village. “Where?” ask Misa. “Land of Tea. There’s a bounty hunters headquarter there. We can re supply and gather info.” Says Jisho. Misa nods. “Maybe there I can contact Kai and sees how things unfold now.” Thinks Misa. “Hey did you say about Mizukage leaving us? She leaves us when the UHE attack?” ask Jisho. “Before.” Answer Misa. Jisho took out a note book and wrote Jigen Reika’s name in his top five lists. “She better wrote her will now.” Misa looks at Jisho note book and sees many names with deceased written next to it. Then she saw something odd at the bottom.

There was once a wise man who told of a story about a girl who will awaken a power equal to the holy dragon. He said that this girl would lead mankind and be an undefeated warrior. I will kill that girl and become a legend.

“How the hell did he come up with that?” whisper Misa.

At the Sand Village hospital.

Sazx lays on the bed looking at the window when Kankuro walks in. “The nurse says you were looking for me.” Ask Kankuro. Sazx nods. “I need you to create an arm for me. A puppet arm.” Says Sazx. “A puppet arm that can withstand your style and the flame? It must be made from metal.” Says Kankuro. “Yeah. How long until its finish?” ask Sazx. Kankuro looks at Sazx. “When do you want it?” Sazx grins.

Jisho: A super speed assassin and a master of the silent kill, where he kills his opponent without leaving any scars or evidence and use his speed to slip pass any defense giving him the nickname the White Ghost. His style is kills first, ask no question. At one point he meets an old fortune teller that tells him about a girl that will attain a new level of power. Thrill by a chance to be a legendary assassin, he wrote down the old man prophecy and hope one day he will meet the girl and kill her.

He like most mist ninja, proficient in water jutsu and highly skill in swordmanship.

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